BaiSiWei, terminal entrance is iot enterprises LTD

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BaiSiWei, terminal entrance is iot enterprises LTD

    BaiSiWei: terminal entrance is iot enterprises LTD

    Internet terminal battle: TV, computer, mobile phone

    Now access to information tools are mainly TV, computer and cell phone.TV, computer and mobile terminal struggle for what?The audience over time.

    Three kinds of terminal experience their peak time.


    In the ninety s to the beginning of the century is at the peak of the TV.People spare most of the time spent on television, news, TV, broadcast television programs such as firmly caught people's attention.To grab the audience's eye, the TV at this time, have to face the whole nation by satellite broadcast to attract more viewers.According to

    the Internet of things, a think-tank, understand the production of TV of Hitachi, panasonic, sanyo, philips and other manufacturers are people can hear auspicious brand.Changhong TV manufacturers and domestic companies, haier, konka, xoceco, TCL, skyworth, panda, and other enterprises is a focus of people.

    In order to grab market share, repeatedly color TV price war.

    In March 1996, changhong suddenly announced price cuts, other domestic color TV enterprises such as konka, TCL, such as the panda compete to reduce the price.

    In April 1998, konka, TCL, skyworth cause color TV price war.

    In January 1999, changhong also announced a monopoly in the second half of the domestic market.

    In April 1999, changhong to lower the price of color TV sets in an all-round way.

    In May 2000, changhong CEO NiRunFeng class, zhao yong

    succession after adjustment strategy, but it didn't take long and big price cuts across the board.

    In February 2001, NiRunFeng return to changhong power, gaining color TV prices.TCL, xoceco follow up.Volume loss.

    In April 2003, changhong NiRunFeng slicked back popularization plans, steel TV highest drop 40%, after a month, changhong was charged with dumping in overseas.

    Announced anti-dumping ruling in April 2004, the United States, the United States to almost all of China's color TV, closed the door.

    The computer

    With the popularity of the Internet, people get information way gradually turned to the Internet, people gradually increased the consumption of time on the Internet.Major is computer Internet terminal, so the computer at this time has become a hot spot.According to the Internet of things, a think-tank, at this time of the most popular are computer related enterprises, international manufacturers have HP, IBM, dell, apple, etc.Domestic lenovo, acer, BenQ, founder technology, tsinghua tongfang, etc are all popular enterprise.And home appliance enterprises have also produce computers.In 2000, according to IDC data, China's PC market reached 49.7% growth of the highest growth rates.2000 years later, the computer industry also heats up to battle for market share, many have also taken place in the home computer market price war.

    And in the meantime, the most famous case is lenovo global leader queue to enter the computer industry, with $1.25 billion acquisition of IBM PC business.

    Lenovo group in the domestic market share has been one of the first PC, but lenovo PC global market share ranks the first ten or so.And the domestic market has not much development space and continuous

    vicious price war has put the PC industry profit squeeze more and more thin, the future must be geared to the needs of the development of the global market.On May 1, 2005, lenovo and IBM announced, lenovo to complete the acquisition of IBM global PC business, after the acquisition, lenovo in the global PC market share ranking jumped to third place, behind Dell and HP.

    Since 2005, the computer market share battle in the Dell, HP, lenovo, Acer between, until the end of 2012, lenovo's global market share ranking the first.

    Mobile phone

    In January 2007, Mr. Jobs introduced the apple iPhone, for six years, apple overturns the traditional pattern of mobile phone industry, and various manufacturers into the field of mobile phone.Internet giant Google2011 in August buy the Moto.Samsung by mobile phone advantages, rising in value.According to the Internet of things, a think-tank, statistics, in the latest IT Top25 ranking of the world's enterprises, the top three companies, has a mobile phone business.And domestic, angels lei jun investment millet mobile phone, domestic well-known enterprise lenovo, huawei, zte, etc have entered the mobile phone industry, mobile phone industry competition will be fierce in the future.

    The survey data based on Internet of things, a think-tank, in the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone number is 2.67 times the size of the computer, each user on your mobile phone consumption time was 3.33 times the computer;Mobile phone users digital willingness to spend is 2.33 times of computer users.Mobile phone market cake is very big, let's focus on companies of mobile terminal.

In the era of mobile Internet and Internet era, the change tendency of the terminal

    With the development of science and technology, the development of the terminal will be changed.

    Tablet computer,

    With the development of cloud computing, computer operation function, data storage function will be transferred to the cloud computing center.The operation function of the computer, storage function will be weakened.

    Intelligent terminal

    Traditional TV, mobile phone will be smart TV, smart phone.TV will not only as the output of the video, mobile phone will not only as a language of communication tools, will be the entrance to the Internet.

    Terminal feature-rich

    TV will as the core component of home entertainment center, is also a smart home important interface of man-machine interface, bear the

    interaction function.And Internet of things, a think-tank, believes that mobile phone because of mobility, as well as the characteristics of carrying in the field of Internet of things will be as the main interface of human-computer interaction, interactive features, bear the people and things networking will carry more features, such as existing of qr code scanner, NFC device;The future there will be more abundant function.

    Dedicated terminal equipment

    With the development of the Internet of things, there will be more dedicated terminal equipment, such as on-board system, logistics industry qr code scanner, safety inspection equipment, etc.

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