Ah bing event review today he is a giant wave

By Valerie Reynolds,2015-08-15 16:03
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Ah bing event review today he is a giant wave

    Ah bing event review today he is a giant


    King of the magic 91-97

    Eastern indeed is better, there are as many as 12 east team record in the yesterday reached 5, but today is being kicked out a, is lost to the king of magic.Mr Lardy wave state in general, it is estimated that the brain because volatility before haven't slow lead strength, but payton ever pulpy, 9 assists 5 offset error is merits, but 3 of 12 shots, basket still owe, to know he just scored a career-high 24 points.

    Played poorly payton, of course, there is a reason, on the other side of the rondo was abnormal, today 13 points, seven rebounds and nine assists a quasi three pairs, the key is only 1 turnovers, degree, rondo was pleased with himself, "I was in peak" (cat show a solution: "I was in a contract year").And the king can only in the absence of guy magic, also thanks to take an examination of hyacinth in time.Ye cut the wu has ended in soft, himself had 29 points and 12 rebounds 6 assists, three steals 3 block, a win on the comprehensive data is josh Smith.

    Teacher Karl postgame heap praise ye the century ten thousand generation unify river's lake, reached before McHale is repel, old Carl tottering said a sentence "I don't like position can go to the evaluation of the incident", the meaning of sorrow, and according to the king now this record and the conduct of India's boss at a whim, they change a women to teach in the progress bar may have walked to the last.

    The pacers 123-86 bucks

    Have nothing to say, Paul, George and is at his peak, he scored 20 points, seven rebounds and seven assists again today, although the basket a little owed, but actually only played 29 minutes, also can say not to fall with the bucks.If you are interested in becoming a witness, look at George's ball, actually very inspirational, just Gao Shuai rich it is hard to let a person feel the self-help.

    The pacers today to annihilate the bucks, the defense is very important in the second half, only four points behind in the first half of the bucks got 35 points in the second half, the team suddenly fragment is rare indeed.They but Monroe's 11 points, two players in double figures, but the pacers team have 3 players in 20, 6 players in double figures.

The piston wizards, 95-97

    Obviously, gortat than he looks fierce, brain-dead looks much more cunning, he said before the game on line to send drummond, but today god combined zhuang was fined 4 ball, white to practice free throws in the middle of the night, gortat full but also foul 2 times, this kind of person is so wicked smart.But I can't blather, gortat one thing he said will rebound to keep zhuang god, he did, zhuang god full 13 rebounds is less, what's more, he didn't get the one offensive rebounds are, gortat was too good.But maybe there is another explanation, the insider group like wizards into the middle distance even outside to cast, heng frith completely loses today, nene and gortat had 18 points and 14 points, respectively, and high efficiency, zhuang god defend the two somewhat busy.

    And announced the team need to strengthen the defense wall did not do you need to do things, all his lost and just return to bill the offensive end, added up to 15 points they have not resist reggie Jackson, who had 20 points and nine assists, and there are four people in the whole piston starting more than 16 points, the wizards have not wish do a good job in defense.

    In fact, the piston until the last second match still have chance to win, just three points of space miss morris.But the root of the problem lies not in the, zhuang god throughout the six shots just get a chance scored 8 points, season for the first time, not cut down the two pairs of, this is not a normal piston game.

    The eagle knight, 109-97

    This is a very key east game, but the eagle this season the status of the ups and downs is bigger, a defeat can let them from the east fell to 2, 6 now is so strong in the east.But from the point of the game, the knight is still the most hope rushed out of the partition of the team.

    James played only 33 minutes, scored 19 points and 11 rebounds and eight assists, but for Thompson's hand was too Parkinson's, these three pairs is not a problem, start playing for 40 minutes, Thompson took 16 rebounds, 5 assists 2 block, not the 9 points, also within the scope of the provisions of the contract.

    The gap between the game is not the final score, reflect the knight in the middle of the game was up close to 30 points, huang zhan coasting to what degree?He even after an attack, failed directly sit back to the

    bench, let teammates to 4, 5, and then is the eagle finish three points.Huang zhan meaning which a few is enough, why should I USES personal expedition.

    The rockets the knicks 102-107

    Rocket attack in the last 40 seconds to show the knicks' defense, this sentence I feel very strange no matter from which Angle for, maybe I still live in the past.The knicks have not past the knicks, the rockets are no longer the past of the rocket, all this is not an illusion.Rockets just chase points to only three points (yes, all are the knicks rockets pressure type), and then by the knicks to almost 24 seconds, harden 0 seconds pot, passing to trevor ariza, the latter three points buzzer-beaters failed,

    again the next attack, harden nu, felipe calderon, an offensive foul, the game is a final verdict.

    Boer ferry gith today scored 24 points and 14 rebounds, including two 3-pointers, almost every ball is he stood against the Jones or whoever defensive shooting, very relaxed, very dirk.But not dirk's place in addition to 14 rebounds, and terror of 7 blocks, including the final 2 minutes rockets to a 95 at ordinary times, Boer ferry burgess to harden layup a cap, the cap also helped fuel the knicks a fast break, Anthony three points out, this is of course not dirk, this is a ball.

    Taken together, this basket, this defense, the flexibility, the height, the fall, there is a legend than is a can cut down the data on the knicks players: ewing.That's a great template, it is a little ugly.The knicks now 4 in a row, while the rockets 2 in a row, after pan who is next?Could it be morley?

    The SAN Antonio spurs 92-82 grizzly bears

    Lamarcus aldridge out today, but the spurs still more easily knead the Memphis grizzlies, super Mario also hit the monster narrowed, not the eldest brother to play, and is not the same as defense, the rockets across the grizzlies offense immediately return to constipation, 1 nine three-point shots back to the start of the season.

    Dumbledore shame-awareness after yong, grabbed 10 rebounds and four steals the game 2 block, critical moment also I continuously, leng scored two pairs, and the natural and unrestrained yesterday three pairs of small and only eight points and eight rebounds.Team to win the real hero is return after being rested manu ginobili, the old man scored 15 points, the key is acting moving, all kinds of performances, nostalgic. 76 the heat 91-96

    The game is very interesting, leading up to 15 points in the first half of 76 people, start in the second half was also will continue to open the gap all the way, in the history of the league with an average age of the smallest team (22, more than 300 days), finally after the 13th season in a row to see the hope of winning.

    But the heat is clearly in the sport of the young team, they will score in the last 5 minutes slowly over, I'd like this gives the impression that he want to put out.

    Wei scored 27 points and seven rebounds and 4 assists dad can take, but eventually tie or Winslow wen son last time a tip-in success, wiped out 76 people hope of winning.You see, I also don't bully you, I am a rookie to win.

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