Film trainspotting reviews

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Film trainspotting reviews

    Film "trainspotting" reviews

    "Choose life, choose a job, choose a career, choose a family. Choose a fucking big television. Choose washing machines, cars, CD player, electric machine cans. Choose good health, low cholesterol, low sugar. Choose fixed-rate mortgage. Choose the starting point, choose your friends, choose clothes and suitcase. Choose a fucking a three-piece suit....... choose DIY, on a Sunday morning, not sure who you are fucking. Select on the sofa watching crappy, to plug junk food in his mouth. Choose rotting, replaced by sperm you create your selfish kid, is arguably the most shameless. Choose your future, your life. But why should I do? I don't choose life, I choose other. Reason? There is no reason. As long as there is heroin, what reason?"Opening, with the classic chase scenes, suddenly cut to street football match is introduced the main characters, at the end of the opening is drug injection lens...Is "trainspotting".

    "Trainspotting" is the British writer elvin, wales best-selling novel of the same name in 1993, immediately after the release, caused a big stir and controversy, become a hot topic in 1996.Looked like this, people don't like to hate, the centre does not exist.But no matter who is the title of "trainspotting" extremely depressed, what do you mean...After the movie, the plot detail was left behind the cast time of image, but the topic is still depressed the za.Guess the train is a person, it is said, bored, ran to the railway side guess the next train after days of game time send to popular with the

    British.Director Danny?Boyle didn't put this movie plot received.Leaving only two in the film and the train about lens, the turning point of the two.The first group is healthy and lively boy tommy, which was not drug brokenhearted pull a person to experience nature in Scotland.But tommy is always unable to liberation, drugs, AIDS finally died of cerebral haemorrhage.The second scenario is that the hero Michael rehabilitation at home, he put in the bedroom is the wallpaper, mike tortured by drug addiction sequela of illusion, at this time to see the dead child, saw the violence crazy babe, see the imprisonment of potato, saw the pathological terrible AIDS tommy, saw the affectation of conceit, Simon heard parents in boring show boring answer...He washed up, he went to London, looking for his new life.Everything is changing.The train down the track forward, cannot turn back, came forward, no turning back.Who call time is linear irreversible?The scurry of Laura, naturally think of her different choices have different fate.Clear is guess where it is guess what the train, the future of the people!I can guess the beginning, if doubting this end.Director Danny?Boyle to express through "trainspotting", actually is about opening a pile of choose, you choose what?

    The most notable in the movie, caused the public surprise and disgust, the focus of the critics criticized the are of detailed descriptions about drugs in the film, from the blood vessels, cook medicine, injection, into the heroin into the blood vessels, friends movement of change, the change of the eyes, is so realistic, so I think heroin is injected into my body.Someone said "so a film full of fallen mood, after watching the wonder that people have to try poison idea".This is also a kind of judgment, but I think the author and director should not sell white powder, they said not preach drugs - in fact, the injection drug - how cool.Director is not to rely on what will become of heroin, heroin is just an extreme example, here is a symbol, do not represent any position and judgment.It just represents the highest, extremely happy, it doesn't matter good or bad;Happy is only a tool used to obtain access to friendship for money;Heroin here reflects the heroin the intention of the word, a symbol heroic.In fact, no matter how extreme happiness will be in the past, the past is hard for people tired of hate, after a hangover, headache.Most ordinary people is also a drug addict, but accepted by

    society.Smoking and drinking alcohol, coffee, obsessed with music, football, movies, cosmetics, perfume, violent, workaholic, are pull themselves out of the reality in another isolated environment, escape, this world only yourself, only

    happy."Trainspotting" with such extreme violent really fine detail, expressed the modern society of self-help and overall.Directed by mike's mouth ShuiXi there are a lot of fun, also said that they do not make bad thing, any secular inevitable mundane things in life, as long as the sincerity to do the word friend, everything vanished.Positive solution.But really gone?Who knows what ghost or cross in front of, in the waking state when they think it is more painful.But, who CARES? And he made to say again first.

    Although the film is about the British young British attitude to life, but it can cause similar youth from anywhere on earth.Said integration, the global village, in political and economic level is a headache thing, leaders have said this is the overall trend but do not know how to do it.But in a world of youth, the youth of the world, in the big cities is the integration of the early.Listen to the same music, watch the same movies, the same style clothes, eat the same food, said the same mantra, think the same thing...Although the British social welfare make mike don't have to work don't worry about eat to live, but we will for this tomorrow meals, I mean, when the gap even if the material existence, but spiritually we are consistent.Small seven said a word, called "positive life", a feeling.Decadent?It may not seem like.As it is difficult to know exactly what's wrong with, decadent is not active, is imitate don't come out.You really don't know what to do don't know what to believe, is with subjective will, to find happiness feeling, in fact nothing, nothing to do first, think after.This is not decadent.Because with dislike of reality and the uncertainty of the future and escape.The early part of the film mostly.Second half is a big turn, almost no related to drug abuse, said mike's new development of the new life and even relationships.Kennedy said: "ask not what country can do for you, the first thing to ask what you can do for country."This is to encourage more young hippies postwar American vacant, the Vietnam war a generation of young people today finally long sleeve dance on the stage of history.Mike has changed, he in new places, in London, just know reality - no money, nothing.Mike but

    the competition it arouses passion, more dynamic, from his eyes can see, he is full of enthusiasm for work, nine to five, make money, normal life.Movie in the end, he was eager to looking at the camera, looking at the audience, disappear in the sun.Mike has redefined the prologue, he would like us, choose a positive of secular life, choose to return to society.This shift, became the whole movie the most impressive place.

    Put aside for drugs, I found this video set is not so traditional: aspire to, aspirant, discard the old life.In fact, the film's attitude rather than objective indifference, taste with a little sadness of looms.At the beginning of the film about babe "warrior" legendary even made a similar narrative rashomon.Film has always been in the first person as a narrative point of view, completely in the hero mike's narrative plot, hidden film's position.And in the structure of the already very loosely terminate the account at random to join a remnant of reviews, analysis, and even across time and space.The stomach-turning across the recall of the scope of span of space and time, the beginning of chase scenes, actually from mid film mike to make a choice before the end of the madness.The film has been on the swings between romance and cruel realism.This pure subjective methods not only make people find everything new and fresh, is also very apt the tone of the film, and after repeatedly use the same type of films, almost become a fixed pattern.Mike overdose overdose drugs in the film after spirit trance, the passage has collapsed in the street to the romantic processing of high-speed photography, background with Lou Reed band quiet "One Perfect Day", is very apt showed that kind of cool feeling.Followed by a detoxification process - I can understand it to "trainspotting" - is the process of the use form of surrealism, colour is highly harmony with noisy electronic music composition of sensory stimulation, in stark contrast to a paragraph.Mike is the most wonderful clips to find drugs fall into toilet bowl, and into the worst toilet "Scottish" filthy toilet, then the director to put a slice of sewage with surreal romance into a limpid sea - music called closet romantic, well, very straightforward...Now mike is swim, searching for the two small pieces of opium suppository, classic.Before mike detoxification of background music in preparation for

    the drug is more familiar with Carmen to the people of the love is a free bird, also vivid expression of the relationship between mike and drugs.

    "Trainspotting" claims to be the revival of the British film, with advanced technique to express the traditional thought, also reflects the end of the 20th century's generous welfare state the general mood of youth and state.The fate in their own hands.New bottles of alcohol has not only fresh and thick enough, with a tragic quality.Always feel that the film and a clockwork orange "and" fight club "somewhat similar means.For people like this kind of film, "trainspotting" is an absolute classic, can't miss.

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