Pushing into mobile payment, security chip ready

By Annette Washington,2015-07-23 12:42
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Pushing into mobile payment, security chip ready

    Pushing into mobile payment, security chip


    The new wave of mobile payment, market prospect is very broad.In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of mobile application service and user demand for payment convenience, mobile payment is becoming a electronic payment industry after the card payment, online payment and a new wave.The explosive growth in the number of mobile phone users and mobile network of rapid construction to upgrade become a powerful driving force of the waves surging.According to sadie running data show that as of January 2013, the Chinese mobile phone users in 1.112155 billion, penetration rate is 82.6 / one hundred people,

    among them, the net increase of 104.38 million, 3 g users in net users reached 100 million for the first time, of 232.803 million units;Online payment net increase of 048 million, the number of users total scale of 242 million units.After 2013, the online payment will also further the number of users growth, China's mobile payment market will enter the stage of accelerated development, foreground is very wide.

    Mobile payment products launched, the increasing competition in the industry, products gradually rich content.China mobile and China unionpay jointly launched a mobile payment "mobile money" products, the customers various entities electronic card, take the customer through the phone wallet client download an e-card to NFC - after the SIM card, with a NFC mobile phones can realize consumption, brush brush buses, entrance guard, etc., so far, the two sides have jointly launched by the TSM platform 9 13 an e-card application of Banks.Carla in 2012 launched a personal mobile payment products mobile phone card, without having to open the net silver, just on the smart phone connection phone card, cooperate with Carla APP, can complete the transfer of daily remittance, credit CARDS, phone, online payment, such as lottery tickets to the theatre to buy dozens of business.In order to optimize the user experience, meet the personalized needs of users, la cara in succession in 2013 launched a mobile wallet, without a few more convenient functions such as card payment service.China unicom has

    also been established in April 2012, engaging in the payment services "unicom payment co., LTD.", is responsible for the overall plan as a whole unicom payment business development, establish a unified platform for the payment gateway and the ability to pay, focus on developing mobile near field and mobile payment business fast, micropayments remote payment business.China telecom to China unionpay in 2012 built the physical union pay treasure mobile payment products, users can replace a UIM card, in does not affect any existing communications business, under the condition of physical mobile phones can be upgraded to a mobile payment terminal.As companies launched mobile payment products and services, tend to be more intense competition in the industry, products are increasingly rich content, Atmel, ST, guangdong southern base company, national technology successively introduced all kinds of chips, mobile payment supporting products such as storage, make mobile payment product function, the service will be improved.

    Mobile payment technology standard gradually improve, industry standards are accelerating.With the application of mobile payment, technical standards gradually formed.In December 2012, the people's bank of China issued a series of mobile payment technology standards of China's finance, to guide and standardize the financial development of mobile payment business.In February 2013, promulgated in 2010, the China financial integrated circuit (IC) card norms edition (2010 edition)

    (JR/T0025-2010), on the basis of the people's bank of China issued the China financial integrated circuit (IC) card norms (V3.0), compatible with the latest international technology standards, to sum up the experiences of the domestic financial IC card promotion, and function of small not receive payment application to extension and improvement of application support dual-currency electronic cash, standardizes the IC card terminal Internet technical requirements, enrich the system security algorithm.In October 2013, the national standard committee released the information technology based on radio frequency mobile payments (the first to five parts), the rf interface, mobile payment CARDS, equipment, application, management and safety technical content, test method, etc, used for mobile payment product interoperability and interoperability.With the gradual development of mobile payment applications, industry standards will continue to improve.

    Facing the attractive market space, gradually fierce industry competition environment and the increasingly stringent industry standards, chip enterprises how to enter the mobile payment market?Sadie running gives the following three Suggestions:

    First, strengthen the concept of comprehensive safety research to advanced safety concept to guide the market development.

    With the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile payment have been part of the user's recognition and use, but if you want a more recognition and further popularization and application, you will need to secure chip companies touting controllability and data storage security.From the perspective of the habits of the user, the security is the biggest obstacle to mobile payments, security problem if can very good solve, consumers and partners will not only enhance confidence, but also can greatly reduce in the business operations of all kinds of fraud, reduce system operating costs.The current safety measures are relatively simple, relatively mainly through the user's PIN for identification, more advanced security problems from identity authorization, the integrity of the data, to begin to achieve interoperability, etc.Key of the success of mobile payment is that users can accept and used to this, the need to improve the mobile payment market awareness and understanding, from technology, algorithm, implementation mode and strategy to try to many aspects, so as to guide the parties to build a business and consumer users are satisfied with secure payment environment.

    Second, step up cooperation between operators and Banks and, from the point of view in-depth market to solve the problem.

    In the past two years, between the operator and the bank formed a mixed into the mobile payments, on the one hand, between the operator

    and the bank was robbed of mobile payment industry say, set up industry influence, on the other hand, the operators and the trend of cooperation between Banks are also enhanced.Under the background of the competition and cooperation are intertwined, security chip manufacturers should seize the opportunity to strengthen win-win cooperation with more, should first analyze various operators and alliance's future product and technology direction, find the best partner for its own product advantages, and according to the near and far field the different payment methods, analyzing the security of the payment mode and business characteristics, get the breakthrough

    direction.Secondly, through the market activity and product publicity to increase operator and the understanding of the bank for safety products, and through a third party consultancy platform to strengthen the communication with stakeholders, enhance market activity.Finally, the security chip companies also should do a good job in product promotion plans and interests distribution mechanism, strive for the early with a low profit and the operation mode of the high quality products to win customer's approval, once the industry status, security chip companies will have broad space for development in the mobile payment market.

    Third, in-depth cooperation with third-party payment enterprises, improve the strength of the overall market penetration.

    In addition to strengthen the cooperation with operators and Banks, third-party payment companies will also is the goal of security chip companies important partners.According to the relative statistic data of the China Internet network information center, China has 193 million users e-commerce.Vast number of users has given rise to the emergence of numerous third-party payment enterprises, so far, China has won the third party pay the licences of 223 enterprises, means that the third-party payment has welcomed "wave".At present, the third-party payment to secure digital certificate as the main means of payment, generally pay-and-escrow and quick, and other enterprises are also introduced a mobile payment application, and focus on the promotion.However, the third party payment system security and stability has become the focus of users and the industry., because of the large amount of payment for transactions and financial level of security, so for the entire trading links involved in the terminals, data transmission, system software and hardware, system operation and so on all have higher specification requirements.Security chip enterprises should find related applications, find the breakthrough direction, to seek cooperation.Pay at the same time, the safe and stable environment is the commanding heights of the development of Internet payment enterprise security chip companies for pay-and-escrow, headed by sheng tenpay Internet payment enterprise, pursue opportunities for joint research and development and promotion

    of products, ensure the safety of the user transaction, pay targeted promotion of hardware encryption technology.For electronic payment by unionpay, quick, yeepay pays, remittance world, led by the financial companies, strengthen cooperation and win-win.

    Security chip is a key link in the process of mobile payment products, security chip is essential to the development of mobile payment industry backbone enterprises.In the mobile payment market foreground is very considerable, security chip is the most direct guide enterprises and pioneers, we are looking forward to the future chip companies constantly a solid pace.

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