An interview with the ARM's chief operating officer graham b next stop, Internet of things

By Jesus Robertson,2015-07-23 12:01
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An interview with the ARM's chief operating officer graham b next stop, Internet of things

    An interview with the ARM's chief operating

    officer graham b: next stop, Internet of


    The ARM technology BBS: 2020 will be the era of Internet of things

    If you want to chip giant Intel to find a "opposites", then it must be a ARM.Throughout the "enemy" of the battle, the computing technology evolution in recent 30 years.

    In the PC era, Intel is well-deserved, at the same time it still occupy the core status in the field of the server.But with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, ARM with more flexible mode and the lighter body, completed a perfect counter attack.

    At present in the mobile terminal chip market, ARM almost in a position of exclusive.And more troubled rival, now it is still in March to PC processors and servers.

    Increasingly heated competition, particularly rapid expansion in China market.Recently, the ARM of the annual technical BBS held in shenzhen, meanwhile, ARM, chief operating officer Graham bud (Graham Budd) to accept the "first financial daily" interview.The love of foreigners use chopsticks, surprise in China's enterprises to capture opportunities "China speed", and that is good, wearable and mobile devices and the future of the whole Internet industry.

    Surprise "China speed","

    "First financial daily" (hereinafter referred to as the "daily) : today, the ARM compared with Intel, what is the competitive advantage?

    Graham bud: the biggest advantage is our intellectual property licensing models.In the current mobile device market, only the ARM this business model, will enable manufacturers to produce customized products.The current mobile applications, the iOS system is completely based on ARM architecture development;Android application in the top 100, more than 60% have for the design of the ARM architecture, it is of great help to ensure the performance of mobile devices.

    The daily: authorization pattern will bring the risk of infringement of intellectual property rights, especially under the "shanzhai" culture?

    Graham bud: indeed, but, such thing as a chip, especially for mobile devices, its complexity is very high, science and technology capacity shall not make any mistake.With mobile device shipments are very large, once the copy error, in return, will greatly do more harm than good.Therefore the phenomenon of stealing intellectual property in respect of chip design is not much.At present, including the Chinese market, manufacturers use ARM basic it is legitimate to intellectual property rights, even if some of the "shanzhai" products, and they were just with relatively simplified version of the ARM design.

    The daily: China differ with other market?ARM some pertinence marketing strategy?

    Graham bud: the deepest impression is the Chinese strong hunger for technology, knowledge, and capture market opportunities "China speed".Now China has many good manufacturers have succeeded by working with the ARM.They gave us the first impression is that the market reaction is very fast, like all volunteers, red core micro, etc.By the end of this year, we see the Chinese market of $10 a ship ARM chips.The development speed is amazing, we are very attention to the market.

    The daily: in addition to the cooperation with big customers, such as apples, baidu, etc., have the ARM on the development strategy of small and medium-sized customers, in order to avoid customer concentration risk?

    Graham b: we have been very attention to emerging markets and help some unknown small company.Our investment in the United States for a few years ago, for example, a small server company Calxeda, now their products have been successful.We are unknown small companies to invest in different areas, purpose is to help them in the changeable market, "destruction" of innovation.

    The daily: have you pay attention to the third plenary session of the communist party of China (18, and see what business opportunities?

    Graham b: the other day from communicating with miit officials learned that China wants to shift from low-end manufacturing to high value-added manufacturing.The interested in mobile devices and the Internet of things in the field of the ARM, it is a chance.We hope and enterprise cooperation of China, seize the opportunity.

    On the Internet of things

    The daily: tell me about the server.As compared to Intel's competitors, backwardness of ARM server in the past is a impression to

    the person, in the corresponding hardware and software support is insufficient, such as dell, have similar complaints.How to solve this problem, now?

    Graham bud: the server this is is a new field for the ARM.With the rise of cloud computing, Internet of things, the server market also in the event of a split, is no longer with a large size of the server on total package to deal with all problems, but according to different requirements, through the division of different size of server solution.The ARM is moving in this direction.It took us one hundred and twenty years to build the mobile equipment market ecosystem, of course can't set up the server overnight market ecology.But there are a lot of partners in cooperation with us, believe that this will accelerate market growth.

    Energy consumption of the daily: the server is a big problem.On the low energy server development, ARM have how to plan and progress?

    Graham's: it is an important problem.ARM the latest 32-bit system server, according to estimates can save 70% ~ 90% of energy consumption.Soon, we will also launch a 64 - bit system products, is expected in the next three to five years to get the market share of around 30%.Server is not the more powerful, the better, but to match according to different demand, only in this way is more efficient and energy saving.

    The daily: what do you think the current multi-core competitive mobile phone products?ARM development more nuclear products plan next year?

    Graham bud: multi-core is the trend of The Times, we will be in this direction to research and development.Is not only a smartphone, tablet, the server will development in the direction of the multicore.

    The daily: here are the ARM from the chip to the server, do you have any plans to enter the PC areas?

    Graham bud: with the rise of smartphones, tablet PC, form and concept has been changing.In the "shape a bit like a mobile phone" personal equipment market, we have already occupy a considerable share.We believe that product form and name is minor, it is important to consumer demand.Mobile devices is the fastest growing demand, so that is our focus.

    The daily: forecast for next year's mobile equipment market how?

    Graham b: market consensus is that about 40% of the global mobile market growth this year.2014 has slowed to about 25%, but is still a considerable number.In addition to the prosperous known as smartphone, tablet on this, the emerging of wearable devices and the

Internet of things related industries, and should produce a lot of


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