Classic continues - Jurassic park 4!

By Nicole Knight,2015-07-17 08:35
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Classic continues - Jurassic park 4!

    Classic continues - Jurassic park 4!

     Waited for 14 years, finally wait to this day, the fourth Jurassic film, only the title is changed to Jurassic world, or in costa rica, blah island, from the "Jurassic park" closed 22 years later, a new large theme park and resort - Jurassic, the world appeared in front of the broad masses of tourists.Wow g (Nick Robinson) and younger brother gray (ge raytek simpkins) in the arrangement of the parents down to the park on vacation.And their aunt Clare (blythe Dallas Howard) is the head of the park's operation, she arranged for a assistant, Yang (Katie mike gravel) with them.Park master Simon ma straw (irfan khan) in order to improve the turnover after buy park to attract tourists, Dr Clare and Henry ngo [(Huang Rongliang) in the first set of Jurassic park was also briefly appeared) as a genetic engineer] produced the first genetically modified dinosaurs, in D - Rex (tyranny of the dragon cage,

    Simon found the dinosaur of terror, to Claire to find the original marines Owen (Chris para) in order to perfect its enclosure.And Owen retired specially trained in the park after the raptors, feeding member accidentally dropped a finalist cage is he soothed the dinosaur rescued, guard captain vic, hoskins (Vincent fiorina) wants to let Owen training for war dinosaurs....Claire and Owen arrived to see the scratches on the fence doubt oppressive dragon has been run out, Clare control room to check back, while Owen three people into its enclosure, then something terrible happened, it was oppressive dragon trick, then it with Owen to escape from its enclosure, Owen to pouring gasoline on escaped, came to the control room he asked Claire evacuate visitors, but Simon think circumstance can control, control panel to round up the dinosaur, they soon found it, but it was the tracker, the ground was the dinosaur can disguise, immediately all rounded up all dead, Simon decided to close down the area.Can be great at the moment, and his brother, in order to see more dinosaur left the herbivorous dinosaurs area, where they encountered some brutal dragon, they temporarily survived after the jump down a waterfall, and Clare to save their Owen to come together, and this dinosaur has been implanted with tree frog DNA heat sensitive imaging can no longer be traced to it.Two children came to the hall of Jurassic park originally restored after a jeep, and Michael Owen has met this dinosaur here, at the same time for the tourist safety, Simon decided to make tourists stay indoors for a while, and he and gene company security on a helicopter directly to hunt dinosaurs, but because of the oppression dragon ran into the area of birds, a large number of pterosaurs to flee,

    tourists were injured, the last Simon died in the crash.Owen in the reception area while hunting pterosaurs help assist, two brothers flee hoskins in at the moment the genes of the company's security forces to take over here, he is going to Michael Owen released velociraptor, use them to find oppressive dragon and killed, but the end result is the raptors against tyrannical, and soon a lot of people were killed, and Dr Hoskins as asked Henry ngo to take away all embryos and gene mutation dinosaurs, Owen, they found it all, and hoskins also because their own get carried away to be killed by velociraptor, just as we prepare to leave, tyrannical dragon arrived, Owen has persuaded the raptors help them prevent tyranny dragon, be oppressive dragon really powerful simply can't kill, Clare at the moment of the children, released tyrannosaurus rex, with the help of the velociraptor, tyrannical dragon fell into the water, being eaten by the mosasaur all restored calm, gray also met parents and brother, and once again become a dinosaur park here.

     The story happened at the end of the first 22 years later, the reality of release date is also the first 22 years later on.Park's founder John Hammond has become the statue in the park and his starring Richard attenborough has died, there's a place where many tourists, although the scene remains intact, but many entertainment ingredients, can be seen from the feeding raptors when their wit, and mosasaur that some horrible, and that only combined with adult tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptor, snakes and the squid's DNA, super predators oppressive dragons can be said to be the human disaster, I don't know why it so clever, and with a gun are undead will finally lose to a tyrannosaurus rex 22 years ago.The

    climax of the plot is two brothers gray has been running the dinosaur, the process of both the former power behind the dragon attacks and raptors after to some pterosaurs break-down is exciting, but compared with the original of Jurassic park that heart rate that is far from.And film on the clues are too wordy, the two brothers from the beginning who's not into the state to the later, staring at the girl, and gray mention parents divorce to be out of tune and plot, rhythm is not strong but finally meet parents feelings after the drama is missing, and Clare indifference to come back to them the beginning not desperately ran a little abrupt.Although the plot design is a salute to the first, can the same too much, lack of originality, but Owen and dinosaurs communication, it is a good, after all, no care for animals, the last is to be eaten.Which only tyranny dragon is undoubtedly the film leading role, but so many dinosaurs killed or shame, mobile forces also can't kill some exaggeration, assistant, Yang also weird finally got caught by the dinosaur several times before finally eaten by mosasaur.And finally, Dr Henry ngo with those things run go to which, is this to prepare for the fixation.But no matter how to wait for so long was happy again saw the familiar picture, especially the special effects of visual impact is still extremely shocked, or to new dinosaur exquisite depict still able to move people, especially seen in the case of a new audience, is indeed a good experience, afternoon sequel can be more exciting!

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