Materialism about tesla those SEXY

By Nathan Butler,2015-07-19 12:14
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Materialism about tesla those SEXY

    Materialism about tesla those "SEXY"

    In 2013, is the electric car's messy: keda electric car companies in the United States filed for bankruptcy protection, California electric car manufacturers myers electric cars, filed for bankruptcy protection, fisker automotive company filed for bankruptcy protection, the electric car production group (VPG) announced the collapse...

    As an electric car brand, a lot of people know that I had over the past few years is not easy, especially in 2008 experienced a bust.

    Some people think that I am very magical, neither traditional auto makers, also is not battery manufacturers, but once the outside world in the years to watch a good electric car done are flawed, reputation.

    Some people say that I will be the next to apple.To be honest, I didn't want to be the one who, I just want to be the first to tesla.My name taken from a physicist Nicholas?Tesla, with halo was born in silicon valley.Can say, since I was born at the beginning of the had parted ways with the gang in Detroit.

    Someone had high hopes for me, because I am most likely to overturn conventional cars.Maybe someone will despise, but now look at those mainstream manufacturers, and who hasn't started transformation?

    Someone called me a "SEXY" Tesla, I'm glad they caught the point.

    (note: Musk was in twitter said they embarked on a Model Y, then deleted the tweet. "SEXY" derived from tesla 4 models: the Model S, 3 (3 also represent E) Model, the Model and the Model Y X, four letters together is just "SEXY".)

    1. "the vivid sculpture flow"

    In fremont, California, USA factory and made "silicon valley" brand electric car was shipped from here each year, and then ran to all over the world.

    Franz Von Holzhanse is my chief designer, worked at Mazda north American branch.Musk told him at that time, join me will have a chance to start from a clean SLATE design cars, the temptation is too big for a designer.

    Our first car Model S is from his hand, it is the foundation for us.Musk once said, we made is not the sort of mad wild, stand out of the car, but the right car.With Franz words to explain, it is neither a unique nor conservative.

    This description is likely to give a person a kind of illusion "mediocrity".But don't rush to conclusions.

    The design of the Model S Franz calls "living sculptures flow".Change the point of view, hyundai's resistance coefficient between 0.3 to 0.5, can achieve 0.24 models are numbered.Don't think it's a gimmick, the user's driving no practical significance.But if you are driving on the highway, I believe that a lot of people can feel the significance of this parameter to aerodynamics.

    In the process of design, Franz and team is constantly on the clay model do try, repeated measure surface pressure and weight balance.

    2, make the product has a soul

    Musk is also involved in the design of the Model S.One day a whim, he for the door handle to increase the function of an automatic induction, as long as someone is close to the car, the car door handle is automatically pop up.

    When he proposed the idea, is responsible for the design engineer in product meeting on the spot, from the point of view of the engineer, to do so too risky: to show whether the rain and snow weather door handle smoothly?What kind of sensitive degree of automatic induction mechanism to do?Will miss clamp the child's fingers...

    Musk idea is, though, because the engineer is proposed by technical problems, they had to set out to solve.

    For the design, Musk I very picky.He asked the car dashboard must not button, sound system acoustic 11 files should be the ceiling...To meet these requirements, is the price of a few times delayed rolled off the production time of the first generation of our products.

    Believe that everybody has heard for Model X early, because of too big to eagle wing door technology difficulty.This design in addition to open the car door in narrow space, also need to overcome the problem is that in a long period of time after use to ensure the roof structure is not easy to warp, in order to enhance the door hinge fixtures, engineer testing a large number of high strength alloy and even expensive titanium alloy.

    Many people may not know, the products in the "can" and "very good".If want users to like our products, you can't miss any details, more can't go wrong on the details.

    3, silicon valley style car factory

    In fremont, California, factories, we still continue the science and technology of silicon valley wind: full automatic production line, robots, since the DaoYinChe and computer production schedule.

    Detroit's guys always think I'm a layman building cars.It doesn't matter, I will prove it to them.

    Our factory at least 150 robots, our side training assembly workers, while debugging robot.The performance of the robot on the training of the technicians, all they tag coordinates and upload a mm mm, robots will work out the most efficient route, in order to train the robot, we spent a year and a half.

    Every car pass through these robots below, and then according to the designed program, in order for the same car production process: welding, riveting, pick-up, bending and install metal parts.

    Automobile body metal part is composed of aluminium alloy, 98% for electric cars, the biggest advantage of aluminum alloy is a lightweight, in addition to reduce weight, also can extend the range.Of course, its cost is not low.

    Robot sends the aluminum material to press the following for stamping, press down the momentum of more than 1400 tons, the position and lower part of the force of more than 130 tons.The aluminum parts are produced.

    4, and cost efficiency of the battery

    We cooperate with panasonic custom 18650 battery, the size and shape of the battery are used mainly for production, cost, efficiency and security performance.

    Before I appeared, the lithium battery industry also have happened with the auto industry of overlap, but until I appeared, the lithium battery industry to the real changes have taken place, panasonic lithium batteries also once appeared in short supply.

    Management of more than 7000 section 18650 lithium battery is not an easy thing.First monomer battery temperature must be kept in the range of no more than 5 ? C, the second is through the battery thermal management system at high temperature for cooling, during low temperature preheated to ensure the safety of the battery pack.

    Thermal management system

    We will be on electric car motor cooling system, and car air conditioning system for the battery thermal management system of integrated design, the integration design can reduce redundancy, and improve the efficiency of the use of waste heat.

    Now every big battery doesn't satisfy the need our price level.If there are more cost-efficient feel battery structure, we are all ears, but so far we haven't found a company can prove that battery structure more cost effective than us.


    Technically, battery management, power system and cooling system is not insurmountable technical barriers, these can be done by engineers to work overtime.Similar components, hardware and software of integrated circuit, circuit, high strength aluminum alloy material is already there.

    We're just in a very reasonable, high efficient and stable way to integrate these raw materials into an electric car.Believe this way also gave a lot of people an illusion, think building cars.

    But this is precisely what the difficulty: the supply chain resource integration.Each link of the supply chain resource integration is a very big challenge, to make it a safe and reliable car, is closely connected with the level of the suppliers.

    Internally, Musk give engineers pressure particularly big, if the product has no substantial progress or not meet his demands, he had a cow on the spot is the norm.Relative to other companies, our workload big and fast, from eight o 'clock in the morning to work overtime to 12 o 'clock in the morning is normal thing.This is the side with the most people can't see.

    Maybe someone will think we are a company that is very cool, when the engineers in tesla's fatigues took to the streets, the pedestrians on the road will come to strike up a conversation with them even a photo.I think this is why they didn't go to apple.

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