Modify qianhe with different future

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Modify qianhe with different future

    Modify qianhe with different future

     The film, first is about the art of dream.The expression of the dream, is proposed as.

     Hidden spirited away "is not just a young girl to follow their parents into a foreign land strange dream, also represents a generation of Japanese elders entrusted to the warning dream of young people.

     Watching the movie for the first time I'm thirteen years old.Was not able to understand why the film can gather a lot of crown.

    In the inside have no chengdu kung fu hero, nothing is a grand scene, not gods due dignity, even from the original set to plot are beautiful enough.In addition to little kindness and unremitting efforts moving, everything seems to be little.

     But, if I were a bit with age, hayao miyazaki, or over the age of 30 Japanese?And with adult self-righteous, as a matter of fairy tale to despise?

    The hayao miyazaki want to young people's gift, originally want to create a can resonate in 10 year-old girl works;Also hope to be able to guide and encourage the youth will face the society.

    Perhaps because he too much of the work entrusted to me now as a face to face with social youth, and the most likely to resonate with the work, and is not a ten-year-old

    girl and young;But in the last century experienced a post-war rise and the generation of Japan's bubble economy.As Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, compared with children, more suitable for the life experience of people.

     The vivid and lively work, and even dramatic metaphors of Japan after world war ii and a humiliating ? ? ? ? the defeat in the economy.Since then, Japan's economy in the twenty years.This is in the work itself is mentioned.Qianhe lost with their parents, "stone temple" by the side of the road, although there are explained by excessive risk, but desolate picture was abandoned after Japan's bubble economy rotten poop metaphor.Qianhe to mother asked, "is like a house?"The mother replied: "that is" stone temple "is the abode of the gods".And then, we will see in a movie called "gods", what is the role of mostly.Qianhe lost with their parents to a red gate, plaques soup is written in house, is a deep tunnel entrance;This literature often hold a mystical meaning, or even religious "cave" (virtually - feeling), cave behind the vision of the new world means that in the world.Master after different transformation after the baptism of the world or special experience, to return to earth.The typical model is used in the film.After through the tunnel, qianhe's father also recognize: "this is the site of the theme park, in the ninety s around daxing civil, after the bursting of the bubble economy will collapse, there must be one of them."This lines for never experienced a bubble economy is not sensitive, but for the Japanese children, is planted tanaka impression in memory.In the future to accept education history, they about that history will have a fairy tale "memories awakened, and knowledge to connect again.The other side of the aisle behind that is the entrance to the secular world, written by the plaques on the door "complex" and the clock tower has a close-up, is going to dark plot development, the time of the ruined tower was consistent.Qianhe continuously turn head to the field of hope, we can find that the the end of the tunnel and escape in space is not corresponding.Although generally 10 years old children don't observe such details, but the film still BingCheng japanese-style perfect.A dry river bed makes qianhe easily break into the "other side", this is not the kind of on the other side of the metaphysical philosophy or religion, but

    "reflected" temporal fragments, is invented in the mirror opposite to criticize the secular literature classic technique.

    Qianhe a walk to the decline of a commercial street, but the abundance of food.Ever been to Japan or the Japanese meal, please, might have noticed that the Japanese on food, the purchasing power of the weak and moderation, and their Chinese hosts in terms of food is surprised, even both experience no person, can also notice the classic representative of the Japanese food is the sushi, delicate but quantity is small, but also is a microcosm of the Japanese diet.Big fish big meat scene in the movie, in the eyes of the Japanese must be fantastic.But that, after all, is proposed as the expression of its dark implies that an era of Tokyo can buy all of the United States, Japan at that time, the most common company also can send half a year's salary as annual bonus, even ordinary people can access the ginza senior places, teeth are at the end of that year to half a year in advance reservation.Qianhe parents think that money can not approved by the owner (oral contract has not been reached), you can wait for someone to pay (money or power consciousness), or even to have cash, credit card, then the behavior of the solutions also corresponds to the foam consumption;The attitude of gourmet food already see that deviate from the rational.Until sunset xishan, mysterious force on began to emerge, qianhe parents also became a pig.Metaphor in Japan is not only a pig is lazy and stupid, but also implied recklessly, in the movie is more compared to wait for slaughtering of livestock.Take a look at our side card slave and recklessly foam consumption, it is easy to understand.

    "Oil" in Japanese and hot spring "soup" share the same pseudonym "", so in

    some translation, mother-in-law "oil" and "oil" is translated as "mother tang" and "soup".Is not only Japan, there are geographical conditions of nation has a spa hobby.Bubble hot spring is senior enjoy bath, bath is the first function of washing and cure.But in the movie, "soup" is a highlight the function of pleasure to enjoy the "worldly paradise", even a small society of money;While going back and forth are gods, but is in keeping with the motto: "it is not god created man according to his appearance, but rather a person with their own appearance created a" god "";Pay attention to the melody sensuality is human nature in the development of mental development lags behind the material imbalance, expressed in the film to the secularization of the gods.Mother tang character is complex, with powerful magic, house contract management with soup, and didn't want to work, lazy people into slaughter cattle or coal ash (means the underlying worker);Greedy, snobbery that: shallow achelous mistake into decay of god, and as the gods, in charge of washing and cure at first refused to is originally need bath and god of healing, the meters on the bridge, the river god as a beggar sent, later can't refuse, also does not have the sincerity to achelous bath even blame qianhe using advanced medicine bath, all this is drawing a portrait for a fallen god, she is to express the meaning of: if the gods once misunderstood in the wealth of nations "producers to provide production, server to provide services, not out of duty and morality, but want to gain for themselves, but can be an invisible hand holding to realize he has no intention to realize social interests, its effect than those who really want to achieve the interests of the society made the author even better" theory, then lost the original divinity, be of value in terms of money vulgar money slave;And their children are all the nestlings were not found, this is rare for a beast.Though not the superman of Nietzsche's so-called between bestiality and divine, but it is our some abstract "secular superman in real world.She also represents a generation away from the traditional agricultural work,

    parents are many typical: the child spoil to prepare capacious and bright and health of the greenhouse, sufficient food and toys and so on material fertilizer, thought that the child can like plants, aside to grow naturally.But they forgot, even plants, is also the need to nurture.

     Mother tang depriving people's name, and dominates the meaning is: name is the contract of self.When a person and enjoy to gods, often ignored and loss of the contract of self and self.The typical example is amber in the movie the main (white dragon) : "I heard that he usually, outside help mother tang as a bad thing."Represents a kind of get lost but not conscience social elite.Has a characteristic of Japanese culture lies in the fact that more than a word the sound and the problem of family tradition (some surname family own pronunciation), and people can't see the name immediately read out the name of the pronunciation.Be sure to consult the owner of the name.Without authorization, speculation about people's names, once read wrong is very disrespectful things;The Japanese out of politeness, first met often take the initiative to explain his own name.So, name of contract functions in such a culture is enhanced.

     Achelous appearance of the image, retained the hayao miyazaki for natural environment and ecological balance of attention and human nature).Rivers also have the function that wash and nourish originally, but under the blind pursuit of profit of human, washing ability of gods also too busy to take care of itself.Even the soup house for washing and treatment.Helpless mother tang is not based on their own

    responsibility and the moral of matter, check is free for the other side of the strong strong accepted the guest.Achelous balls, function also is clean, clean out the amber the curse of the Lord, and without face eat those unscrupulous man and filth.

     Without face, the man in the story without a consistent character, modelling also is different from traditional Japanese no facial features without the face of the devil.In the popular drama of Greece and Rome, character in the Greek and Latin etymology is the mask;In the stage of the east, facebook's design also closely associated with the role of personality;But in the movie, the role of "mask" itself is the character image, and his image is a features no characteristic under the mask of shady general body.His sex is no personality.He is not a metaphor in the market, or is not a metaphor Adam Smith put forward the invisible hand, but in a big to the market of the trader mutually exchanges will become the "feedback" and the tabernacle, with the power system, the simulation model to construct the better, the prediction results of the chaos.The inability of the power lead to long-term forecast vision of blindness.And this kind of blindness indirectly lead to bubble.Mass is the source of its power, so there is no face.When unattended without face is not as a man, is the parents opened the door for him (kindness), he found that parents need to sign, as feedback (good), help qianhe made brand;After the found of gold fever, and feedback to gold, but when people show his greed, and he feedback greed will engulf people, is consumed without face male character in the character of the fusion, in the feedback force.When the people involved are unscrupulous gluttons, he gourmet food have more so than the parents of my parents, force feedback is to eat more and more people.And when people found that the strength in eat people, or cannot continue to feedback, which is the collapse of the system."No snowflake in an avalanche sees itself as a responsible."? ? Stanislaw j. Lec.Without face one of the significance of male just means any a participant is responsible for the event.Robert j. Shiller in "irrational exuberance", this is called "naturally occurring ponzi scheme".But will not be counted as a business or financial crime, because and no one can plan all this, and everyone involved in one part of it.Feedback power utility depends on participants, and its itself is not the attribute of

positive and negative, good and evil.

    Experienced a generation of Japanese bubble economy will find the feeling of deja vu in the scene, society lost, greed and crazy, negative, human nature disaster consequences on no face man farce drama, nightmare again.Didn't take the children to not suitable for such a plot and scene as a pretext to evade, but actively pumped from history, dare to face their own shortcomings and errors, metaphor to young people in the fairy tale.This is perhaps the most sincere self-examination, entrusted to the young, hope don't try to make the same mistake again.Is a key factor of national strength.

     And the money, is the eternal supporting role of the financial crisis.Movies with soup mother-in-law mother-in-law looks like money, don't let the audience recognize her easily is the money of the gods.In addition to like mother tang she, her name in a money, and money have no contact.

    She lives in a simple rural countryside, rather than more luxurious than soup house Banks or commercial city, she has a powerful magic, but prefer not to use, not only in the home have ancient tools, like spinning wheels and hand knitting a sweater.This image is not only money in building the mother-in-law kindness, but the shaman's pantheism in east Asia, the divine is reflected in the primitive and simple character.Her reclusive country, but also implies that she is located in the source and destination coordinates, the two endpoints are usually means divine fullness, as the bible, god himself will appear at the beginning of the creation and the last judgment

    (the appearance of the rest is interpreted as designated by angel appeared, this also with the money in the movie the mother-in-law by incarnation rather than physically in soup home coincidence.).And the country more than the beginning of human civilization, but also means that the human society and nature's closest border, settled the refuge of soul and life, life inhabit space.Mother tang soup of the house, and the relation with the commercial street, life is not so much to provide another form of habitation, provides a rather for chi strives for the journey in life, people in the process of chi o, mind is not settled, not only is easy to get lost.In the film is more extreme performance soup mother-in-law forced deprived.Money said her mother-in-law mother tang love fashion, also on the mother tang governs domain is a kind of blindness, rather than have to consistent purpose or guidelines.When people on the road to detect to the disorientation of disoriented, arouse a sense of return to the country, the many people in modern city life, the representative of xiaoling is about to leave the soup house go to the village.

    Qianhe to enter is not the god of the real world, but a temporal mapping.So the small cave of god in the universe, nor is god of metaphysics or scholastic, the godfather of theology.In the movie together with obscure the sacred symbols of money to her mother-in-law, as her name brand of the same: "money is the god of the secular."? ? ? ? Simmel

    And unlike the previous traditional shallow concept: movies rather than instill the money the evil consciousness, mother-in-law defacing a sum of money, compared to the mother tang, she is kind.She is even a abide by the rules of "gods".This is my individual thinks the movie beauty;At the same time also admire the author, even experienced a bubble economy in Japan, had such a big loss on money, no money demonized.But cordially self-reflection to: the problem of their own social lost and degraded at the desire.

    The notion of tradition, superficial people think that money is degraded Daimon seduce people.Until today is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.But actually, the reason that money will be defined as Daimon, not only because of money is a tool for comparing prices, one is the securities exchange goods, in large social deal with monopoly;Money is like a mirror, make the person's desires and values to objective performance directly.Ironically, when we hate a mirror at the same time, if we also think that his own desires and values hateful?

    Recognize this, her mother-in-law mother tang and money obviously, as the fountain of projection image in the mirror is the antithesis of the mirror.

     Can't identify them clearly is not only our traditional concept.In the movie, the mother tang children can't distinguish.Chinese dubbing and subtitling generally called him a fat baby, or the baby.The voice actors in the table, his name is the word "fang" on his chinese-style chest covering.Should be refers to "fang master", namely constantly chauffeured mean.He proposed as a giant baby, such expression directly again however, namely personality stop in infancy;Not Christ Jesus type of el nino, but like Augustinus mentioned in the confessions of common guilty (religious moral sin) baby, check is like, because the "fang" even Augustinus thought of "pure but is the body of the baby's childish weak" also do not have.So, after he was changed into a mouse, instead, he was deprived of the appearance of the baby, and endowed with a baby in substance virtue, namely the childish is weak.

    Seems superior living environment, may still be some "children" as a "dream" of "life", actually let him to live like a vessel in live specimens, those who protect him and buried him a pillow, don't look is very similar to he is worried about germs?Excessive protection is also excessive constraint, repressed his personality growth by excessive protection at the moment.By qianhe broke into his small greenhouse, mother-in-law's magic, and money to be able to break the vessels of a peaceful life.

    "Fang" lines although not much, but body language is quite full.In qianhe side "silently" express the growth.Than qianhe small as the small child, baby's situation can let a person more generally) on worries about the future.Even in he owns rich "life" of the environment and the monster's ability.If without the distraction of qianhe events, we can imagine, his future is likely to be is a rich second generation of our daily discourse.He and his parents as the film only two "minor", belong to different classes of society, but all authors to carry of character.I have to notice the author's anxiety about the future, and one of Japan's post-war rise of the elder generation to Japan popular discontent of modern young people, also reflect on the play only two minor.

     In previous hayao miyazaki works, it is difficult to see masters like qianhe, lazy lying on the back seat, holding flowers thank you also don't know.For our generation is the norm, but in hayao miyazaki strict Japanese parents seemed unpleasant thought children.But this set is also prepare for her growth.The growth of the ordinary little exciting will always bring us hope.Ordinary little people accidentally broke into the secular world plot framework in become the savior of the world, today is not fresh, even in the works of Japanese and some stereotypes.But most of those works, the hero ability has been increased accordingly, in another world to as originally mediocrity nobody can rationalize to save the world.But in this work is on the contrary, in a different world, qianhe hardware ability is more small, she doesn't like the ownership

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