Parents, please don't let the cold machine with the children

By Allen Alexander,2015-07-26 06:01
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Parents, please don't let the cold machine with the children

    Parents, please don't let the cold machine

    with the children

    In information society, the child could not contact with electronic devices, but the great harm too dependent on electronic

    products.Parents, please don't let the cold machine with children.In recent years, tablets and smartphones is already a lot of urban households of daily consumer goods, even become "tides daddy mama" fashion gifts to children.Among them, represented by the tablet, because of simple operation, application software is rich, is all the more trendy fashion as a development tool for parents, has become one of the most popular children's toys, many families prepare for baby gift is the children's day.

    The author has worked with several parents for children to play with the discussed this topic, there are parents even think it can take on the responsibilities of "electronic babysitter".Because he felt it can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination, and can learn knowledge, to teach children to read nursery rhymes and children playing is generally focus, can exercise the child's patience.

    Is it really the case?I think, if the above the parents to see the following the news, before may change his opinion.Shenzhen Ms. Deng and her husband because of busy work will be 2 years old son light rain bring nanny, nanny found to light rain the play, the crying baby can be quiet, so the device into "take Eva weapon".The light rain later became silent, he was addicted to the game class autism symptoms.

    Only 2 year old, because addicted to playing the lead to autism, believe who see will feel heartache.The news was widely reprinted, after "two and a half years old baby play with the device to a myopic 500 degrees of the people has paid close attention to the news.Electronic products are represented by the public opinion to the forefront, and trigger social concerns on children's obsession with electronic products.

    However, we often see in our daily life, the parents gave the child a smartphone or a tablet, so that to do things, and think that it is beneficial for children, will promote the creativity of children.20 pairs of young

    parents surveyed, admitted that often give children to play with tablets or mobile phones and other electronic products have the 16, and another 4 says to parents, is strictly prohibited children's access to these products."2010 children scale of Internet users and Internet behavior survey report shows that 51.2% of five to 15 years old children use the Internet, 67.7% of the children think the Internet is the favorite form of media.

    On the news above, should be a wake-up call for the parents.In my opinion, intelligent electronic products into domestic space, preschool children grow in digital games, alarming the phenomenon.Long time contact with electronic products, harm to the health of children is obvious.The device is known as the "first killer" of children's eyesight, before the age of 12, perfect child's eyesight is in constant development, eyesight status in unstable period, optic nerve, eyesight adjustment in muscle tissue organs such as the imperfect period, eye adjustment function is very fragile, at this moment, any burden and bad with the eye stimulation will affect the development of vision.

    Have an eye doctor to the author, living conditions, the better, myopia is becoming more and more younger age.According to the eye doctor, every summer to the end, the first two weeks of school, is the

    most busy time, every day to see a doctor about the teenagers about 30 people, basically is short-sighted, the youngest, was only 3 years old.

    Long-term exposure to the electronic products bring more serious harm, is bad for children's psychological development.Psychological growth cannot leave the correct recognition of the real world, only put the child in the real world, look to listen to, to judge the right is formed gradually in the growth.And at present, the growth of children is electronic products take too much time, some parents even with the transfer of the child's attention, in return for a moment of quiet, with a virtual electronic world instead of good communication between parents and children and communication.Disconnected with the real world for a long time, it is conceivable that the child's psychological will be disconnected with the surrounding, but once you miss psychological maturity best time, it will be hard to make up for the late.

    For children, there is nothing more than the interaction and communication can help them form a good personality.Children should spend more time with their peers to play, how to participate in outdoor activities.These exchanges let kids know how to control your emotions, how to deal with the relationship between with others.On the contrary, in the cold for a long time the electronic products, such as the man-machine dialogue, hindered between parents and children, children

    communicate with their peers, they tend to form a one-way thinking pattern, deprived children opportunities to communicate with the outside world, not only the communicative ability gradually, character emotionally mature more slowly.

    Of course, in the information society, the child could not contact with electronic devices, but too dependent on electronic products make children in terms of interpersonal communication ability is poor, not well integrated into real life.The author suggested that if it is two years old or so children, parents no matter how busy work, take time to communicate with children every day, playing games, telling stories.Even the school-age children, every time playing computer games time can't more than half an hour, and should be accompanied by a parent company guidance and communication.Parents, please don't let the cold machine with children.

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