MOOC,better and more modern education system

By Ernest Perry,2015-08-11 19:14
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MOOC,better and more modern education system

    MOOC: better and more modern education system

    Published in October 2012, Time magazine named "the university is dead. University forever!"The depth of coverage, and discusses the impact of the MOOC to existing university."MOOC like a beyond reality take a deep

    breath. Desperate parents prayers fulfilled, free online college finally can ease the burden. And for school officials, the change of panic everywhere. Harvard and MIT edX MOOC of non-profit agencies for $60 million. What will happen tomorrow? This is likely to be very selective - university of entity will continue to flourish, to continue to provide the best university online education can't cover the services, and moderate, expensive profit university will face great pressure."

    None miserly to TIME magazine in 2012 called "MOOC years" - Massive Open Online Courses (Massive Open Online Courses).The MIT originated from silicon valley, a wave of online learning, the ideal is "to the world's most high quality education resources, spread to the remotest corner of the earth".Free access to the world's top star teachers' curriculum of colleges and universities, and even degree, is not impossible.

    Christmas 2012, professor of computer science at the university of Stanford Wu En (Andrew Ng) is shopping with my father, my father suddenly said: "to point, I have to go back to do my homework!"Then throw Wu En amounted to a man on the street.He is go to Wu En Coursera founded by online learning platform, complete "thinking and reasoning" course assignments at duke university.

    Coursera was born in 2012, currently has 337 courses from 62 universities all over the world, and its enrollment growth faster than

    Facebook.In the size large virtual school, from 220 countries more than 300 "students".

    Coursera and Udacity with edX, seen as MOOC the big three.They assembled at harvard, MIT, Stanford university, Princeton university, brown university, Columbia University, duke university across the United States is also at the university of the world's most high quality resources, provides the high quality course for free for each learner.

    Video open lesson is not new, and what's the difference between a MOOC, why has the subversion of energy?

    MOOC learning spirit

    Nut shell network now owns the whole of China's largest online community MOOC, "MOOC self-study classroom".Founder and CEO of her 13 that mainland China accept network curriculum has experienced three stages: the earliest text translation, translate MIT materials into Chinese netizens on the Internet;Netease appeared in 2003 public class