What do you think happiness index ranking the retirement

By Jane Bailey,2015-08-06 09:03
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What do you think happiness index ranking the retirement

    What do you think happiness index ranking the


    Recently, the aging of southwest jiaotong university international research institute issued a "retired city happiness index" - 2015 large and medium-sized cities in China to retire the quality of life index.Issued by health care, living environment, transportation, social justice and social participation, 5 big dimensions of economic and financial considerations, and 44 secondary indexes of data collection, daily life of 38 large and medium cities nationwide were evaluated.Zhuhai and north connect the top ten.And was known as "to don't want to go" chengdu, ranked 18th.(on December 20, "west China metropolis daily)

    City of "retired city happiness index" list, it's not difficult to give a reasonable interpretation.The pearl river delta city's green area high, pleasant environment, there is no winter.Not only that, the pearl river delta city's social organization development degree and the media supervision level are relatively high, powerfully promoted the public management and service level of ascension.Zhuhai, shenzhen, guangzhou and other cities to people's impression in garden city. Equally important factors may also lies in the fact that the range is larger, the pearl river delta city of metropolis circle covers 9 cities, can be more other cities in guangdong province and the provincial graduates employment, is conducive to these graduates parents take refuge in

    living together after retirement.Beijing, Shanghai ranks among the top five, apparently with a "financial" score is higher, larger capacity of attracting overseas employment.

    "Retired city happiness index", of course, need mainly inspects the quality of life of urban elderly population index.In deep fog haze pollution and serious traffic congestion in Beijing and other cities, is still among the top five, apparently to the more comprehensive health and medical security system.Especially in recent years, in order to protect the local senior citizens enjoy the medical resources, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other cities have launched to local citizens registered doctor appointment system, so that to get the nonlocal patients in the big cities to the impact on the local citizens registered medical resources, under control.

    , of course, "retired city happiness index" city list, the reason will eventually show now people see this sort of related to the design of the index.If adjust the weights of the "living environment", and make "health care", "financial" option of score is reduced, believe that there will be part of the southern city of Beijing and other northern cities made the list of top.And, the index, the list was released by the acquisition of data, to determine the coefficient is calculated, not unlike list elderly citizens' happiness precision consistent with actual condition of the city. Therefore, in this list after the location of the city, both official and media,

    citizens, don't have to be angrily, but need to think calmly, trying to find out local hinder elderly residents enjoy more happiness, more convenient life, the elements of trying to resolve or adjustment.For example on the list is called "to don't want to go" in chengdu, only ranked 18 (billboard units or universities) from chengdu, the chengdu local media should seriously study the list related index of design, analysis of billboard units listed five weight, 44, belong to chengdu score whether or not the objective.

    Anyway, "retired city happiness index" list into the top five cities, is also many shortcomings.Zhuhai medical resource allocation relative to the list of many other provincial capital city, municipality directly under the central government, are very nervous.The same situation also appears in shenzhen.As aforesaid, Beijing's air pollution and traffic congestion, is very outstanding.That is to say, "retired city happiness index" on a list of the top five cities, whether local or overseas take refuge in their children's old man, in the city's quality of life (objective) and happiness (subjective judgment), there is still a large room to improve.

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