why do American science fiction film can be popular in the world

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why do American science fiction film can be popular in the world

     why do American science fiction film can be

    popular in the world


    Crazy and cool: the charm of American science-fiction film

    In the past 20 years, the world's highest annual sales value, almost all produced in the United States, we can say that American movies popular in the world.In these films, in addition to the realism, such as "Titanic", "pirates of the Caribbean" substandard, science fiction takes up a huge amount of proportion.

    Every country making a movie, but can be popular in the world only in the United States seems film I love science fictions in

    particular.American science fiction movie is fascinating, mainly its present a rich and colorful fantasy world, give a person with a variety of amazing visual shock.

    American style, can use their society that two of the most popular word: "crazy" and "cool".Science fiction movie can get rid of the bondage of reality, let the this kind of life the pursuit of people to acme.Americans are watching western films before get this kind of

    emotional satisfaction, in one hundred and twenty, recently turned to science fiction.

    For the average person, however, is not easy to make science fiction movie plot, because science fiction movie is based on contemporary scientific development concepts, such as the theory of relativity, black holes, gene and so on, if there is no corresponding scientific knowledge background, it is difficult to comprehend the moral of the movie.And science fiction movies are based on western based virtual real life stories, life experience with the Chinese audience difference is very large, it is not easy to understand the plot development logic, the results a lot of people is to see a lively.

    Science fiction film is different from the myth, also is different from the mystery of literature, especially in the it is built on the concept of modern science.In the past 100 years, human progress in science and technology more than before the whole human civilization, not only has many important discoveries, and put forward many important scientific concept.Scientific exploration is limited, however, by the time of the experimental conditions and cognitive level, just can make up for the lack of science fiction films, the scientific hypothesis in the world of imagination.


    Do you know what are deduced in sci-fi scientific common sense?

    In science fiction movies, if a person is not content to simply see a lively, also want to see a doorway, then improve their scientific literacy, should be more lessons on the development of contemporary science knowledge.Popular in recent years the world science fiction movie, has its scientific background, we only the number below.

    "Back to the future" : Einstein's theory of relativity

    Since Einstein's relativity theory is put forward, changed people's concept, it lets the modern people realize that time is no longer the absolute.In theory, people can take superluminal vehicle to return to the past, also can go beyond some point into the future in advance now, turn back the hands of time.Deduce the notion of science-fiction film much more special, one of the most famous should belong to the 80 s movie "back to the future", the story from the life of modern metropolis, Los Angeles, let the protagonist step by step aboard the spacecraft to return to the age of the dinosaurs, let people understand the evolution of the earth at different times.What the story is not required, simply travel time back one can do is an exciting thing.About time travel have a lot of science fiction, familiar is the terminator, "time machine" and "x-men: the future past" and so on.Say that Einstein's concept of time is has been science fiction deductive to make the most of a scientific concept.

    The frequency of black hole: declare "black hole" concept in physics

    The existence of the "black hole" in the universe is one of humanity's greatest scientific discoveries, it is based on the general theory of relativity predicted to make hypothesis, to speculate in space there is a considerable body quality, and stars.In theoretical physics, by the quality of a black hole is large enough stars after the fuel runs out of nuclear fusion, gravitational collapse occurred.Of the black hole's mass is extremely powerful, and it can make any matter and radiation can escape the gravitational field, even the fastest spreading light escape not to come out.The frequency of a black hole is a science fiction deductive, according to the concept of "black hole" narrative a section with the help of mysterious force made radio has the function of across time and space in this experience of father and son two people interact with each other, and then change their later life.The whole plot across two big time, son died and more than 30 years ago his father Joseph in the incredible overlap of space and time and talk about each other's living environment and experience.If you don't know something about science background, will feel ridiculous plot, unable to understand writers according to the scientific and galloping imagination charm.

    Avatar: the genetic engineering and extra-terrestrial life concept into the film

    Life science is one of the most active areas of science today, transgenic technology has been widely used in all kinds of plant breeding, but for the human experiment also by moral and ethical constraints to overall.But no relationship, people can do this in the science fiction film.In addition, whether there are other living things in the universe, this has been to explore the mysteries of science.The highest grossing value of avatar, scientific concepts is to put the two together, as a monument of art.

    Time setting when the story happened in 2154, when humans are south gate 2 star system ecological lush moon Pandora mining of rare minerals.Mining the colonists expands, threatening the survival of the local tribal beauty, beauty is perceptual wisdom ability on Pandora humanoid race.The title of the movie "avatar", means the genetically engineered and can be controlled by some human of a body.Humans use Pandora on indigenous people to communicate with them, and deduces a romantic stories of human and alien life.The film is based on scientific philosophy is: genetically modified (gm) can change the human wisdom, human beings may exist on other planets, and different life on the planet have different genes, the communication between them have obstacles.

    "The avengers alliance" : declare the physics of perpetual motion machine

    Invented a perpetual motion machine is a dream in the history of mankind, this kind of machine does not need to add any energy can once and for all to work.But this idea was later proved to be impossible physics, however, the writers in science fiction film let the human dream come true.

    "Avengers alliance" is such a story: in 965, with a fetish of eternal energy "the universe rubik's cube" be locked up a cosmic civilization on earth.Mysterious science organization in 1942, the Nazi "hydra" in Norway carstens find a rubik's cube berg, also for the first time in history, energy derived at the same time aroused the universe on the other side of the an alien groups, so they know the existence of the earth.Thus deduces an exciting piece of epic hero story.Science fiction cannot be achieved to make science hypothesis, come true in the virtual world.

    "Robocop" : expression of artificial intelligence and ethical issues of the robot

    Along with the development of electronic technology, artificial intelligence has become an important branch of science, and a scientific question is: robot to what extent can replace human intelligence?The

    robot can be endowed with emotions?Human beings in the future will be ruled by a robot?"Robocop" is the interpretation of the concept of intelligent robot, the story is set in Detroit in 2028, about become a core multinational omega robots technology development company with superhuman strength makes the United States around the world to victory in the war, but because of the robot is no concern of human conscience and morality, most americans and members of congress against the local police and soldiers deployed machine, however, the m company wants this kind of technology more accepted, as a result, deduce a series of spectacular robot and mankind the story of the battle.

    The quantum of revelation: about quantum mechanics and the concept of dark matter

    Quantum mechanics is one of the biggest progress of 20 th-century physics, "quantum" refers to an inalienable fundamental particles, such as "a quantum of light" is the smallest unit of light."Dark matter" is also one of the greatest scientific discoveries of human, is unable to through the research of electromagnetic wave observation is not with the electromagnetic effect of the material.Science fiction "the quantum of revelation is to mix these two scientific concept in the same story: one day, a NASA discovered a comet mysteriously changed orbit, scientists calculated and found a dark objects will be crashed to earth within 96

    hours, it can devour material, light and gravity and time, therefore the earth will disappear in the next three days, so the agency for two scientists to save the earth from being destroyed.But at the last two hours, the two scientists or helpless and trouble will come.At this critical juncture, an autistic physicists ended up using traditional calculation method, make time travel into the past, eventually objects "dark matter" in the time eliminated.If there is no modern physics knowledge, will think of the movie some puzzling.


    Science fiction is not only prompted worries about the future and warning, is also a "slice"

    Science fiction is a general statement, in fact different science fiction film composition of science and fantasy elements ratio difference is very big.A lot of films, was based on a basic science fiction concept and the vast majority of the plot.However, there are some science fiction is very close to the real scientific prediction, can put them as a "slice", such as in 1993, the world's highest box office value "Jurassic park", is the scene in the evolution of life on earth - the age of the dinosaurs on the screen.

    There are also some science fiction movies belong to natural disaster early warning.The United States has a slice, Yellowstone contains a huge

    magmatic body below, once broke many times in history, is still very active, once the outbreak will engulf the entire North America in the future.Disaster film "2012" is based on the prediction of volcanic eruption of the Yellowstone park open interpretation, the final outcome is to use large aircraft first take some americans to the roof of the world, China of the Himalayas, and then use four ark will be shipped to somewhere in the future, these people to protect the human species.

    The earth warming and climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind, is in recent years scientific explore one of the biggest issues.Some American university presidents often take these questions to encourage the new entrance of college students, encourage them into scientific career.Over the past year the interstellar through a global phenomenon is to the topic, said that in the near future, crops often failures due to climate change and disease, society to solve the food crisis and transformation for agricultural society, humans began to look for other ways.As these problem is each ordinary people are concerned, this is also the film fascinating place.

    Science fiction is not only entertainment, but also has its serious side of the shock.Chinese writer ZheFu said: "foreign some science fiction, such as" avatar ", "the day after tomorrow", etc., credit, they have a reflection of human nature of worries and warning for the future."


    Science fiction is the popularization of scientific knowledge to the public on national policy

    In a country, people's values determines the country in which fields can mahoganypanelled splendour.Flourishing for sports, the Brazilian football and European football, the world's leading with the people in these countries in their clinging to the football is closely connected with enthusiasm.

    Science, to the master of science, a country must first be science base from the masses.Take Japan, so far, Japan's home-grown scientists already has more than 20 people won the Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize in physics in 2014 by three scientists from Japan.Look at hundreds of years ago, the Japanese people, passion for science to unrael the mysteries of Japan scientific achievements today.In 1920, Einstein to lecture, at the invitation of the Japanese government is the only one in Asia, Japan has invited the scientific star in the world.Einstein's tickets per speech in Japan have been snapped up, Japan is the tickets income as a reward to Einstein, Albert Einstein made a lot of money.Einstein has just arrivedTokyo

    Open the balcony door the next morning, it was a shock: standing on the street outside the hotel a large black people, they waited all night to take

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