Six wrong habits Can let the skin dry long blain grow wrinkles

By Todd Sanders,2015-07-22 04:17
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Six wrong habits Can let the skin dry long blain grow wrinkles

    Six wrong habits Can let the skin dry long blain grow


    Error is worse than no skin care skin care habits!We pay particular attention to the following six skin care errors, these errors can cause dry skin, acne, and even the appearance of wrinkles.

    1, taking a bath when using lotus awning head and face

    A lot of people always together in shower makeup washs a face, especially in winter.Thought with lotus awning head movement of water flushing will be more clean, but ignores the shower hot water will harm the skin.Remember that the best temperature is cold water washs a face, can use warm water in winter.In addition, the lotus awning head straight face in the water pressure is too high, it is better to use hand water to wash your face.

    After 2, after a bath to blow a hair skin care

    A lot of people out of the shower immediately after the dry hair, after washing a face without any protection to skin is very easy to get hot air blower, the loss of moisture, even destroy the sebum membrane.Therefore, after a bath to skin care steps, first and then blow hair.

    3, hair bubble is not clean

    Haven't noticed that a lot of people when washing a hair have residual bubble, some perhaps because don't want to get wet hair, can only use towel to wipe.Residual cleanser foam will clog pores after drying, hair easy long acne skin, especially crossroads residual bubble clean hair.

    Cleansing foam must be rinsed clean, otherwise than dust and damage the skin, a clean and easy to rinse clean face cleansing product is our first choice, than soap, 100% natural, main component is Egypt rice extract, plant of cleansing product is very easy to clean.

    4, make up water directly down on your hands

    Make up water in the hand, is likely to hand secondary contamination of bacteria to the face.Piece of wet cotton is the best way to make up water wipe to the face, from the middle to the sides, from down to up direction gently wipe the face and neck, it will help clean up the aging dead skin cells, make skin clean and hydrating.

    After water, must use face cream lock water, evening can use the heavy late frost, can use the PG frost during the day, especially in before making up, will make you look very fit.

    5, skin itching and other sensitive symptoms, was completely without makeup

    With sensitive skin symptoms, it is best not to stimulate the skin, but absolutely element face or caution.Ultraviolet (uv), air pollution, such as air conditioning environment factors may cause allergic symptoms worsen, so it is best to use dedicated segregation frost sensitive muscle or powdery bottom to render protection.A thin layer is good, not enough air or excessive discharge makeup will cause burden to the skin.

    6, transverse opened the eye cream, used to fast and hard

    Many fine lines eye because of maintenance in the process of pulling out, apply eye cream can hinder absorb fast and hard way, pulling the appearance of fine lines.Eye cream before must be used in creams, to prevent to produce grease grains.

    Pointed out the size of a grain of eye cream in the hands of the unknown belly, gently from the inner canthus outside canthus dot, can effectively promote the blood circulation, eye to eliminate black rim of the eye.

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