scientists injected 3.5 million years ago Bacteria found the body becomes strong

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scientists injected 3.5 million years ago Bacteria found the body becomes strong

scientists injected 3.5 million years

    agoBacteriafound the body becomes strong [abstract] Russian scientists for their body injected 3.5 million years ago the ancient bacteria, found himself become more healthy and strong, the bacterium is in 2009 scientists discovered in the Siberian permafrost zone.

    Russian scientists discovered in the Siberian permafrost, a bacteria after injection of the human body can become more strong and healthy, help scientists develop "elixir" in the future.

    At present, Russia a controversial scientist of her body "eternal life" bacteria injected 3.5 million years ago, now he has become stronger, and two years never get sick after injection.

    Moscow state university head permafrost geomorphology Anaheim toner Krakow, brown (Anatoli Brouchkov), said two years ago after the injection of ancient bacteria from the Siberian permafrost zone, he never get sick.The bacterium called bacillus F, for millions of years, dormant in the Siberian permafrost zone.

    Scientists injected this ancient bacteria in mice and human red blood cells, Krakow, but Mr Brown said, I decided to experiment with his body, after the injection of bacteria, I began to work for longer periods of time, over the past two years have never caught a cold.After successful experiments on mice and fruit flies, I think should be inactive bacterial culture.

    He also pointed out that the bacillus F can trace exists in the water, with the gradually melting permafrost zone, I guess these bacteria will be entering the environment, into the water, so live in the local yakuts have long benefited from the water body, according to their lives longer than any other nation, so the ancient bacteria injection is no harm in my body.I confess that I do not know whether this bacterium can pose what impact to one's own body, but we don't know what the role of the

    bacteria, in fact we don't know how aspirin works, but it is beneficial to human body.

    Now it is not clear on the working mechanism of bacillus F but can clearly see the effect.Perhaps this ancient bacteria also has some side effects, but we shall adopt the special medical device discovery can be determined.Clinical control experiment needs to be like this, of course, the use of special equipment, special and data statistical analysis, we can clearly know the ancient bacteria after all.Brown peskov told reporters in an interview, if we find how to survive to the present, perhaps we can develop a strategy to extend human lifespan.

    This ancient bacteria may have special effect on fertility, when the older female mice after injection, otherwise stop female fertility again.Study author descriptions of bacillus F is -" science Buzz ", is a kind

    of "elixir".

    Epidemiologists victor - get city car enya dirk (Viktor Chernyavsky), according to Dr The bacteria can be sustained release biological Active

    ingredients, so as to activate the experimental animal immune status, so we see grandma "mouse" in the experiment not only began to dance, will also be able to reproduce.If the ancient bacteria is applied to the human body, will significantly improve human health, perhaps in the future to develop a "elixir".

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