Value chain integration model and how did the same thing

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Value chain integration model and how did the same thing

    "Value chain integration model" and how

    did the same thing?

    Recently, the cheung kong graduate school of business released a "China online retail: observation and outlook report, a magnificently tens of thousands of words of the report or have a certain value, the development of a systematic review of the retail industry, as well as to the new model.Report in reference to the concept of "value chain integration", discusses the jingdong, amazon, for example.We all know supply chain integration, the "value chain integration" is how one and the same?

    To integrate the value chain is that the same thing

    Report firstly discusses the industry value chain point of view, and then compare the jingdong, ali, Vipshop, such as electricity, further discusses the development of value chain integration.

    To industry value chain analysis and elements of management theory, including the online retail products (goods and services), channels, circulation, online trading platform and customer value of five key links such as, niche markets are respectively corresponding to the product manufacturing and brand management, supply chain management, logistics and distribution, the Internet and social networking.In different niche market enterprise in their resources endowment advantage to integrate other supply service resources, to create different patterns of online trading platform, formed a variety of online retailing forms mode.

    Further, the industry value chain elements in different enterprises management mode is the integration of the supply of other resources, build competitive methods and strategies of online trading platform, it is also an important standard to define different online retail format mode.Based on different niche market at the core of the management tasks and their respective resource integration advantages, we will be online retail industry value chain elements are divided into three types: basic elements (products), value (cash flow) and competitive elements (flow).

    Jingdong's strategy around a niche market and constantly optimize the industrial value chain elements of the system management ability, eventually become a trustworthy and can create new value of supply chain management service providers.Since 2009, jingdong some strategic deployment of show more and more definite value chain integration intention, main strategy focused on strengthening the management of product flow, including the planning, the category of sales market B2C business system combined with open platform, has its own logistics system and the development of logistics service supply chain management strategy, firms, and so on.

    Above is described in the report, the content of the popular words of choose and employ persons, in the popular "supply chain integration" is just focus on the efficiency of supply chain, and the "value chain integration" is actually the electricity in the information flow, capital chain, logistics, combined with social relationship management to each link through the integration of value chain integration for a set of system, the realization of efficient management of digital, further than the supply chain integration.

    This is the so-called "value chain integration" is a good concept, however, have found that in fact this with ali stressed the ecosystem models have the same place.

    Ali building water conservancy construct ecological system model Jingdong intensive cultivation test value chain integration mode

    If compare with ma liu, you can see, Mr Ma is macro strategic landscape view, liu is the view of microcosmic strategy pattern.Ma is a macroscopic Angle of view to look on the whole industry, so the development of ali has been surrounding ecosystem model from big to small to perfect step by step, and the micro perspective of liu put the eye on the business chain, focus on jingdong itself grew up with the development of the formation of a set of so-called "value chain integration model" today.In fact, they are the same, all is in order to better serve the consumers, the path of the just.

    Ali's ecosystem mode and jingdong value chain integration mode is relative, is the same.Ali's ecosystem trillions go route, and billions of jingdong scale model is more suitable for value chain integration.If jingdong one day reach trillions, jingdong value chain integration mode has naturally become the ecological system.Ecological system and value chain integration is relatively, is the enterprise in different periods of different performance, the future is all roads lead to Rome.

    Whether ali from big to small, born he system model, and jingdong from small to large, value chain integration mode of development to a certain extent will encounter bottlenecks.Today, trillions of ali in logistics

    management, traffic distribution and met a serious problem, which is from big to small development path's ills, when ali's scale is small, these problems are unconscious ignored, a massive burst, the problem goes is increasingly serious.

    In contrast, jingdong, from small to large, will encounter problems at the present jingdong system facilities, it is difficult to move trillions of size of the market, many problems in billions towards trillions' will.The dealer market, said retail market variables is very much, even can be said to be pure electric shang for the last ten years, in the next decade will belong to the new era, jingdong in addition to cope with ali, Yi Xun pure electric business industry, but also deal with suning, gome has the advantage of O2O traditional retail enterprises, market competition, who are unable to forecast what will happen in the process.However, jingdong value chain integration way is a huge upgrade to its business chain.

    Liu sharp mouth But he is good at find the direction of the eyes

    Liu is good at little known, but the mouth kung fu is only "soil cannon", as Mr Ma "foreign gun" tall.Mr. Ma's comments are considered, has let the audience feel good efficacy, but liu has always been reckless, direct pronounced, but the audience always feel satisfy.The gun has a special effects of the gun, soil cannon has the power of soil cannon but

    soil cannon, after all, cannot become the mainstream of the new era, so liu travel and study in the us after you come back soil cannon has been upgraded to the gun.

    In fact, liu sharp is out of his mouth, and is good at find the direction of the eyes, mentioned above liu is a micro perspective, to focus on the development of each detail, jingdong itself we review the growth can be found of jingdong liu at the helm of jingdong can always in the key time node picked the right direction.

    Jingdong only selling IT product in 2005, by 2006, expansion of mobile phone and other digital products and household appliances, in 2008 began to dabble in air conditioning, electricity market, such as ice washed, TV completed the construction of large standard of 3 c home appliance category, the jingdong main low fidelity attracted a group of early loyal consumers.

    Increased by 2009, jingdong general merchandise, food and beverage, books, audio-visual, household products, watches and clocks jewelry and so on many items, and then at the end of 2010, and officially launched the third party open platform, from the expansion of 3 c home appliance to the whole category, jingdong began to emphasize low fidelity all category one-stop shopping., jingdong first launched a

    pharmaceutical, luxuries, such as group purchase service line, step by step towards integrated electrical contractor.

    During the period of 2012 to 2013, invested heavily in the early construction of jingdong logistics system are completed online, logistics distribution efficiency is improved, liu had been questioned for a large logistics into worked, and becomes one of jingdong ali leading advantage;Meanwhile, jingdong in October 2009 with 400 of the construction of the investment in suqian call seat more than 6000 square meters of the call center put into use.Jingdong less emphasis on low prices, but the emphasis on services and the whole category.

    Only talk bad words do not have today's liu jingdong, Mr Li mouth is to be reckoned with.Liu through strong, at the right time to do the right thing to jingdong today.At the annual meeting of the jingdong in a few days ago, liu high-spirited shouted: "we are the first ten years of achievements is just one hundred billion turnover? This is the place where we" cow "? No! We're really proud of is in the first decade of business layout. That's because we live in the first decade of the past to do a lot of silly, BenHuo, hard and difficult work, hard work, is laughed at by millions of people, the other people all can't see, others don't want to do. When they understood one day want to do again, never even our height."

    Nowadays, jingdong has hundreds of billions of scale, category expansion has an expansion, system, payment, logistics, construction has been completed, also have to do now is fully integrated information flow, cash flow, logistics, also is the so-called "value chain integration model".Jingdong how revenue next, depends on the degree of what can be done on the value chain integration, namely the value chain integration combined with the infrastructure, through technological means as much as possible to reduce the intermediate links, saving the cost increase profitability.Although Beijing orthodox heyday, but it's not safe, success or failure is whether the value chain integration can work.

    Integrated value chain is perfect?

    Jingdong tease out a set of so-called "value chain integration" model approach is very smart, it has to do with ali "ecosystem" model corresponding to the industry make it easier to put together to compare, like ali's LOGO is black cat, jingdong choose the metal dog.But not jingdong create value chain integration mode can rest easy, tencent electrical business is mobile Internet rapid development, to borrow the jingdong has a long hard way to go.

    The first ten years of electricity era has ended, the official start of the next era of new retail, wonderful circus year of the horse.

    The text/Wang Liyang

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