Hurricane rescue 3 uncle agents and salvation road

By William Adams,2015-08-02 16:41
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Hurricane rescue 3 uncle agents and salvation road

    "Hurricane rescue 3" : uncle agents and

    salvation road

    From yong fell prostitution criminal gangs in Paris, to Istanbul dou

    defeated revenge Mafia, is now in Los Angeles force to break the wrong frame designs.After the hurricane rescue trilogy alone, uncle agent Brian mills finally ended the use of force to protect the family's retirement.If the first is warriors to save her father, the second war to save the wife to

     show her husband, "hurricane rescue 3" is showing a man wash grievances self-salvation process.Heavy tension, suspense film, carry on the first two puzzle adventure racing chase still shocked eyes, sharp biting melee combat still surprised off his chin, firepower fierce gun

    battle continues to shock heart, touching father-daughter relationship or straight chuo tear ducts, is the whole point of anuria.

    First film with the prelude to a kidnapping murder, immediately create suspense atmosphere, make the person what Brian a don't know what will encounter suffering again.Then in Glass Animals band that song, full of the flavor of attractive, opening and creator name in Los Angeles, aerial night slowly out of the crowded skyscrapers in light like shining stars, gradually black signal night deep guilt.And then Brian comfortable daily life picture continuous rolled out, and the friends play for fun, buy gifts blessing baby daughter, king's birthday, although with lenny wife divorced but still maintained a close contact.But this day was short, killed by people carefully set against his ex-wife's time, Brian had to suffer the pain of losing loved ones, in breaking bad fled trace pulling off wash grievances, but also try to not let the daughter of criminal damage.

    This rhythm is compact, the interlocking plots and after a few pages confessed the story, then tightly around a series of venture to Brian plot arrangement.In the face of the federal police wanted to kill, and a criminal group under double pressures of step-by-step to find the truth, he also let the film into a variety of hot scenes.Wonderful fighting, hot shot, crazy car chase, tension and flee, and these pictures, a series of National People's Congress is synonym.While Brian is a super large

    ares.In the face of the police car under siege, he in the road with the thrilling, exciting cool racing to chase, the formation of strong visual impact;Shop with agile skill TongJian after his criminals, the two sides to fall to the meat, crisp close combat, viewers have a boiling passion for this;Lone striker protection strict apartment, he again in intensive fire bullets flash new fight back, shot kill brutal gang bosses.There's two scene the most impressive.One is Brian and bald gangsters across the shelves in the supermarket bottle of gun shot scheduling order, eye look broken bottles in the gunfire of glass all over.2 it is the end stage, Brian drive hit into the design of aircraft tire special novel, but see a fly up large fuselage instantaneous collapse.Moreover, the two groups of picture has the very strong visual impact.

    The first two "hurricane rescue" Brian's rival gangs are Albania, this time in "hurricane rescue 3" his enemy confrontation with Russia.The gang and just by using piece, the real villain, but another man.This guy lurking behind the scenes, the implementation of the blockbuster conspiracy to kill two birds with one stone.'but the Brian not rashness headstrong, but the combination of the brave and the wise.In the plot of a suspicious, he used is not just a good fists, and intelligent mind, found that suspects and following leads, close reasoning judgment, eventually picked up on his former wife, husband the Bose.With black inspector dodds's mental battle of wits, he also always outthink, shop will elaborate police chase.Third as Brian mills, liam neeson, not only on the scene what still vigorous, and full on the emotional drama.See his ex-wife only pain, the despair of the wronged wronged, heard her

    daughter when danger anxiety, when war with the enemy's indignation, emotions and moods appear on face and eyes.Black actor portrays the dodds, forest Whitaker, veteran of the case, he and liam neeson, though not seen face to face, but two people to convey outwit contest of speech communication.

     In addition, the sincere affection between father and daughter in the film throughout.And Brian in the thick of a father, also has always been an important selling point "hurricane rescue" series.This time to save his daughter from kidnapping, hard again, even on a high-speed drive into drama of the plane.The gold from the old baby daughter looked forward to the star dream, for the driver's license is a beautiful girl happy pretty girl, become pregnant mothers.Third daughter playing in the corner of the gold, maggie grace, acting more mature, deduce a darling female because mother die of grief, dad the pain of being wronged, she and liam neeson tacit cooperation, deduce a warm affection between father and daughter, make the reader's tears.In a word, "hurricane rescue 3" show fist, show affection, show IQ, beautiful scenery, the wonderful will miss four show possession.

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