Testers said eight new iOS application runtime will like magic, wonderful

By Joanne Wallace,2015-07-25 16:28
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Testers said eight new iOS application runtime will like magic, wonderful

    Testers said eight new iOS application

    runtime will like magic, wonderful

    Apple is expected to release the latest within two weeks the iPhone 6 and the latest version of the iOS mobile operating system 8.

    According to application testing company Applause, chief marketing officer Matt Johns teng (Matt Johnston) said that iPhone users will have a large number of new application, the application can fully show the new features of the iOS 8.

    Johanns said teng, many developers, especially for Banks, media companies or retailers such as enterprise users customize application developers don't intend to use new features of iOS 8.

    To BusinessInsider he said: "a lot of developers to new features and new features to keep wait-and-see attitude, they said that they develop the application upgrade will be suspended for a month or a quarter. But pioneered the use of 8 new features of iOS will show for the users of the application of a kind of like magic, wonderful new experience."

    IPhone/ipod users can take advantage of these new features will be their applications together, of course, it also rely on a lot of equipment such as Mac and Apple TV set-top boxes.But mike johanns said at the same time, room iOS 8 will also increase many new elements related to the Internet of things, such as your mobile phone with your thermostat seamless communication.

    Johanns teng said: "this is a godsend for application developers. From now on, in the coming year, we will lose feeling in it, we think: the new application can commune with apple set-top box, of course."

    In fact, iOS three 8 can make third-party applications show the new features like magic.They include:

    1, the application of the plugin.This allows applications to work together, but also with a variety of Internet of things device interconnection, sharing data between different applications.You don't have to enter any applications on eBay bid situation is likely to occur on the iOS platform 8.

    2, continuity.It can make your iPhone/ipod with your Mac seamless cooperation, at the same time allows the user to the data and files from one application to another application, from one device to another device.

    3, whether to use the HealthKit, PhotoKit and HomeKit

    tools.HealthKit will put the iOS 8 is connected together with health, at the same time they can also share data to each other.PhotoKit allows more app collaborate with photo and video content.HomeKit is used when user networking devices in the home of a tool of the Internet of things.

    Johanns said teng, when developers use apple's new tools, HealthKit is one of the most popular.

    Waiting for a new generation of the iPhone

    A growing number of developers do not intend to use the new features in the iOS 8, one of the important reason is: apple may release new screen size and iWatch.Application developers don't know how their applications run on these devices.

    It originally should not be thus.Apple provides developers with a known as "adaptive layout tools.This tool can let all applications can run on various types of iOS devices.

    But many people don't want to use the adaptive layout.He said: "some people believe that, even without the use of adaptive layout, they can also create more wealth and powerful applications."

    Old applications can run on iOS 8 platform that they absolutely won't break down.

    Is the best news may be about 8 iOS software application developers will be carefully assess them.They have been upgrading, repair and test.Johanns said teng, they have been upgrading, repair and test applications, purpose is to ensure that even install the new system in the current iPhone users, those applications also doesn't crash at run time.

    When the iOS release 7, johanns teng once said, will not be able to avoid more developers will also apply to the new operating system collapse, he suggested that users wait a few weeks before the upgrade.

    But this time is different.He said: "the enterprise users when using iOS 7 more proactive than before, many corporate users a couple of days before the iOS 7 released into our arms. More and more enterprise users begin to test the new system, to ensure that their existing application compatible with iOS 8 and not crash, crash, or other problems."

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