Starting point reviews

By Michele Spencer,2015-08-13 06:25
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Starting point reviews

    "Starting point" reviews

    Although the before they know it must be a motivational piece, that kind of affection leisurely that make you smile and tears, but it is also a big beyond my imagination: my tears and next to the old woman is very low, we are too into play, it is

    not because the documentary

    SOB, but it's true, cruelty

    and warmth: big stage,

    engaging young dancers,

    gorgeous and noble

    costumes, and each of the

    boys and girls dream.Such a

    story as if can move to any

    place, as if you will in the

    reader's digest, or on the

    youth digest read such

    stories, such as "you have to

    work hard, can look

    effortless" and so on.But on

    the other hand, the power of the story of a very moderate, the six characters in different age, but they tell their stories, have a calm and atmosphere has gone way beyond their age.Minor of them, but seems to have certain what to do in my life, and dreams really became a kind of power, a kind of courage, let them understand that even if the front is daunting, it is still in the way of their choice.Six people, through layer upon layer selection, entered the international top Youth America Grand Prix, came to New York.If they can seize this opportunity, they will have a wider stage.

    Aran is a 10 year old eyes, because my father work reasons, often moving, they now live in Italy.In the film show us from the start of his various grinding tools, and then said that he really don't know how to explain why he was so all love the ballet.

    Gaya was a little girl, about the size of and Aran living in Israel, and Aran like the feeling of be innocent playmates, two people cheer for each other!Gaya always like to laugh, finally the award, she didn't know the somebody else is calling her name.

    Miko, Japan half-blood girl, seemingly weak, but the heart is very firmly love the ballet.She is always so quiet and people speak, carefully taken care of your life, she said she had not felt lost childhood, although the home school some lonely, let her home with her only mom and dad younger brother and a dog, but the thought of can spend six hours a day to practice ballet, she is very satisfied.The guidance of her teacher called Viktor Kabaniaev, is a special sincere teacher.There is a small detail is before the game, Miko's mother said to her, to give yourself a big smile.But Viktor immediately tell her, you don't have to tell her that she needs to do her mood was in the hands of her own, no stranger to her.Viktor is supposed to be the sort of special understanding student's teacher.

    Brother Jules is a special primary, little brother, and sister together to learn ballet, but I did not like her sister so love.When mother asked what does he want to continue to learn ballet, he is very seriously, really is just a little bit like, but is not to love.When mother said to the son no longer practice ballet is particularly sad, because she would never see his son on the stage performance of swan lake.Feel mother have little tiger mother rocks, Jules said later that my mother told him not to practice ballet now, want to get into ivy league method can only good good study, bought a lot of books that he does so.

    Michaela in war-torn Sierra Leone was born, grew up lost parents, grew up in an orphanage, later adopted by an American couple.Childhood pain let her cherish now loving family.She wanted to prove to the world, black can become a great dancer.Later, feet hurt, almost no way to continue the game, she persisted in than out of the game, played particularly well.

    Joan from Colombia handsome young man, with his parents expected of him, a man came to the United States to learn ballet.His a believe that every time the party took a sour nose.

    Rebecca is the oldest inside the six contestants, she hope to stand out in this game, and then sign with big ballet.17 years old, have means that the beginning of a career.

    The end of the film is a super happy ending, everyone got what they wanted.Some commented that it is not dramatic, slightly dull.I think they are lucky, they of course is unimaginable hardships in ordinary people, but they can in such a small, know what they want, and then do your best to struggle.So on them say see determination and enthusiasm is really has nothing to do with age, maybe some people a lifetime had no chance to really find themselves to their everything, or when they realized they really want, they are too far away from the road is too far away.Could it be that these are lucky art chose them, is the call of a shadow?Like Aran said, love this kind of thing is that there is no way to explain, I don't know why I like it so much.I once asked one of my special friends like to dance, why do you like?He told me: dance is my breath. Breath is a kind of instinct, cannot be explained.I really admire and envy them.

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