The federal reserve said the FOMC statement the dow closed innovation high dollar soared Gold fell to eight months

By Jeremy Bailey,2015-07-22 15:24
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The federal reserve said the FOMC statement the dow closed innovation high dollar soared Gold fell to eight months

    The federal reserve said the FOMC statement the dow closed innovation high dollar soared Gold fell to eight


    On Wednesday, September the fed statement shows quite a long time after QE interest rates are still low,U.S. stocksRose,The dow Jones industrial averageA record high and closing high.Fed officials predict next year interest rates rise faster, Treasury yields and the dollar soared.Against the yen, the dollar surged 1.1% of record for six years;The euro fell 0.7%.Gold fell 1.1%.

    The s&p 500 indexRose 2.59 points, or 0.13%, at 2001.57.The nasdaq composite indexRose 9.43 points, or 0.21%, at 4562.19.taoJonesThe industrial index rose 24.88 points, or 0.15%, at 17156.85.

    A "panic index," said the free volatility index (VIX) fell 0.63%, 12.65.

    On Wednesday, U.S. stocks almost flat open, then concussion uplink, began to slow down around 10 a.m. Eastern time.Eastern time at 2 PM, the federal reserve announced on September the FOMC statement, which shows that QE after quite a long time, interest rates will remain low, by this boost U.S. stocks rose, the dow set another record high.Closed more than half an hour ago, since highs, but at the end of the day the dow still record closing, closed above 2000 for the s&p.Investors will focus on the upcoming referendum in Scotland.

    The federal reserve announced on September the FOMC statement, QE to another $10 billion;After repeated QE quite time maintain loose;Said economic moderate expansion, inflation below target.2 commissioners voted against that predictive guidance suggestedIncreases in interest ratesToo late.Officials predict next year interest rates rise more quickly, Treasury yields and the dollar higher.The fed chairman,yellenAnnounced the exit strategy, but stressed that it policy position change;"Quite a long time after that QE" interest rates are still low of this paper is in order, but time is highly depends on economic evaluation.Fed officials predict interest rates rise faster, yellen played down the forecast.

    The United StateseconomicdataIn August, the CPI fell 0.2% month-on-month, as the first decline since April 2013;After excluding food and energy prices, core CPI rose was flat, for the first time since October 2010 flat;Indicates that the U.S. economy from the fed inflation target is still a certain distance.September 59 NAHB housing market index in America, and in November 2005 to a record high expectations, 56, value before 55;The index is used to measure homebuilder sentiment.The us current account deficit in the second quarter of 98.51 billion dollars, expected deficit of $113.4 billion, before the value is the deficit of $111.2 billion.

    Treasury yields upward, gold fell, WTI a drop in oil prices.Before the fed announced the FOMC statement, 10-year Treasury yields low trading after the announcement, the fed officials predict next year interest rates rise faster, Treasury yields upward, closed up 1 basis point, to 2.6%.Sharply lower after the FOMC announcement, gold, after period of time when trading, fell to $1222 an ounce.For delivery in October WTI crudefuturesPrice closed at $94.42 a barrel, down 0.5%.

    European stock marketsMost of rose.In August the eurozone CPI final value increased 0.4% year-on-year, with the better than expected value;August CPI final value increase 0.1% month-on-month, in line with expectations, the previous value - 0.7% sharply;But the euro is still well below the inflationThe central bankNearly 2% of the target.The BritishSeptember meeting minutes, which is set by the central bank, in favor of raising interest rates, two people remain unchanged support 7 people;Scottish independence vote is expected to push up market volatility;Rates due to the support member number unchanged and the pound falling against the dollar.Pan-european stoxx 600 index rose 0.45%, and a rising stock market, the stock market decline.The federal reserve announced after the FOMC statement, slump in the euro against the dollar, or 0.7%.

    Asian markets were mixed.The people's bank of China to the five big state-owned Banks liquidity injected 500 billion yuan.The Shanghai composite indexRose 0.49%, recovered 2300 points;The gemRefers to the rose 0.41%.timeNew shares, real estate, the east Asian free trade, endowment concept, daily chemical industry, led by traffic facilities;Cultural, educational and recreational, shipbuilding, aerospace, paper.After-hours message, according to the fourth round of the IPO, the Shanghai stock exchange to support the IPO business, plans to release in the near future investors use play new credit accounts.The central bank's monetary policy

    committeeThe rain ChenSaid, should stick to the steady monetary policy, at the same time orientation, no strong stimulation.Japan's stock marketFell 0.14%.The hang seng 1% rally.Blue-chip stocks up more than down less, Chinese shares led blue-chip, gaming stocks under pressure.By the people's bank of China to the five lines of SLF news to stimulate, Chinese bank shares rose broadly.

    Movements of major assets:

    Overnight global market closing:

    The s&p 500Index rose 0.13%;The nasdaq composite index rose 0.21%;The dow Jones industrial averageRose 0.15%.

    The pan-european stoxx 600 index rose 0.45% to 344.39.GermanyDAX index rose 0.30%;The ftse 100 indexFell 0.17%;The FrenchThe index rose 0.50%.

    Japan's stock market dropped 0.14%, hang seng rose 1.00%, the Shanghai composite index rose 0.49%.

    The boom in the dollar against the euro, the dollar against the yen soared.

    For delivery in December in New York gold futures prices fell 0.1%, closing at $1234.4 an ounce.

    For delivery in October WTI crude futures prices closed at $94.42 a barrel, down 0.5%.

    The 10-year Treasury yield rose 1 basis point, to 2.60%.

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