Genetic testing how to make cancer can be prevented

By Diane Cole,2015-08-09 10:59
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Genetic testing how to make cancer can be prevented

Genetic testing how to make cancer can be


    "Fuck off! Tumor gentleman" heroine is white lilies as to incisively and vividly, laughter and happiness, a lot of good things is cancer of all break, make the film adapted from a true story for a lot of people ring alarm bells.Cancer is not far away from the public, would have become a high incidence of cancer in China.Cancer that exist in the gene in the depth of the devil, as the domestic environment worsening, is becoming a nightmare to the public.

    Although modern medicine has developed to a certain height, but always stranded for cancer, cancer = death has become the consensus of the masses.From this perspective, the most effective way to deal with cancer is able to predict the likelihood of occurrence, and before the illness, to kill it.Right now, the only can do this, it is genetic testing.From

    disease to disease, genetic testing to open a new chapter in the history of human.

    "Disease" change "not ill" gene detects the change of medical

    Modern medical research has shown that early in addition to the damage caused by external forces, nearly all diseases and related genes.Different genotypes of the sensitivity of different environmental factors, sensitive genotypes under the effect of environmental factors that can cause disease.In some sense, genes are segments of DNA molecules in a function, is the basic unit of the genetic information, is the most basic factor decided to all species.

    It is for people of different genes in each unit, based on gene detection is feasible.Or, gene as a password, as long as able to decipher, can find there are hidden dangers, and repair cars, electronic products, such as the difference is not big.In particular, genetic testing is through blood and other body fluids, or cells of DNA testing technology.Through a particular device to be defined in cells DNA molecular information detection, to predict the risk of the body disease, analyse the status of its various genes, to prevent or delay the onset of disease.

    Even incurable cancer, is caused by gene affected by environmental control still attributable to genetic testing.To grasp their cancer risk, it must to decrypt genes and genetic testing did was greatly increased risk anticipation, for the masses to provide a simple and efficient way of

    anticipation.As a new frontier technology, genetic testing has been able to rely on the biological information technology to calculate human cancer risk index, thus for early prevention and accurate treatment.

    That is, by genetic testing, cancer from "disease" need high strength treatment, shift towards the direction of the "no disease prevention in advance.The gap will be brought by the thorough medical thinking innovation.Not only benefit the public body, will save a lot of medical expenses for the whole society, is the epochal significance of medical new wave.

    New health management way created genetic testing open era of the masses

    After the famous Hollywood star Angelina jolie learned that he carried a can increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer BRCA1 gene mutations, in May 2013 announced its removal of bilateral breast.And it will accept a significant increase in the number of women who are genetic testing.And in the domestic, famous singer Bella was not so lucky.The breast cancer in 2011, although the mastectomy and plastic and reconstructive surgery, but it is too late.Finally in 2015 on January 16 died of breast cancer recurrence, just 33 years old.Angelina jolie and Bella two events, in the domestic public health awareness of cancer "nip in the bud.For a while, genetic testing has received attention has soared.Through a drop of blood, such as aware of the possibility of

    cancer and prepare ahead of time, in fact is to give a lot of people to a new future.

    In fact, cancer is no mystery.With the rising power of domestic science and technology, at present in domestic can also easily access to genetic testing and screening services.Don't imagine genetic testing is too far away, it actually is all around us.In the domestic many scientific research institutions, with the help of China has outstanding achievements in the field, in the world, occupies an important position in the related fields.

    Specific view, gene detects cancer is actually for the masses to provide a new way of health management.As the Internet, and the fusion and development of medical science and technology, a new health management mode.Such as wearable devices are rapid popularization of intelligence, the physical data can be collected from the public, a constant reminder of how should make the regulation of the masses.

    Is this way of health management is the primary, is given priority to with advice, and data is not enough precise, and even a lot of people can't understand these data, the doctor will not adopt the data directly - after all, this data will be in the process of adoption.And genetic testing is one step ahead, beyond the collected data is given priority to, still stay within the category of "disease" wearable equipment level, directly to the most sophisticated detection means, pointing to genetic source, provide the reliable data for the masses, will let the public clearly understand that their own health status, and according to the data for effective regulation.

    Today, genetic testing in diverse channels to the public, including mobile Internet, popularize knowledge, promote the new era officially to the public health management way.And a choice on WeChat

    "conference" to cause the attention of the author.The "conference" hosted by domestic top of da an gene, genetic testing company, with its three major products as "leading role".

    And other product sales orientation is different, with the help of the Internet thinking of hits to build the network in the form of hot first class "hot style products".This named "B + guardian" products, selling through the Internet platform.The reason "B + guardian" as the focus, because in the past ten years, breast cancer has become a serious threat to women's health "killer" -- breast cancer incidence in our country is

    growing at an annual rate of 3%, 1 bit high on female cancer incidence.Sickened peak average age was only about 45 to 55 years old, lower than abroad with an average age of 10 years old.

    And in order to let women know more about the importance of genetic testing and come into contact with the product, gene combination of Ann with pink ribbon launched a "plan B + pink", and invite bestselling author Wang Xiao ma jia jia, 90 entrepreneurs together to call for more people to care for breast health.Also introduced including the price of 1380 yuan two female cancer gene detection, and to be a partner with pink ribbon price 580 yuan of female breast cancer susceptibility gene detection, benefit more women, sent out 1000 free products, and subsequent release to the big data form of breast cancer "B + pink book", also called attention female breast cancer.Not only that, but in other high-risk disease much attention has been paid to the crowd, for Ann also launched can accurately detect children 6 big enough talent "A + power", as well as the heavy disease susceptibility gene detects "C + defense" genetic testing products, for our life provides A new way of health management.

    Previously, the traditional treatment, such as X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI and other technology, often can only find the clinical pathological changes, cannot be predicted in advance, most cancer is middle-late checked out.Major disease and disease treatment (especially) can't

    according to different individual differences, targeted drug therapy.Such as used in common tumors such as female breast cancer/ovarian cancer tumor prediction, will be in the "not ill" stage early to predict in advance defense, let women have a better life and health protection.And on the basis of genetic testing in advance defense, early in "not ill" stage to predict their future risk, through targeted prevention measures, slow down or even avoid the happening of the disease.Will greatly reduce the survival rate after cancer, prolong human life effectively.Of da an gene through unremitting efforts, can say to genetic testing to the mass market across from the professional market, completed from the "disease" to "not ill", the fundamental transition from prevention to predict health management way, its significance is self-evident.

    Predict life gene detects comparable to the moon

    Through a series of genetic testing, it can predict to some extent life!Perhaps in the future, human genes will through genetic testing and screening, will all kinds of defects, the species a better future.

    From this perspective, the significance of genetic testing can be comparable to the moon - a human break through the earth's limits, a human evolution.More and more attention of genetic testing, will attract more and more people pay attention to.At the same time, people are going to a huge sum of money and a lot of time into it, to speed up the progress of this technology.

    At present, China's relevant scientific research institutions and companies are trying to break into the genetic testing subject one after another outbreak, the achievements of the world's attention.And in the market, this year the government has issued "genetic testing clinical qualification licence", on behalf of genetic testing technology and market opportunity is ripe.In the process of technology and the market go hand in hand, represented by China or genetic testing company will speed up, to the masses more imagination and good future.

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