Management and market difficult

By Darlene Graham,2015-08-02 03:19
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Management and market difficult

    Management and market difficult!

    Securities regulatory commission, insurance regulatory commission, the China banking regulatory commission recently three leverage will jointly regulation, the main reason is that the stock market rose is too fierce, don't put the craziness suppress adverse to the stock market and economy, to the best of the SFC monarch yao crackdown in the stock market can be A shares has in fact have been suppressed and hit. So crazy not crazy a-share?The Shanghai composite index six months rose by 1000 points, up again like this don't prick day!So the attitude of the stock market that management has backed a change has taken place.Supervisor will spokesman mentioned at the beginning of a big increase in margin trading, and called for the investors to rational investment, don't be on the market sell fry or borrow money to fry is misled by a speech, steady and healthy development of the stock market plays an important role in the global economic and social

    development.Market is the parties jointly build the stable and healthy operation need, safeguard, mutual cherish.Hope the media friends in objective reports, research objective study, released in accordance with the law, a reasonable guide investors' expectations.Hope the broad masses of investors, especially small and medium investors rational investment of the new entrants, respecting the market and the fear of the market, keep in mind that the stock market has a risk, strengths,

    don't be on the market sell fry, borrow money to fry is misled by a speech, do not blindly follow suit.Xinhua also repeating "watch the mad cow rest";A-share fast rise behind the risk to consider "; the hot a-share pig day sell fry beware "beiju way; the way days, whether this is the information, or crazy?; the stock market can't live on the lever in order to make the" myth "and so on.

    "Crazy", "cup" and "risk", the word has already made its extremely, January 5, the CSRC, aimed at "leveraged bull market" at the same time, xinhua and repeating four, respectively, the one: why do investors "earn also flustered kui also flustered,"", "# 2: brokers do not put two financial risk education lightly", "# 3: investors how to leverage the market?", the four: strengthen the regulation of grey zone, and line and treasure ", warning the risk of highly leveraged environment market may, called for the grey market funds to strengthen the supervision."1, 19" crash, xinhua published titled "standard margin, let bull market more healthy to walk forward in the article.

    In the stock market is not calm also is not only the public opinion, "leverage" is punished, "umbrella" trust are banned, and banned the ban, the punishment punishment, the check of the also don't pull down, and also for all size brokers to personally check it again.So the selectmen, fighting!

    What a crazy word get!Actually index not mad, it is management's crazy!

    The U.S. stock market from the financial crisis of 2008 in the slump in more than 13000 points to 6000 points, but two years back to more than 24000 points;Japan's stock market collapse in the past 20 years, continue hovering at 15000 points, but in the past year passed from 15000 points to 25000 points, up 60%.China's stock market from 6000 points down, it is halfway up the mountain, crazy?We half a year a year rose by 10000 points, up 1000 points, crazy?

    Look at 3000 points is equivalent to 2007 only 2000 points.Since 2007, 2007, at that time China's oil and agricultural bank of China shenhua, chinalco, a batch of large-cap blue-chip companies has not been listed.According to the normal logic, as the newly listed and rights issues, will naturally increase, the total market value index have a growth process.The emergence of A shares on the Shanghai composite index falling to absorb market expansion, lead to serious distortion of the Shanghai composite index.

    Say 2014 is the government encourages large blue-chip, petrochina shares rose 40%, the market rose from 1.3633 trillion yuan to 1.9785 trillion yuan, the proportion in the Shanghai composite index has reached 8%;China construction bank rose by 62.56%, in the Shanghai composite index weighting of 7%...Zhongjian four rows of workers and peasants and the market value of petrochina's five companies accounted for the proportion of the Shanghai stock exchange market capitalization

reached 32%, the Shanghai index is mainly by the five

    companies.Combined with sinopec, China shenhua and other minority, weight has reached about 50% of the total market value of the Shanghai stock exchange, 07 years oil up to 29 yuan of above, China aluminum top 60 now is more than 6 yuan, China cosco highest nearly 70 yuan more than 7 yuan now, were dropped by nearly 10 times, chip such as economic sentiment picks up, double share price increase is not crazy. And the stock market is a myth adverse economic rise too quickly, and chongqing, huang qifan, the mayor said: "if China shares rose from 2000 points to 2500 points, 500 points in this stock market rose 25%, now China's stock market value is 30 trillion RMB, if 6 trillion is up 20%, there may be 4 trillion yuan is value-added part of the enterprise, enterprise will increase financing, retail and ordinary people accounted for only one-third, the equivalent of 6 trillion value of 2 trillion is people, people will take 10% of them to eat, use up, the equivalent of 200 billion yuan for consumption. So don't assume that the stock market has nothing to do with us, if not the stock market boom, spending will have influence. A rising stock market wealth effect for individuals and businesses will finally into the real economy is circular.3000 points to individual investors and the wealth effect of the enterprise has brought about 20 trillion, will be transformed into 3 to 400 million active investment companies and 2 to 300 million consumption growth, will become the

important force to achieve sustainable economic recovery this year.

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