Revelation!The five applications of human to the virus

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Revelation!The five applications of human to the virus

    Revelation!The five applications of human to

    the virus

    Where there is life, there isThe virus.On the earth each virus is found

    in biological systems, it is the most abundant species of organisms.Living cells began to evolve, for the first time the virus existed.Although the virus often bring us all kinds of trouble, but our world will be able to leave the virus?The answer is no.Virus in ecological environment and biological evolution, medicine, and industry has an important role.Please continue to read the next section, to understand how the virus evolution help?

    The ecological environment and biological evolution

    The virus is the most abundant in aquatic environment of an organism.The ocean is a virusbacteriaAnd 15 times the archaea, a

    spoonful of seawater containing about 1 million virus, most of them are phage, no harm to animals and plants not only, instead, these viruses are essential for seawater and freshwater ecosystems:

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    The virus can maintain the ecological balance of the oceans

    First of all, 90% of Marine life is composed of microorganisms.The virus can infect and destroy the water microorganism bacterium group, which originated in the Marine environmentThe carbon cycleOne of the

    most important link.It is estimated that the virus can kill 20% of microbes, every day is the main force to destroy harmful algal blooms, which can reduce the algae blooms threat to other sea creatures.Moreover, virus can make the release of organic molecules in bacterial cells, thus stimulating the growth of bacteria and algae.

    Second, virus or different species important natural gene transfer tool, it can increase the genetic diversity and promoteBiological

    evolution.It is generally believed that the virus played a main role in the early days of biological evolution, the virus is still unknown genes on the planet now biggest storehouse.

    Third, the virus can enhance photosynthesis in the oceans, a year can reduce 300 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    Of course, there is a big ocean virus on ecological harm.Similar to any organism, Marine biological toxicity infection disease easily.In 1988 and 1988, tens of thousands of leopard seal was warm virus killing seals in Europe.Many other viruses such as kali color virus, herpes virus, adenovirus, and tiny virus can be spread in the Marine mammals.Please continue to read the next section, to understand how the virus works in life sciences and medicine?

    Life science and medicine

    Virus on molecular and cellular biology research is of great significance.For example, in genetics, viruses can help us understand the basic framework of the molecular genetics such as DNA replication, transcription, RNA transcription after processing, transformation, protein transport and immunology.

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    Viruses play a major role in the medical field

    In addition, genetic scholars often use virus as a carrier to genes into the cells, the cells in the foreign material or new genes into a genome study is very good.

    Similarly, in cancer and treatmentGene therapy, the virus also shows

    a huge role.Such as soluble cancer therapy are the virus as a carrier for the virus to treat various diseases, because they are able to affect this specific cells and DNA.Scientists have phage therapy as in eastern EuropeantibioticsAlternative to interest in this kind of therapy is increasing, because of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria has been found too strong.Please continue to read the next section, to

    understand how bacteria to promote the study of the nanotechnology and material science?


    The virus in the application of nanotechnology

    According to material scientists that the size and shape of the virus and its number of surface functional groups and properties, have been carefully designed, their surface with special tools can penetrate the host cell.Due to the size, shape, and defined chemical structure factors, such as virus has become are being developednanomaterialsThe template.Of

    the naval research center in Washington, for example, using heavy cowpea Mosaic virus particles amplified DNA micro array signal from the sensor, in this study, virus particles will be used to send signals of fluorescent dye separation, prevent cooler function of fluorescence formation of dimer.

    Synthetic virus

    Many viruses able to synthesis, the first synthetic virus was born in 2002.For many family of viruses, no capsule membrane synthesis of DNA or RNA into cell is contagious, because they contain viruses need all the necessary information.

    People now have the virus used for synthesis technologyVaccine

    developmentIn the field.Synthetic virus far-reaching, as long as the virus genome sequence information is known, permissive cell can use for mankind, virus is no longer regarded as merely a devastating.Now, there have been 2408 different virus in large genome will be open online database, the database by the national institutes of health maintenance.Please continue to read the next section, to understand how the virus used in the chemical and biological weapons?

    Chemical and biological weapons

    Virus can cause destructive epidemic outbreaks of human society, it's this ability has caused people to focus on weaponisation virus in biological warfare.Before destroying smallpox virus throughout the history, it many cause almost a devastating disaster to human society.According to the official, now only two smallpox virus storage centers in the world -- Russia vector laboratories and the centers for disease control.The fear is that could be used as smallpox virusChemical

    and biological weapons

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Keith A. Stevenson/U.S. Marine Corps

    Chemical and biological weapons has great power, and also having devastating damage to the environment

    What is more worrying, the smallpox vaccine has strong side effects, in the last year of smallpox to eliminate before, because the people who develop smallpox smallpox vaccine and more than for smallpox smallpox virus infection, andThe smallpox vaccineNever after extensive testing

    and promotion.So now the human no resistance for smallpox.So, the virus weapon for the earth is a blessing or a curse, mainly depends on human beings.

    In short, the virus for human weakness, we want to dialectical view, with the enemy, is also a friend continue in-depth exchanges, know both sides, to benefit mankind!

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