Sleeping curse no longer silence bad woman

By Christine Lopez,2015-07-24 19:51
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Sleeping curse no longer silence bad woman

    "Sleeping curse" : no longer silence "bad woman"

    Finally, Disney began a remake of the classic thought remake to salute, perhaps can bring nostalgic bedtime stories in the world.Who also did not expect, it rather than a tribute, but turning, and we see like a prequel, sequel or unofficial history of classic fairy tales."Remake" is now part of the nostalgic, simply nostalgic attitude all have their own choice."Nostalgia", the earliest nostos and algia comes from Greek, the former has the meaning of "return home", who said a state of pain.SvetlanaBoym in his book "nostalgia of the future" will be nostalgic behavior is divided into two broad categories: type repair nostalgic nostalgia and reflection type.The Disney company with "snow

    country","Sleeping curse"As a representative, showed the reverse type

    nostalgic gestures, and this kind of attitude behind coincides with the development the new stage of feminism.

    Sleeping curseDirector isRobert storm bergFirst, the Hollywood actress Angelina jolie played the witch Marlene Phillip.The film adapted from Disney established in 1959animation"Sleeping beauty", that is the story of a so-called pure, pure like "Snow White and the seven

    dwarfs","Cinderella"That way.You definitely don't have the heart to harm the beauty of a gentle girl, in a kiss from prince charming deep feeling of waking up, and then live a happy life.This is young girl the first emotion primers, so they are eager to become a princess, although a lot of people are infected with the "princess disease", even if be hurt also don't give up on the prince's expectation.

    The main reason why theSleeping curse"Is" revolutionary nostalgia ", because the film is no longer "beautiful gentle girl" as the leading role, a pure and romanticloveThe story.Instead, it is for witch Marlene Phillip, depict the traditional idea of "bad woman" image, of course, the "bad woman" is different to the beauty and power hurt yourself.In traditional literary works, especially in the fairy tale, two women - "good women" (gentle, obedient, pure, holy) and "bad woman" (violence, arrogance, philistinism and evil), or say "angel" and "evil".Snow White is an angel, the queen is a devil,CinderellaIs a good woman, the stepmother and sisters is a bad woman.This is to find and feminist criticism, because the stand or fall of women completely by whether they conform to the patriarchal social norms and values to decide.Only accept patriarchal gave her gender role of women is a good woman, the opposite is a bad woman, even crazy woman, a freak.Angelina jolie is pure, kind, has a strong ability, concentrated on her wings.Director explained, "put your application in some practices on the superman role as used in these roles. Likewise, can also apply it in the story. Perhaps because of this, some of the fun, novel and interesting things emerged.""Wings" and "super ability" is the important symbol of female independent of men, however, her purity, kindness by men (and later, the king defiled, wings have been cut down, and cruelty of the nightThe dawnSad cry in front of women more like insulted, damage against before the declaration of the most

    painful.Is not born "bad woman", "sleeping curse" shows "woman how to go bad" process, this in all of the classic fairy tale is ridiculous.

    Feminists have long realized that patriarchy instilled in the mind to the Cinderella image is harmful, because the image will be femininity is equivalent to pocket, encourage women to toleratefamilyViolence, wait patiently for a male to save, and it will also be the only ideal marriage as "correct" behavior in return., however, the image of the white horse prince, which requires a male ACTS as a wealthy saviors, shoulder the burden, let a beloved "forever" happiness - harmful to men too, because it's in promoting aThe letterRead that men must be indomitable super material provider without emotional needs.

    Shape a bad woman with a conscience is not enough, make the men in the patriarchal society are bad or powerless, more persuasive.So we see the childhood lovers Stevens (Sharlto copley) to the throne had lost her wings, and admits the white horse prince bowed their heads and kissing BuFuZhongWang as a result, there is a lovely uncle crow is cute or because Angelina jolie saved his life.That is to say, "sleep spell" men no longer is the traditional gender roles in shaping, is no longer a "rational, strong, warm and wise bold heroes", and turned into a dirty, incompetence, cynical person.

    The prince's "true love's kiss" failure has been highly disruptive, however the sleeping curse failed to stop the footsteps of

    subversion.Marlene Phillip is no longer silence "bad woman", more than at the start of his interpretation of the story, more is her master the global of the story.She looked at the sleeping princess, give kiss full of love, the princess woke up.Woman no longer rely on a man, also need not "ready to save men", they can save themselves.They are no longer silent.

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