Ten years like one day, the shepherd island to protect the penguin

By Allen Baker,2015-07-21 06:28
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Ten years like one day, the shepherd island to protect the penguin

    Ten years like one day, the shepherd island to protect the penguin

    Chicken farm owners Allen and shepherd Oddball.

    Long island is only twenty or thirty meters away from Australia.

    The original title: ten years like one day Shepherds guard the penguin

    Information times reported synthesis According to British media reported on December 14,AustraliaPerched on a small island of the world's smallest penguin - the little blue penguin, this group of poor guy is nearly extinct because of the fox hunting.10 years thanks to a farmer is unique, with their own shepherd to protect them, finally saved the little blue penguin.Today, the moving dog and penguins story was made into a film, not only dog guarded place also become populartourismScenic spot.

    From 800 to just four

    In the southeastern city of Victoria in Australia, not far from its southern coast, there is a beautiful island called long island.The exposed to the surface of the rugged rocks, sea breeze, although no one living is a small blue penguin ideal habitat.But this is all before the fox infested.

    At the penguin conservation plan of abbott, said the island up to about 800 little penguins, then they can only find 4 only."The fox is a terrible killer, as long as see what they will not let go, once they killed 360 birds in two evening."

    A chicken farm to pay farmers surprisingly recruit

    The long island is only twenty or thirty meters away from Australia.At low tide, sand pile up the narrow path to the fox went to the islands in the mainland, they even the claws will not get wet.Sand accumulation began as early as in 2000, later situation worse and worse, "invasion" of

    the fox keeps increasing, obviously they think found the perfect hunting ground.

    In 2005, in order to save the little blue penguin, a chicken farm owners Allen decided to take his horse shepherd of mari to the island.The shepherd is mainly used to protect chickens and sheep in Australia.Is one of the first sent to shepherd named Oddball, but it also played a great role.

    The fox heard the dog on the run

    "Before the shepherd to, every morning we can find the fox's paw prints on the beach", abbott said, "but after introducing a collie, the level of the island is changed, the fox heard the cry of the dog smell the smell of them, or will avoid go to other places".

    Even so, shepherd's achievement is amazing.The Oddball and its successors guarding, 10 years of the island without a little penguins was fox hunting.Nowadays, the number of small blue penguin has recovered to around 200.Now in charge of guarding is go to long island, 6 and 7 collie, and a dog is trained, it will work in the next year to protect.

    These dogs usually from October to march of next year on guard patrol, it was the penguin breeding season.Shepherd will one week stay on the island for five or even if not in the island, they leave the smell of also can let the fox run.

    The film for tourists

    Because of this magnificent achievement, the shepherd to protect penguins plan has been made into a movie, is called "Oddball.

    "This is a very good story, we use a group of lovely dog saved the cute penguins, film about and brought it to different level", abbott said.

    Movie theaters in late September in Australia this year, won widespread praise, sales of nearly 8 million dollars, now going on the screen, the world around with spectators.

    "Film is already prepared for many years," long island protection committee staff said, "all people are looking forward to, but there are really many cameras and actors came, also bring this quite a stir and chaos".Many residents of nearby all appear in the film.

    Film also promoted the development of the tourism around, people are expected to the island in the summer to meet these lovely sheepdog."This is the best thing for many years", in the nearby hotel Watson said, "visitors to see the dog, or around on the island, in short add beds were full of".

    The fairy penguins are "monogamous"

    The little blue penguin, also known as little penguins, penguins, fairy penguins, is the smallest species of penguin family, only 30 to 40 cm tall.Different from other common penguins, they have a blue feather, therefore is called the little blue penguin.

    It is divided into 6 subspecies, living in Australia and New Zealand.Most of the little blue penguin is "monogamous" system, every year will return to the same nest when breeding.After mating success, they will give birth to two eggs, 35 to 37 days after hatch.

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