Poverty is not justice, cowardice is not good

By Vanessa Garcia,2015-08-13 14:16
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Poverty is not justice, cowardice is not good

    Poverty is not justice, cowardice is not good


    To tell a story.

    Sui wendi, there is a deep and remote YanRong state manager, this man was a sadistic, see people will play and don't take people to the bone broken bad don't stop.Even if one day, don't hit people, he is whole body uncomfortable.

    When there is a history of governor yuan hong heir, sui wendi hair action, sent him to the states.Yuan hong heir frightened, desperately wrote to refuse.Sui wendi see, oh, you are afraid of YanRong abuse you isn't it?YanRong this comrade, although a bit abnormal condition, nature or is not bad, faithful to me, aid head put tail is very lovely...So good, I give YanRongFa imperial edict, let him not to abnormal condition, hit persons under 10 above, must report to play I come here, the head office? Yuan hong heir helpless, have to bite the bullet and go to states. Looked at the end of the quiet state, YanRong imperial edict, music, immediately picked up a whip, threw down yuan hong heir, applauded were even smoke nine whip, and said, this just smoking for you nine, under less than ten?So we don't need to play to the emperor...After a while, he and round up the whip, spluttered pa is a hard, smokes said: this is nine, don't need to play to the emperor...A little while, and wheel drive of a whip...

    So YanRong else every day, hold down the yuan hong heir crazy smoke, smoke and nine each time, rest for a while and then take nine...So the yuan hong heir had smoked a whole year, finally tired of smoke, has half a fragmentary yuan hong heir, a throw into prison, to be starved to death.

    Yuan hong heir this guy ultra strong struggle spirit, while in prison, he swallowed his clothes every day, continue to live.

    It shocked by the court, and the officer, saying, have for yuan hong heir grievances: your majesty, your majesty, kind man, can't suffered injustice?Honest man, will be wronged?Your majesty, don't be wronged yuan hong heir, so good and honest people la...

    Thing on this, sui wendi regardless of a tube again, he said that he is not the past.In desperation, sui wendi XuanYanRong into changan, such as YanRong come, was sui wendi hold strangled,

    Sui wendi regards: give good integrity of yuan hong heir to rectify, with its successor states secretariat.


    Yuan hong iron from the prison, face upwards long smile: ha, ha, ha, Lao tze finally back out, now it is up to Lao tze to take!

    Wow god, this fellow is an abnormal condition crazy.


    History, yuan hong heir, is one hundred times larger than YanRong brutal


    YanRong abuse, to for personal, although cruel, but as long as you don't get caught, he can get away with it.

    But yuan hong heir of the sadistic, is aimed at groups.In 611 AD, he is a surname haikou DuZao warships, decided to battle husband after launching, is no longer allowed ashore, day and night, only endless bubble is in water, because the bubble in the water too long, many battle husband up from the waist down maggots, leiyang, you well and go...This one thing alone, die in yuan hong heir's innocent battle husband, as many as tens of thousands of people.


    When yuan hong heir, under YanRong was cruel, the world is full of sympathy to him.

    But suffered injustice, this with yuan hong heir character is irrelevant.Put his YanRong position, only know what he called a kindness, but is under the power of fear and cowardice, once to power, he immediately showed yu yan rong even more brutal than as they really are.

    Is about yuan hong heir abnormal journey, just because, love steamed bun shop that paragraph of time is being sought from all sides, be scold to closed.

    Zhengzhou has a steamed bun shop, see a lot of sanitation workers, and the tramp eat hot meals, started the love steamed buns, free of charge

    hot steamed buns.But before long, the owner was crying crybaby, steamed bun also send not bottom go to.

    Why is that?

    Because someone come nuisance, say: you are not free of charge steamed bread?Today I don't steamed bread, you put the steamed bread money back to me.Hurry up money!

    Entangled by the people, steamed bread sent not bottom go to.The shopkeeper was forced to stop the steamed bread, unaware that their abuse of more people, abuse of the men have, swearing is...In short is very lively, the owner of the dire, only with tears.

    Good carry a steamed bun shop, how can end up a result like this? Because human instinct has a self-deception, can put their own cowardice as kind, make poverty is justice, and, in fact, good or justice these abstract nouns, has nothing to do with people's economic conditions.Some people just because of lack of these, only to "weak groups", less hatred in my heart, if such people more tolerant, wouldn't need the whole society to him out of the hand of "love".

    On the contrary, if a person heart, missing is good, no matter how many only to he stretched out the hand of "love" in the past, his thinking is conveniently pull you down, no Thanksgiving self-improvement consciousness.


    Mother Teresa has sealed, worthy of our careful ponder: People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered No matter what, you want to forgive them

    Even if you are kind, people may have been bad will say you are selfish

    and motives

    Anyway, you are still to be friendly

    When you are successful, you will have some false friends And some true enemies

    Anyway, you still want to succeed

    Even if you are honest and frank, people may cheat you or Anyway, you are still to be honest and frank

    You build things for many years

    Someone put it destroyed overnight

    Anyway, you still want to build

    If you find the peace and happiness, they may be jealous of you Anyway, you still want to be happy

    The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow Anyway, you have to do good

    Even give you the best of everything to the world Maybe these things are never enough

    Anyway, give you the best of everything to the world You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and god

And is never between you and the others

    ......The virtuous orchid nun of this series of sealed, saturated with her wisdom and experience of insight into human nature.For the good sister in her reminds us, before you can clarify kindness and weak, before you are able to distinguish between poverty and justice, your so-called good, probably is merely a folly.


    Take love steamed bun shop, the shop owner wanted to very simple, energy transfer is, well, anyway, also to steamed buns, steamed more cage, send rubbish collectors and armoured vulnerable groups, let the world filled with love, much good?

    So the owner decided that anyone who come to the shop workers and vulnerable groups, and shall be presented five buns, earns nothing - at this time, the shop owner thinks all the people, like her understanding.A man of self-esteem, who will be for the sake of a few steamed buns trampled self-esteem?

    But when the steamed bun come a mighty long long line, and the owner is a bit collapsed.She never expected to get free steamed bread is so large that some people from having to, just to get five free steamed bread.

    Shop to riding a tiger, so we have to work overtime, lead the staff of steamed bread, wait until the end of a reckoning, miserable, store

    revenues, all steamed into bread to send out.Steaming steamed bread too much love, every day the employees were forced to work, even the axis is not rest, hard feelings.We go on like this, I'm afraid I have to be closed.

    Otherwise, send each of five free steamed bread, to send three had to bad?

    Not good!

    Get steamed bread people angry, do you say good five per person, with what renege?Speak not count, you or not?There is no conscience? Give us money back!

    Give me my money back?This is free of steamed bread, confiscate your money ah...

    Nonsense, rumor at that time, the family cremate factory, are you received the sanitation of the company's money, for we do steamed bread!"Dirty" shopkeeper, docked our hard-earned money, but also our hard-earned money...

    Miserable, the shopkeeper is stunned, don't know what you're encountered, jumped into the Yellow River also wash not pure. But a few love steamed bread, but to send out such a fuss, this time the owner don't tears collapse, he said that he is not the past. - just because the owner lack of human thinking, the poverty as the justice, the weak as a kind, confident to pass the positive energy, has a

head of bump to the human nature of the dark wall.


    A society, let too many people fall in economic poverty, originally is immoral!

    Immoral society brought about by the miserable living conditions, the underlying mental damage, is devastating.

    - the first is curing short-term behavior, formed the ills of petty gain.A steamed bun while not worth money, but the time of the poor more cheap, and cheap is the poor man's strength, free to eat steamed bread, through half a city it, for the poor is irresistible temptations. - and supercilious look, many people, a heart already living calluses, no longer believe in what this world warm.Incredibly someone is free of charge steamed bread?Cheat who ah, sure took the money from the sanitation company, dedicated to the welfare of the workers...This subjective imagine like mildew fog.Mental disabled people, were unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, this is true, without a letter serves to claim their own share of the money.

    - at the bottom of the people, life less salty met in reasonable time, their living, for others just wet ground, isn't worth a powerful

    anti-cancer.Justice system for cost reasons, more willing to choose the underlying drift, there is violence law, his voice rough, strength, it is possible to win, or you will lose.But steamed bun shop owner never

    aware of the problem that the poor is a good man, so when encountered insult abuse, to the extent of the collapse of tears.

    - at the bottom of the people, is facing huge economic losses and psychological black hole, the ancients said emergency not save poor, because the underlying thought for a long time, has lost the enterprising ability, no matter how to help them, can let them achieve psychological self-reliance.So your good deeds, in the bottom is not always received positive feedback, on the contrary, you pay today, had forgotten until tomorrow.It is at the bottom of the norm.

    - the bottom of the people, the majority of no noticeable realistism, no noticeable realistism are no perseverance, this led to them or have a poor ability to economic construction, but the possibility of damage ability.So will the virtuous orchid nun said: you for many years to build, someone put it destroyed overnight, but anyway, you still want to build.This is a n experienced person's words, is the inscription commandments experienced a painful lesson.

    To sum up, poverty is not only a kind of low quality state of the economy, more means a kind of unhealthy way of life, a lack of aggressive meaning of survival philosophy, a kind of self sealing bitter thinking orientation.Singing can be irresponsible to hum a tune, as long as everyone sacrificed a little love, the world will become a better human...But a little bit of love is not enough, poverty is a black hole, the

    lack of the kind of wisdom, attract in ground, not only little effect, let more people instead, became cold hard.


    As mother Teresa said, your good deeds, not for those who is trapped in poverty, but for yourself.For the sake of your conscience not been annihilated, for the sake of your heart, let it keep soft and kind. So, when you look at the world, to remember, good means that you are a kind of life philosophy, according to their economic status, make considerations.You can send steamed bread, also can send anything you want to send, but this kind of behavior is not likely to help too many people, you can only in a limited scope, do what you can do.A day even if you only send out a steamed bread, and it is worthy of recognition to good works.

    You must know, whatever you do anything, there will be a narrow vision, malicious heart, deliberately will drive you up the situation - the heart of this kind of hatred, moral is more terrible than the economic poverty of the poor evil heart, some people because of the partial hatred of heart, only the number of occupied wall get rid of and it needs time to rescue, must not be kidnapped by the heart of the hatred, to ignore the poor evil heart abdominal entanglement of evil "save save".You only do within the scope of my ability, that's enough.

    Another good value, can let you know the nuances of human nature, the

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