Why do astronomers and robot device sweeps the floor up

By Thomas Allen,2015-08-03 09:52
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Why do astronomers and robot device sweeps the floor up

    Why do astronomers and robot device sweeps the

    floor up?

    Manufacture of iRobot Roomba sweeping robot, get astronomers recently provoked to mad.The picture shows the Roomba 600 robots.Image: iRobot

    Heard of iRobot Roomba robot cleaner?Maybe you already have a at home.You want, however, the Roomba manufacturers argued with astronomers to bee?Two parties vying for things, invisible, also can not touch, but the spectrum of electromagnetic wave inside the lesser-known small bands.

    IRobot has always want to be able to put their small robot to outdoor, for example can be like now of the robot, automatic help you cut in front of the lawn.Now on the market there have been some automatic lawn mowers, but they all require you to first buried beneath the lawn good wires.The wires have the effect of boundary, let the robot know which place is your house lawn mowing grass, what is not.However, for those of us lazy humans, embedding the wire is too trouble.

    According to "the journal of the American institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE Spectrum) disclosure of the federal communications commission (FCC) filings, iRobot wanted to use some small radio beacon to replace the buried in the ground wire.The beacon will communication with mowing robot by radio waves,

    the frequency of these radio waves between 6240 to 6740 MHZ, was no one in use - in addition to the national radio astronomy observatory (NRAO).

    The giant radio telescope can receive weak radio waves from space, it is easy to interference by the wave from the artificial articles on the earth, such as mowing robot iRobot intends to launch market.Image: NRAO

    NRAO several states in the United States and South America, Chile operates some radio telescope, just in the use of the same band to detect methane in space, this is an important mark of star formation.NRAO says iRobot mowing robot may interfere with radio telescope in new Mexico, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico.Next, the NRAO and iRobot will sent to you a punch in the FCC document I had backed a foot."In" the journal of the American institute of electrical and electronics engineers Evan Ackerman, in a more interesting statement expressed by one of the highlights:

    IRobot: "iRobot mowing robot will only sales in the consumer market, and we have proposed, in the user manual and robot to add a note, for consumers to use only; only for residential use."

    NRAO: "only for residential use, the old 'considerations don't fart in not top."

    Finally, iRobot can use this band, or to say to want to switch to other bands, eventually to be ruled by the FCC.But have to say that was created for humans to

enjoy lazy mowing robot, could destroy the astronomer exploring distant cosmic

grand ideal, it is to let people in distress situation.

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