Docker deployment Ryu SDN based environment

By Florence Thomas,2015-08-15 20:58
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Docker deployment Ryu SDN based environment

    Docker deployment Ryu SDN based environment

    Ryu is developed by Japan's NTT company is responsible for the design of an open source SDN controller, and USES the Apache License source protocol standard.Ryu implemented based on the Python language, users can use the Python language on its implement your own application.Ryu currently supported OpenFlow V1.0, V1.2, V1.3, at the same time support the deployment of the application on it.

    The basic concept

    Mirror Image (Image) : the mirror is a read-only template.Users upload to make a good image for others to download.Users can be based on the image to create the Container.

    Containers (Container) : can be understood as an isolated Linux environment, used to run the application, the Namespace can help you to understand.

    Warehouse (Repository) : if you will use the Git/lot, it is easy to understand, is the place to hold the mirror.

    In this paper, the experimental environment is Ubuntu14.04 - amd64.Very need to note is that, at present the Docker only support 64 - bit machine.Ubuntu14.04 installation method has two kinds: 1) through the system comes installed packages and 2) through the Docker source.Recommend the second option to install a new edition.

    Docker installation

    sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https

    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys


    sudo bash -c "echo deb main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list" sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install lxc-docker

    Access to the mirror

    First of all, recommend toDockerAccount, so that we can use to use Git/making Docker/Dockerhub.Registration and landing can be done through the following commands: docker

    After registration, you can search by the following commands, such as search ryu: docker search ryu

    Can I Star in the search results to determine the stand or fall of resources, so as to find the right images, such as muzixing/ryu.Then use the following command and pull it to the local:

    docker pull muzixing/ryu

    After the download is complete, can use the following command to view the existing images

    docker images

    Create a container

    Create a container to use sample as follows, - t = tty, - I = interactive - d = debug, - p = port, -- the name may be used for naming container.Other commands can be -- help to look at it.

    docker run -i -t --name muzixing/ryu:SDN /bin/bash

    If you need to port mapping, or network configuration Settings, also need to check carefully the manual.For example, are as follows:

    docker run -i -t -p :: --name muzixing/ryu:SDN /bin/bash

    The above command to create and run a name of the container, and will be the inside of the container port port mapping to a host of a port, to complete the port mapping, allow the network access to the container.This is one of the ways in which container to communication with the outside world.If you want to permanently bound to a fixed IP address, can the Docker specified in the configuration file/etc/default/Docker DOCKER_OPTS = "- IP = IP_ADDRESS", after the restart Docker service can take effect.Set the parameters of the network access by default, the ICC = true, if, the ICC = false, the network access is prohibited.

    Check the container:

docker ps [-opt]

    - for a full container.

    Check the print information can be achieved by:

    dokcer logs

    Suspension of container:

    docker stop

    Open to suspend container:

    docker start

    Restart the container:

    docker restart

    Sometimes we opened the container, but there is no open window, run in the background, you can through the command into the container: docker attach

    The deployment of SDN controller RYU

    Acquire the image:

    docker pull muzixing/ryu

    Then create a container and the container port 6633 is bound to the host port 6633. docker run -i -t -p --name ryu3.15 muzixing/ryu:SDN /bin/bash

    After entering the container, run ryu.

    In another run on the machine can run ping container host mininet, the diagram below:

As can be seen from the above controller IP is IP address of the

host network adapter information is as follows:

Can be seen from the chart, is the host of communicating with the mininet (actual case

will be a server) eth0 address.But from the following figure container information, it can be

seen running RYU address is can communication?

    The container information

    Because do port mapping, the host of all the 6633 port address of the interface forwarded to the container port 6633, so as to complete data communication.Its implementation principle is: Docker after launch, will create a docker0 bridge, from the picture above you can see, and then also creates veth pair.One side mounted on the bridge, pictured above vethba5f9f3, container at one end of the network card eth0, this case is card.In fact this is with a link.Docker network communication principle diagram is as follows:

The principle diagram of the Docker network communication

    In the operation of the container on a host using iptables command to see NAT rules:

The iptables see NAT

    Similarly mininet, or other applications can also use container deployment, needless, readers are free to try.

    Upload the image

    First you need to deploy the application containers exported as tar file.You can use the docker export container > the file command.For example, are as follows: docker export ryu3.15 > ryu.tar

    Then use the docker the import command import it into image:

    cat ryu.tar | sudo docker import - muzixing/ryu:sdn

    The above command to read ryu. Tar import it into a muzixing/ryu: image of SDN.After can see through the docker images.

    Be sure, it can be pushed to the Dockerhub.

    docker push muzixing/ryu

    Readers can also try a better way of automatically created.

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