Seven samurai reviews

By Lois Warren,2015-07-20 02:54
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Seven samurai reviews

    "Seven samurai" reviews

    Akira kurosawa's films have always appeals to me is the story of his architecture, a few minutes, the story very clearly, man is not much, but suddenly there is a "this is a bowl of delicious soup!"Can't wait to read behind them.Rashomon "throne of blood" stories are often very simple, but can dig deep inside, simple and there is a tension there is a fable story features in it.

    The watch is 203 minutes of the cutback version, it is very long, even among the "rest" subtitles in midfield.Patience to read, it tell the story of a promise, to read this commitment.Seven samurai, in order to help the villagers to resist foreign enemy, the villagers, came to the poor village, and bandits.

    Inside this samurai and the villagers relationship is particularly interesting.Class concept, on the one hand, the samurai is much higher than the common level warrior is a general local celebrities hire employed in general, the name of the general work is very glorious face.Slow to poor villagers widely, there is no fame and fortune.But the seven kind of justice and let them be under this things.They want to maintain their own dignity, and to help the villagers, words and deeds of mentality is proud with compassion.

    One section of the warriors before he left the conversation, seemingly, sad also give their career: "I am as young as you, sharpening, cross oceans are going to establish great achievements, become the duke. But imperceptible hair has become grey, and time is swift, parents and friends, all died one by one......"Or the young warrior by listen, still don't believe.Everyone who considers himself a young age in particular, they can both hands control the future.After dying will return to nature.Actually everything can earlier.

    The villagers, in addition to the poor, they have all can imagine the poor habits: mean, selfish and short-sighted, haven't seen around cowardice...The village elders clappers to contribute to this matter.Cheer when the warriors came to the village, there is no imagination, but because of fear of fresh, hide to see in the room through the door.

    These little details, to dig deeper into architecture is based on a story, in a specific scenario of dynamic characters relations change, be especially attractive.There is a fable and the shadow of the theatre.

    Film in the end, the warriors to leave the village, the villagers in rice field singing yangko, collective hard work.Said. "they are the people who win, is living in this land for a long time, the circle of life will flourish people" (careless) is more like a samurai dependencies and ornament, are working people create history.This is akira kurosawa identity attitude from the Angle of director warrior, the demise of the samurai system an explanation.

    After another: look, look at douban, this movie has a name is "seven man four righteousness", there is no to reveal the title of the plot, ha ha!

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