Shaun - warm reviews the positive energy

By Calvin Gibson,2015-07-19 16:29
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Shaun - warm reviews the positive energy

    Shaun - warm reviews the positive energy

     Movie shaun since release, read the audience acclaim.Whether it is true epic images of cartoon characters, or story plot design, perfect.It is a any young layer can read popular movie, warm warm positive energy in the message.

    As a silent film, film in telling the story of expression methods let the audience a see clear, easy to understand.Inclusion in the story comic design but also bring many of the audience to the punchline.Is different from the pleasant goat and Wolffy, shaun is not constantly catch a laundry list of story telling, it is through a story of adventure comedy, the inside of the confrontation between good and evil to bring to the audience laughter and positive energy.

    Animators and stylists fantastical imagination will be no vitality originally cartoon image vivid display in the movie, just watch a cartoon modelling and the picture of the outline of delicate enough to prove that production team of professional spirit and professional ethics.The characteristics of the film is no language characters and dialogue, only the pronunciation of "gung in ji", but the production company skillfully through the role of the communication on movement, expression, let the audience understand the plot development.

    About a group of people are reluctant to the boring life like machinery, come up with a method to you can leave, host to host, but lost the master, the flock around the city to find the host, racking their brains, after a bumpy, finally happy end.In many things.To have a remarkable plot design will play out the conflict, the comic effect.Whether to want to leave, host to host, host is lost, or go to cities to look for the master, dress up people, get in city management animal shelters the steward, all make people laugh, this is the British sense of humor.Comedy doping in the warmth, the movie more vivid and full.When saw the owner as a hairdresser, advertising posters, sheep looking for master hope to take up, that moment cheered, true flow at this time.Find the owner to the barber, owner because memory loss without Joseph, sheep with a little bit disappointed eyes leave the line of sight of owner, can not help but reminds me of the reality in many pet

    loyal guard the main story, even if you no tears in the cinema, will also be flowing heart was moved to a trickle.Eventually Joseph, the master find memory loss, or by a wicked (content management detention house steward) to switch back to the host memory and emotion and fighting capacity.Shaun is small, but have great wisdom, under the planning of one again and again, animal escape jail and retrieved will host.The anthropomorphic cartoon character, make shaun cartoon image lifelike, the audience remember features a look of their character.

    As the audience thought, shaun with own wisdom victory sheep under the wicked detention house steward) (content management, advance and development of the film is not as people think, but will make the final happy ending an indispensable cornerstone, call the host memory.You could say that this design is very old-fashioned, be applied by the film and television play art such as countless, but here is a wall between owner and pet clumps emotional memory is the hero to rediscover, victory of justice over evil spirit of positive energy technique of foil, the audience will not feel old, but see the hope of justice to ignite.

    After the want to leave, get rid of the mechanical work and life mode initiates the bizarre story of subsequent made between the host and the sheep and other farm animals atmosphere more harmonious,

    harmonious.Film by farm animals want to take to express the pursuit of freedom and leave, not confined to humans, with mutual understanding

and tolerance heart to think more for each other, the society will be more


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