Mark directly!The source of enterprise development kit

By Gordon Long,2015-08-02 01:38
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Mark directly!The source of enterprise development kit

    Mark directly!The source of enterprise development kit

    Enterprise is a set of process, method and system of collectively, to promote development (application/software engineering), technical operations and quality assurance (QA) communication, collaboration and integration between departments.In the whole process of enterprise, use some open source tools can promote the communication between development and operations, is advantageous to the management of the project, and even can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

    Package & product management tools

    ; Chocolatey: Chocolatey is an open source under the Windows command d package management

    software, simply say this is apt to get Windows;

    ; FPM: the full name is Effing package management, damn package manager, greatly alleviate the

    multiple platform build packages pain (deb, RPM, etc.);

    ; Herd: is a based on TwitterMurderThe document distribution system;

    ; Vagrant Cachier: a Vagrant plug-in, used to cache management in the package;

    ; WiX Toolset: to provide a set of the most powerful set of tools to help you to create a Windows

    installer.The tool set from the XML source code to build your Windows installation package, can

    be seamlessly integrated into the build process;

    ; Boxstarter: using the Chocolatey package management tools to automate installation software and

    create a repeatable, scripted Windows environment;

    ; Elita: Elita is a use of git and salt continuous deployment (deployed as a service) and API - engine

    driven infrastructure/framework;

    ; Fig: it is mainly used to join Docker to realize the rapid isolation of development environment;

    ; Pulp: a stage is a platform used to manage the library and related content;

    ; Veewee: Veewee is an open source tools, which is used to create and configure the lightweight,

    renewable, convenient virtual machine environment.

    Log & monitoring

    ; AmonOne: modernization since the hosting server monitoring tools;

    ; Anthracite: an event/change log/management application;

    ; collectd3: is it a visual collectd system performance statistical tools;

    ; collectd: is a guardian (daemon) process, collect the system performance and to provide all kinds of

    storage ways to store different values of mechanism;

    ; Diamond: is a Python based daemon, mainly used for collecting system indicators, and posted them

    to the Graphite (or other) tool;

    ; Errbit: it is an open source tools are used to collect and manage program error; ; Sensu: an open source monitoring framework;

    ; Logstash: is a application logs, events, transmission, processing, management, and search

    platform.You can use it to to collect the application log management, provides a Web interface for

    querying and statistics;

    ; log.ioOpen source log monitoring tools: a real time;

    ; FnordMetric: is it a redis/ruby based real-time event tracking application, is a collection and

    visualization of time series data frame, the user can in a few minutes to create a beautiful real-time

    analysis dashboard;

    ; Logster: it is a tool to read the log file and then create Graphite or Ganglia of the available metrics

    data.For example you could use logster to graphically in the number of HTTP response occurs in

    your Web Server logs;

    ; Kibana: it is a log analysis for Logstash and ElasticSearch Web interface.Can use it to log on

    effective search, visualization and analysis of all kinds of operation;

    ; Monit: is a very rich process, file, directory, and equipment monitoring software, used for Unix

    platform.It can automatically repair those who have stopped working procedure, suitable for

    processing the software error due to a variety of reasons;

    ; Metrics: this is not a Java library, but a lightweight detector based on the Go; ; Graphite: is one for the collection site real-time information and statistics of the open source

    project, can be used to collect a variety of web service running state information; ; Ganglia: Ganglia is a cross-platform, extensible, high performance computing system under the

    distributed monitor system, such as cluster and grid;

    ; Server Density: a cross-platform monitoring system;

    ; Folsom: Folsom is aCoda Hale's metricsInspired, Erlang based measurement system; ; CMB (Cloud Message Bus): is a highly available queue and notification service, horizontal

    extension, compatible with AWS SQS and SNS;

    ; Glances: is it a for Linux and BSD open source command line system monitoring tools, it USES

    Python language development, able to monitor, CPU load, memory, disk I/O, network traffic

    information, file systems, system temperature, etc.

    ; Uptime: the use of the Node. Js, directing and Twitter Bootstrap the development of remote

    monitoring and control system;

    ; Icinga: the expansion of the Nagios version;

    ; PacketbeatApplication: is open source monitoring and package tracking system;

    ; Zipkin: an open source project is Twitter, allowing developers to collect various service Twitter on

    the monitoring data, and provide the query interface;

    ; Dead Mana ? ? s Snitch: is a monitoring Heroku Scheduler, plans, monitoring tools; ; Statsd: is a Node. Js daemon program, simple, and lighter.Can use the UDP protocol, and Graphite

    image rendering application;

    ; Riemann: a network monitoring system;

    ; Puppet Dashboard: Puppet Dashboard is a Web interface, provides the node classification and

    reporting capabilities for Puppet, is an open source configuration management tools; ; jmxtrans: jmxtrans is a very powerful tool, use it can easily be generated based on json

    configuration of the article, and then to the format of the output you want;

    ; Scales: tracking server status and statistical indicators, make you fully grasp the server status, you

    can also send the indicator to Graphite to images or information to the file is written to collapse; ; Zabbix: is it a Web based interface provides a distributed monitoring system and network

    monitoring function of enterprise open source solution;

    ; Graylog 2: Graylog2 is a system used to save log syslog to directing the tools. Process management

    ; Bouncy: HTTP routing can be used as a host;

    ; Supervisor: is a client server system, allows the user to monitor and control of processes on

    unix-like operating systems;

    ; God: Ruby implementation process monitoring framework

    Service discovery

    ; Consul: simplified in a distributed environment service registration and discovery processes, via

    HTTP or DNS interface is found.Supports external SaaS provider, etc.;

    ; etcd: is a Key/Value of high availability storage system, is mainly used to share the configuration

    and service discovery;

    ; Apache ZooKeeper: is a subproject of Apache Hadoop, it is mainly used to solve the frequently

    encountered in the application of distributed data management problems;

    ; Weave: create a virtual network and connect to the deployment on multiple host Docker container. Continuous integration and delivery

    ; Buildbot: is a system of automatic build/test cycle need most software, to verify that the changes in

    the code.By automatically rebuilding and testing every time something has changed, before

    construction quickly identify, reduce unnecessary failure;

    ; Cabot: it is an open source, self managed monitoring tools;

    ; Jenkins: is a kind of continuous integration based on Java development tools, used to monitor

    continuous repetitive work;

    ; Hubot: based on the script has high flexibility, anyone can write their own scripts to expand basic


    ; Hudson: is an extensible continuous integration engine, it is mainly used for: sustainable,

    automatically build/test software project and monitor some regular tasks;

    ; CruiseControl.rb: is a continuous integration server, it can let everybody in the team at any time to

    understand health status and progress of the project;

    ; OpsBot: it is an open source, can be inserted into the robot to improve communication. Hope these tools can bring real help to developers.

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