The time to tell us, unreasonable age, you should understand

By Jesse Cruz,2015-08-06 08:44
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The time to tell us, unreasonable age, you should understand

    The time to tell us, unreasonable age, you should understand

    In life we have always grow up, you can not grow up, but you must know some words. Some things, not we can get the hard, some people missed even missed forever, time tells us that children do you have any unreasonable age, the sensible.

    1, do you have the right to abandon me, I have let you regret strength. 2, do not contact, why, as shielding for a group.

    3, I am a child of the ordinary people, not so noble temperament. 4, a man like you, in my director in the series, I can let you live two sets at most.

    5, don't say I'm bad, I once than any of you are stupid.

    6, my warm is not much, just for those who are good to me.

    7, lifetime how many sincere words took the form of a joke said out. 8, I still love you, just less must together of the persistent. 9, the weather is cold, even get up all need a great deal of courage. 10 envy that don't pour kingdom, not the whole of red too Wolf, but has Wolffy be dead set of love.

    11, the most intense but a minute fight, and that one minute you say, it is you use one hundred minutes are up don't come back.

    12, the man like beautiful face, women like sweet words.So the woman make up, the man lying.

13, could you take me, from the wife to the old woman.

    14, state how didn't take your face to the bulletproof clothes? 15, thunder, standing under the tree, said to god, I also want to cross. 16, when I was a child in the hands of table did not move, but took away our best time.

17, as a child, why so see through everything.

    18, break up reason [to learn] you said to me, in front of others you say to she didn't feel the .

    19, there is always a group of stealth friends such as dead men lying on your friends list, occasionally catch ZhaShi, occasionally also will change their epitaph.

    20, the fox is a mountain, you tell me what o serial.

    21, the time to tell me, unreasonable age, the sensible.

    22, less ask people why, ask yourself why.

    23, in more than a decade ago on September 1, I smile back small bags, fart dian fart of entered the school, on a point of no return. 24, hate me.It doesn't matter, I don't mind.I do not live to please you. 25, scorned can calm when a smile, this is a kind of confidence.

26, if I can leave for your smile, you still cry.

    27, love a person is in when on the phone, suddenly don't know what to say, just want to listen to that familiar voice.

    28, "I love you" that again how, three words add up the first letter, also it is not a "play" word.

    29, looking at once chat records, looking at just smiled, smiled and laughed and wept.

    30, the man explained to her or leave her innocence, or the future. 31, one day I will proudly say to you: roll, I don't need you. 32 and orphean net is lost to note.

    33, if not I love you, how can let you hurt me so thoroughly. 34, I cry one hundred times, just want you to love me again. 35, they said the network is false, I smiled, as if reality very true.

    36, joking, nima can don't use inferior red line helped me pull, it regularly. 37, what time will you be able to know, my signature is you said. 38, life, was laughing and others, by the way, let others to smile. 39, fall in love with you, not because you gave I need something, but because you gave me never had the feeling.

    40, when you blame others with your fingers, don't forget to still have three fingers pointing to himself.

    41, you said I changed, I admit it.I just don't have as before to you dead to tie up lousy dozen.Because, I can't in order to a not loved my people waste feelings.

    42, when he who sees through all don't know, actually lose than having more dependable.

    33, if not I love you, how can let you hurt me so thoroughly.

    43, friends don't need too much, two is enough.A willing to lend you money, another will come to your funeral.

    44, next life, I want to be your heart, at least I don't jump you'll die. 45, life T m really interesting and alive alive and then he died. 46, a clever girl know mind your own mouth, don't disorderly eat, not disorderly speak, do not kiss shouldn't kiss.

    47, don't say, don't listen to, watch, does not mean really don't care. 48, don't think you jump out of the stone is the Monkey King. 49, for so many years of learning, now think of, and in kindergarten best mix.

    50, Confucius said, fight, brick almost can't LuanHu.According to head on, almost die again.Buddha says: my fo mercy.Not much on, almost dead pain relief.

    51, I love you, fabrication, if you have the same, by coincidence. 52, do you have a good sense of humor, use break up to test how much I love you.

    53, the teacher said 'forget' is also a subject.I'm sorry the teacher, the door I don't pass the exam.

    54, does not belong to oneself, why spelled a life go to care about. 55, the middle of the night time, I was a millionaire is a billionaire in the middle of the night, the dawn is the world's richest man.In the morning is unemployed.The dream is really good.

56, I drew a coffin, lying inside you and him, see how I kind, let you


57, even if you don't love me now, I also fall in your tender.

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