Ah bing event review today he is a giant wave

By Valerie Reynolds,2015-08-15 16:03
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Ah bing event review today he is a giant wave

    Ah bing event review today he is a giant


    King of the magic 91-97

    Eastern indeed is better, there are as many as 12 east team record in the yesterday reached 5, but today is being kicked out a, is lost to the king of magic.Mr Lardy wave state in general, it is estimated that the brain because volatility before haven't slow lead strength, but payton ever pulpy, 9 assists 5 offset error is merits, but 3 of 12 shots, basket still owe, to know he just scored a career-high 24 points.

    Played poorly payton, of course, there is a reason, on the other side of the rondo was abnormal, today 13 points, seven rebounds and nine assists a quasi three pairs, the key is only 1 turnovers, degree, rondo was pleased with himself, "I was in peak" (cat show a solution: "I was in a contract year").And the king can only in the absence of guy magic, also thanks to take an examination of hyacinth in time.Ye cut the wu has ended in soft, himself had 29 points and 12 rebounds 6 assists, three steals 3 block, a win on the comprehensive data is josh Smith.

    Teacher Karl postgame heap praise ye the century ten thousand generation unify river's lake, reached before McHale is repel, old Carl tottering said a sentence "I don't like position can go to the evaluation of the incident", the meaning of sorrow, and according to the king now this record and the conduct of India's boss at a whim, they change a women to teach in the progress bar may have walked to the last.

    The pacers 123-86 bucks