MOOC,better and more modern education system

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MOOC,better and more modern education system

    MOOC: better and more modern education system

    Published in October 2012, Time magazine named "the university is dead. University forever!"The depth of coverage, and discusses the impact of the MOOC to existing university."MOOC like a beyond reality take a deep

    breath. Desperate parents prayers fulfilled, free online college finally can ease the burden. And for school officials, the change of panic everywhere. Harvard and MIT edX MOOC of non-profit agencies for $60 million. What will happen tomorrow? This is likely to be very selective - university of entity will continue to flourish, to continue to provide the best university online education can't cover the services, and moderate, expensive profit university will face great pressure."

    None miserly to TIME magazine in 2012 called "MOOC years" - Massive Open Online Courses (Massive Open Online Courses).The MIT originated from silicon valley, a wave of online learning, the ideal is "to the world's most high quality education resources, spread to the remotest corner of the earth".Free access to the world's top star teachers' curriculum of colleges and universities, and even degree, is not impossible.

    Christmas 2012, professor of computer science at the university of Stanford Wu En (Andrew Ng) is shopping with my father, my father suddenly said: "to point, I have to go back to do my homework!"Then throw Wu En amounted to a man on the street.He is go to Wu En Coursera founded by online learning platform, complete "thinking and reasoning" course assignments at duke university.

    Coursera was born in 2012, currently has 337 courses from 62 universities all over the world, and its enrollment growth faster than

    Facebook.In the size large virtual school, from 220 countries more than 300 "students".

    Coursera and Udacity with edX, seen as MOOC the big three.They assembled at harvard, MIT, Stanford university, Princeton university, brown university, Columbia University, duke university across the United States is also at the university of the world's most high quality resources, provides the high quality course for free for each learner.

    Video open lesson is not new, and what's the difference between a MOOC, why has the subversion of energy?

    MOOC learning spirit

    Nut shell network now owns the whole of China's largest online community MOOC, "MOOC self-study classroom".Founder and CEO of her 13 that mainland China accept network curriculum has experienced three stages: the earliest text translation, translate MIT materials into Chinese netizens on the Internet;Netease appeared in 2003 public class and so on a number of video courses, have sprung up in order to "justice", "happiness lessons" as a representative of a large number of star professors;The third stage, namely MOOC appeared in 2012, the biggest characteristic of different from the past is "strive to real simulation class, use technology as a fundamental measure, to the greatest extent conforms to the network using habit".

    Editor: shells net is currently the world's biggest Chinese MOOC MOOC self-study classroom discussion, the group has more than 20000 people.Are you still in self-study and lonely?MOOC or interested in?You are welcome to take a look at ~

    Zhang Zheng, vice President of the Microsoft Asia research institute in 2012 to Coursera a student, the most let his addiction, video courses are cut into two or three minutes of smaller video, composed of many small problem of coherent, right, to continue to listen to the teacher."Attracted to the course content to live, you can't wander, a second cannot" - MOOC understand the brain's learning characteristics and reaction mechanism, and this game set about clearance.

    Another founder, Daphne Koller, Coursera (Daphne Koller), a professor at Stanford university, described the MOOC brought her an unprecedented meet: "in the traditional classroom, when I ask a question, about 75% of the children stay in to a question on the confused; 15% of the children immersed in Facebook; the remaining 10% of the eggs are smart shouted out the correct answer. And I put the courses on the Internet, thousands of students have to give me feedback on the same pace of thinking." more: in Coursera, at any time is a good time to learn

    Zhang Zheng selected 3 classes, respectively by Stanford university, university of Toronto and professor at the university of Pennsylvania, including Qiao Fuli, a professor at the university of Toronto, new

    professor (Geoffrey Hinton), is one of the top master of neural network."Dr. Although I read of the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign is a school, but these classes or let my heart itch."Zhang Zheng says, Qiao Fuli, this new meal with neural network a screwing up the more than 40 years, is the industry recognized a banner.

    In MOOC class, you need to answer this question, do homework, take the exam, after each knot a course, you can get a certificate.

    Zhang Zheng on many of the course, assignments are made by machine, share a lot of work for the teachers, also greatly expanded the course "classroom seats", ten thousand people in the world of MOOC nuns attending normal again.Huge data appearing magic, "in the traditional classroom, if there are two students answer wrong, the teacher cannot be found. The machine corrects, after 2000 people got the same error easily, at this time the teacher wants to do is, to the 2000 people send a specific guidance, it is a new kind of" separate ", Coursera founders are artificial intelligence experts, they are good at by tracking millions of online learning process, students realize the personalized service.

    Into China

    Nut shell network "MOOC self-study classroom", currently has 16449 students.Under the call of the shells self-study classroom administrators, the group successively in 23 cities held a meeting.Alarming number of

    16449 the number of the population of China is extremely small.For MOOC, but it also suggests that China has huge potential.

    Online education companies are targeting China - here in have deep traditional education at the same time, also has a very unequal education resources.

    Wu En is trying to find partners in China, he will be targeted in the first-class university.He take out a cellular phone for reporters he written in notepad on eight words: "no child left behind, according to their aptitude", and every word pinyin below.The Chinese youth trying to pronounce each word, he said, this sentence is him motto of Confucius, "each person's education is his goal."Good Chinese also can make the European and American countries students produce strong interest in learning."

    This year, he has already established cooperation with Taiwan university and Chinese university of Hong Kong, to set up the Chinese history, poetry and kunqu opera.Currently, he is actively lobbying the talks in Beijing and Shanghai.He said, the future may set up branches in Hong Kong, as Coursera expand Chinese territory in the world.

    Many universities and education organizations have smelled "tsunami" before the arrival of the sea smell in the air.

    At Peking University, former President of zhou before leaving office once expressed his dream: "hope all people want to do pku students can

    become a student at Peking University."Education of Peking University economic management professional students Fang Yang is also the students of Coursera, he said, he is involved in Peking University teachers in an online learning platform project.Many teachers are aware of the impact of the MOOC "Peking University, they all wanted to take action early. But the specific practice cannot be released."Wu En who visited Peking University at the end of 2012 and made a speech problem with online education, founded in early 2013 and visit the department of computer science and technology, tsinghua university, the scene was packed.

    Party secretary of department of computer science and technology, tsinghua university, professor proceedings, said the school will be from the strategic level consider online education courses.At the school level, domestic colleges and universities are likely to lead to do yourself, rather than choose to cooperate with foreign existing brands.At the same time, the teacher individual level, cooperate with Coursera courses is the easy part, the maneuverability is strong.

    University, more institutions eyeing up this big cake.

    Company network education co-ceo qiu silent 36 krypton wrote on its website, think China copy MOOC website is orange huaibei."Good at imitation unwilling to lag behind, of course, China in 2011 and 2012, several online education company formed on the basis of MOOC, basic

have venture capital involved."He summarized their common

    characteristics: basic to education in the United States "platform" model is given priority to, build a network interaction platform based on video teaching.The concept of "platform" is: the site itself does not produce content, and rely on user-generated content, and attract other users to learn."This kind of low level shanzhai overlooked the different business environment of China and the United States."He commented without mercy.

    MOOC with education, he thought, "platform" outbreak in the United States, due to its both ends of the "platform" - guaranteed supply and demand of education content, while China MOOC website

    self-sufficiency in the hope is that the high quality content.

    The future MOOC

    "The next 50 years, 4500 universities in the United States, half will disappear."American Interest magazine issued a forecast at the beginning of 2013.MOOC indicates the possibility of a subversion of existing education, it will replace the election of the university education, but it does to those who charges $50000 university challenge: if knowledge can be gained from the Internet for free, you have to provide what to value the $50000?

    Compared with "university disappearing theory", more and more people has a more moderate judgment on MOOC brought shock:

    traditional degree system take a back seat, individual learning into a process of continuous, lifelong.

    The interaction of traditional education and MOOC are starting to appear.In February 2013, Coursera's five network course credits for the education commission official - when the awarded students credits and degrees, the United States has more than 2000 universities refer to the education commission recommended.First to eat crab people begin to benefit between the two kind of transformation of education: a 17 - year - old Indian boy amor, wei (Amol Bhave) because in the edX circuit and electronics course exam scores in the top 3%, will be admitted to MIT.

    "Real classroom education will not be replaced."Sydney university President Michael spencer (Michael Spence) said in an interview, "the role of the teacher, the communication between students and the classroom atmosphere will not be able to be replaced."Like many people in the traditional education, spencer are looking forward to "flip" classroom work, "we have been trying to play the video in class, the teacher ACTS as the facilitator role, guides the student to discuss. This attempt is very effective."

    Due to long-term cooperation with China, spencer know China university.In addition, he has spent 20 years at Oxford University, served as Oxford University law school dean, professor of law and director at the university of Oxford, one of the four major branches of social sciences

    institute of 13.He thinks, America's top university education resources into China, will affect some schools, but Chinese universities have their own life, the impact will have much impact remains to be seen.

    MOOC fan, nut shell network psychology editor 0.618 believes that although the MOOC based on past network curriculum has great leap, but imagination is still very limited."It's like just turn on the radio to do TV, people think that TV is read broadcast at the camera. In fact, too much TV can do."

    Proceedings very agree with this view.He thought that now the network technology provides the MOOC only people online

    communication platform, but there was no real realize the interaction between man and machine.Machine temporarily difficult to understand the human all questions, but the barriers can be gradually through the wisdom of crowds to get through: user questions and answer after accumulated to a certain degree, the machine can help match and sifting replied, so as to provide a valid answer.

    Another problem has become the focus of attention: how to make money.

    Many people suggest that course fees, but it seems not Wu En want solutions."For me, the student is the most important," free "is our promise."Wu En says, "even if only accept $5, also can let many people do not practise divination. We want, everyone can come to class."He said,

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