What is the purple purple skirt

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What is the purple purple skirt

    What is the purple purple skirt?Chemical analysis

    tell you

    Museum of beautiful vintage dress, they are made of what dye?Recently, a study on the garment dye compositions of the 19th century were analyzed.This study presents a new method for analysis of garment dye, such an approach would also help people to uncover the development history of textile dyes.

    In this study, the scientists chose 4 pieces made in between 1865 and 1898, purple silk dress as analysis object.Why is picking the purple clothes?This is because he purple dye in the history of synthetic dyes do have very important position.In t

    human history the first synthetic dye is purple, in 1856, the chemist William Henry Perkin accidentally got aniline purple this durable dyed purple material (specifically, is a mixture of several kinds of approximate compounds).At that time, the natural purple dye is very expensive, so artificial purple textile dyes after appear quickly open the market.After the aniline purple fuchsin, methyl violet (also belong to this kind of composition of crystal violet), benzene and red violet and purple dye synthesis are appeared.Thus, analysis of purple clothes made of 19th century, to reveal the early development history is helpful to synthetic dyes.

    Analysis in the study of four purple dress in the 19th century.All right, upper left looks like blue...But it did use the purple dye.Images from the original paper

    The collection of vintage dress at the museum are precious cultural relics, how to analysis at the same time as much as possible to reduce the harm of them has become a important topic.This time, the researchers took a thin layer chromatography, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and X-ray energy dispersion spectrum analysis method.Just for samples of mg level and can complete the analysis."Used in the study of all analysis technology can be conducted under the material sampling quantity in less than 2 mg," Jeffrey Church family involved in the study of molecular spectroscopy, said that "this is important when the analysis of the historic relics."

    Through the analysis of 4 purple skirt, the researchers verify the feasibility of analysis method, also has some preliminary but intriguing findings.Analysis found that a 1865 purple skirt made of dye is used by methyl violet, and this kind of artificial dye was synthesized for the first time in just four years ago.Thus, when new synthetic dyes to market, into the fashion is how fast.Another production in 1885, Australian purple wedding dress also hides a special information: the skirt with the help of two kinds of purple dye, the warp of cloth by methyl violet staining, while filling with mauve.The find surprising: although aniline purple is purple the ancestor of synthetic dyes, but it exists in the market is only just ten years time.In 1885, aniline purple should have purple pigment has been thus replaced, but it is in this dress.This reflects the "delay" trade between Europe and Australia?Or rather, the dress for some reason to use the purple cloth has treasured for so many years?

    This purple dress 1885 contains two different purple dye, methyl violet 2 b, as well as the synthesis of aniline dyes purple.Images from the original paper

    From the present results, we still cannot come to a complete history of purple synthetic dye.However, this analysis method does provide researchers with new means of historical and cultural relics.

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