The same yesterday reproduction come true 3D Video virtual reality technology

By Matthew Hall,2015-08-07 03:14
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The same yesterday reproduction come true 3D Video virtual reality technology

    The same yesterday reproduction come true: 3D Video + virtual reality technology

    A group of engineers is committed to the use of virtual

    reality system and 3D video technology to help people back

    yesterday reproduction.

    "Heart transport" system in intelligent mobile phone on the adhesion of 3D camera.

    Parents at the beginning of the joy of reunion, sharing the happiness and the happiness of a family union family, boarded the top of the mountain when the heroic spirit, it is the most beautiful memories of the hearts of the people. If we can return to the past, I believe many people would like to once again experience the kind of feeling and mood. A group of engineers is

    committed to the use of virtual reality system and 3D video technology to help people back yesterday reproduction.

    According to reports, the virtual reality system developed by the engineer, is the use of virtual reality headset and mobile phone accessory, let you see the image 3D, help you experience the memory of the scene again. The system R & D team leader Justin - Lucas said, "to see the 2D image is let us see past a certain point. See a scene the most beautiful memories in you, we need to create a more immersive feel."

    The engineers not only hope to make this dream come true, but also want high quality and inexpensive virtual reality system. Lucas said, "we want to create a way for any use of intelligent mobile phone people can afford." 3D video technology is existing, virtual reality technology has also emerged, Lucas and others is through virtual reality technology to let you get yesterday reproduction feelings. However, the existing technology is too expensive. The new system Lucas et al is called "heart transport" system. The system includes a dual lens camera lens 3D aluminum, each function is somewhat similar to the human eyes, can get the desired part from a slightly different scene. The two lens synthesis of a 3D image.

    If you put this small camera attached to the mobile phone, mobile phone application software in the mobile phone on the external camera will tell you need to capture what image and stored. Then, you will be a virtual mobile phone and headset connected phenomenon. This virtual headset phenomenon developed by the Lucas team, can also use the Google carton equipment. At present, the Lucas team is to raise funds through the sale of equipment research and development.

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