Lone ranger colonialism and schizophrenia

By Ronald Jordan,2015-07-19 19:35
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Lone ranger colonialism and schizophrenia

"Lone ranger" : colonialism and


     The FrenchPhilosophers deleuze had "capitalism and schizophrenia for the title" the poet in the western world, analyze the present after watching"Lone ranger", I think that also can be placed in the "schizophrenic" under the framework of discussion, of course, I don't understand the thought of philosopher so deep, is the deck oneself out and frighten people, word is not up to his meaning, my meaning.

    Don't tube out of how many new tricks, from the type"Lone rangerOr a western, western style and meaning can be read, but at the end of the day or under the background of colonialism extend story, everything can be changed, the colonial billiton zhang, cowboy police bandit scuffle, the

    contradiction between the whites and native these basic elements is indispensable.But times have changed, colonialism becomes a

    post-colonial (global), western springs have vanished, if "unforgivable" "Dances with wolvesStill remain in the westerns last boiling blood, that the "he","Lone ranger, in films like "western" itself has become an ancient color grows by the "tribute" imagery, the trouble is, you can't face with the back to serious, only slightly stretch feelings in the banter irony.

    The "generational" in the "lone ranger" in western stories high, as far back as 1933 radio plays, then made into a film and television drama, animation in the form of gameThe United StatesWidely spread in the mass culture, of which 1949 ~ 1957, the ABC television network was aired for five seasons, a total of 221 sets of television series "the lone ranger", made in the 1950 s, also laid the "lone ranger" position of the classic film and TV culture in the United States."Lone ranger" the story of the prototype is not complicated, it is a wander the earth in the west and encouraging people to wear cowboy hero legend, zorro type eye mask, the "lone ranger" true identity is covered up, and become the protagonist of the story came out, his side of the Indian tang in just a foil to the hero's assistant - Sherlock Holmes and WatsonbatmanNeed to robin, it is the routine (tang in the earliest radio play play until 11 sets,

    the original plus the character was purely protagonist in order to give a talk with).

     But by the end of the "lone ranger", the "lone ranger" can't "alone", white leading role of a wise is much less than the nearby Indian assistants don her false chi not epilepsy more attractive - in itself is an Indian descent Johnny Depp certainly to perfusion in the corner of the tang dynasty a new soul, he with ABC episodes from appearance to the internal classic image of tang's distinct (the original tang is not only arm or not besmear face less overhead "angry birds"), white main characters in the film is almost in the tang dynasty only thrive under the apparent12, almost with "pirates of the Caribbean - the top performance is reminiscent of" pirates of the Caribbean, producer brooke hammer and Disney's combination is reminiscent of "pirates of the Caribbean,

    implantation of Disneyland publicity is also a reminder of the pirates of the Caribbean, unfortunately, the box office but difficult to watch" pirates of the Caribbean "admiration," lone ranger "suffered a heavy defeat at the box office, it is said that also prompted brooke hammer parted ways with Disney's directly.

    "Lone ranger" for simulations of Indian traditional culture is greatly enhanced, the legend of "horse" of the soul, silver woes, man-eating monster "wendigo" shadow herein, these mysterious indigenous cultural elements like pictures of food feeding rabb, a bright but not into the narrative pattern.

    Salute with irony, blood and parody, whites and native,historyAnd tradition, and even play function between the two main characters could not completely clear, "the lone ranger" like this in the "lonely" colonialism left a schizophrenic back all the way, in the present diversity "politically correct" background and ubiquitous concept of

    "humanitarian", the old westerns basic narrative structure is weakened, but the new structure has dark -- Johnny Depp god god out of acting like a double-edged sword, with Tim burton can shine, but in "the lone ranger" such writings.

    "Lone ranger" began in a small boy to visit the circus exhibition experience, as "exhibits" tang's story began to tell his true it was here, perhaps, this is already heralded the film (and western) - this is the fate

of a far-off culture and history, of a new generation of audience, really

washed out.

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