The Hiroshima of love

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The Hiroshima of love

    The Hiroshima of love

    "Hiroshima of love" by the French "new novel" and "left" and "writer film" artistic style and the effect of color not only has strong poetic literature, also has the unique style of "stream of consciousness" film structure, and was praised as a staple of modern film.In other words, is a western movie from the traditional to the modern period of an epoch-making masterpiece.In 1959, the film not only won the cannes international film festival jury, also won the award for the French merry love, 1979 French film art and technology institute of science and rated the film as one of the ten beautiful piece "" the French.

    The film as a staple of modern film, not only is the main feature of modern film: irrational, no plot, no character;But also on the "author movie" mark.Using the irrational flow to form film main body consciousness, unique performance method and director, has brought the obscure, ambiguous subject, ambiguity, opinions vary, unable to agree.Ray is, however, said that the film "tell the story of a woman, I only pursuit of

    style, is not interested in the idea (topic)."Let different audiences to make different judgments, this is what the intention of the director.However ray is finally provided a train of thought, he said: "the film is based on the basis of the contradiction, including the inevitable, the contradiction of terrible amnesia. A in the collective, the background of the tragedy fate of personal octylic acid and the small on the contradiction between."Obviously, he implied here is about "forget" and "memory", "war" and "love" relationship problems.

    About the "forgotten" and "memory", the theme of the film is mainly from two events up to explore: one is about "Hiroshima tragedy".At the beginning of the film soon, French actress and Japanese man had a conversation about "forget" : man said: "you saw nothing in Hiroshima."Woman said: "I saw, I saw everything."......In succession with the actress's voice-over, screen display of Hiroshima hospital, museum, peace plaza has suffered from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima with pictures and in-kind.A man said "you have no memory," a woman said "I have a memory", "I will never forget the Hiroshima", etc.So, for the war bring to people's frightful calamities, exactly is the "memory", or "forget", director of the tip is very clear: "forget" is "inevitable", people can not always live in the shadow of war, people need to rebuild their homes, to pursue more happiness, happy peaceful life;The same "forget" is "terrible", forget the lessons of history, means that history repeats itself.

    Two is about the French actress during world war ii, in the home, with a young German soldiers first love tragedy.Originally this once she is not here right now, and make some of the past with the passage of time, has been gradually "forget", but in Hiroshima, she saw the terrible tragedy of the war, coupled with a transient relationship with the Japanese man, slowly to the memory of the gate, under the Japanese man asked repeatedly, in her mind confused, dreaming, intermittent tells the story of her first love tragedy fourteen years ago.Back to the hotel, however, she seems to confess to her first love infidelity.Actress for her first love tragedy, then, what is the "forgotten" should be "memory"?The answer is clear: "forget" is "inevitable", people could not long indulge in memories of the past painful experiences, braced to look ahead, to create a new life,

    new life;However, To love as deep as engraved on the "forgotten" is indeed very difficult.French actress consciousness frantically recall although painful, but it is the mental healing method with freudian for her treatment at a time.Because, will talk to and release inner pain, it is to give up, so, here, we can say "memory" is to "forget".

    About the theme of war and love.Said the director, the film is to tell the story of a woman, and he said the great tragedy of performance in a collective, appear on the background of the individual bitterness and the contradiction between the fate of the small.In fact, to be exact, the film is a romantic love in a way that shows on the theme of war.Seemingly, the film is about the French actress met Japanese man short love story, but in only one day time, every time they say good-bye but soon together again, even most of the lens is not on the bed body mutually close, is in the room, on the streets and cafes embrace kiss, very romantic.However the director: why do you want to put the love story ever suffered the atomic bombing of Hiroshima the typical war environment to represent?It should be said that has its deep meaning.

    First of all, the hero and heroine in the film did not name, they love each other no plot, no prominent personality characteristics, director consciously character abstraction, conceptualization, especially the Japanese man is only as a trigger woman memories and talk to a media and tools.At the same time, the hero and heroine together although there have been few about love topic exchange (no substantive content), but more is a woman of Hiroshima tragedy and her first love tragedy (and) caused by the war.Therefore, may say, design director of the hero and heroine short love, more is the need of performance forms.

    Secondly, if the hero and heroine met in love is just a form of packaging film, the heroine in the mind of Hiroshima her first love tragedy and tragedy consciousness flow process became the subject of the film.At the start of the film, the hero and heroine although naked upper body wrapped in together, but the content of their conversation is actress for her at the time of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima saw some pictures and in-kind (and survivors) fragmentary memories, accompanied by her voice, picture

    show: Hiroshima hospital patients face;A disastrous war relics on display in the museum;And original documentary of deformity of the dogs, the ants, the surviving children and the baby in its mother's womb;The poisoned by atomic rain a lot of rotten fish, etc.Seen in the museum people to tears, she cry, too.Later she recalled: "nine seconds, 200000 people died, 80000 injured"."The high temperature of ten thousand degrees on the earth, like ten thousand SUNS, asphalt and burns, panic over the earth, the whole city was destroyed, everything was reduced to ashes."Finally she with a trembling voice asked: "the whole city is full of anger, the national anger, anger over who is this? Facing the unfair fate and his own misfortune, is other RACES to impose their own unfair? Other class to impose their own unfair?"This long and 15 minutes, effectively expose and accused the war devastating severe disasters to mankind!

    If Hiroshima tragedy is on behalf of the war brings human beings great tragedy, the tragedy actress first love is war bring her personal misfortune!In the fourteenth year after the recall still made her consciousness frenzy, swoon, almost crazy.Visible, wars of her young mind how deep it is!

    War means the killing and death, a symbol of peace and love life.It should be said that the director will love under background of war, of human life killing and death struggles, the film shows the devastation of war for the human good love and destruction, it is also the trial of humanity in the war and torture.

    The greatest characteristic of the film on the technique of art, is a traditional linear narrative of the film, but according to the characters of consciousness and subconsciousness flow to control the change of space and time.Such as actress in memories of her, he with the play of the German soldiers first love, because she is in extreme pain, so confusion, cross time and space, and film images began to look around, jumping fracture, etc., that is completely disrupted the order of events had occurred.According to the mental consciousness of goodwife, the picture in reality, memory and fantasy, jumping between present a state of interlocking.So we can appreciate in the image is only a psychological truth, rather than as a matter of fact of

    physical reality.The film director here use language skills are mainly flashbacks and jumper.That is what the director in the film a deliberate pursuit of a new form of expression, this is the so-called "stream of consciousness" technique.

    In addition, the director in the film use a lot of symbolism.Such as film start fallout that appeared on the screen and dew, sweat - a symbol of the human struggle in the love and death;The opening of the film substrate has a plant of thrive, symbolizes the survivors of Hiroshima, etc.The application of symbolism such rich connotation of the film.Innovation in artistic director in the film are a large number of reference and imitate, for the rich and development of film language has a significant effect.

    A famous American film theorists, Dr Christine Thompson and David bode, said: "the Hiroshima of ambiguous mix JiLuXing realistic, subjective comments calling and creators, and become a milestone in the development of the international art films."

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