Europe and the United States university is how to compete

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Europe and the United States university is how to compete

    Europe and the United States university is

    how to compete?

    American university for outstanding students, not to say how he cow, low 2 not to belittle other colleges at Stanford university President to implement the rankings "cooperation" attitude "to enter the university of Cambridge, each class is A may not be admitted, score is not very ideal may also be accepted...

    Europe and the United States university is how to compete?

    (London, the 160th Oxford and Cambridge boat race on the river Thames, the results at the university of Oxford University with a huge advantage fencing bridge.)

    (The college graduates in the United States)

    European and American university is how to compete?

    A Oxford and CambridgeThe boat race for more than 160

    Boat race between Oxford and Cambridge have held more than 160, Harvard University and Yale university and the effect of, have so far been held 140 sessions.This annual event between the two of the world famous universities, has become the international education.However, Peking University and tsinghua university also imitate, held the first 1999, completed the last in 2009, the tenth alone in discord.This year, China as the two best universities for high examinee face again, surprising.Why is this?

    Whether in China or in Europe and the United States, there is competition between universities, however, there exists difference, the purpose of the competition reflected is different of eastern and western education concept.My "why China not the master," and the distance education in China and the world, "the two books discussed how university benign competition problem.Right, this year the daughter jingjing from Singapore nanyang high school graduates, their graduation exam organized by the university of Cambridge, examination questions by the teacher, is by the teacher corrects your papers, and jingjing finally applied to the United States at the university of California, going to study this fall.Daughter to apply for the whole process of college, I know, it also gives a good chance to observe what European and American university selection criteria.Here in my personal experience to talk about Europe and the United States at the university of competition mechanism, and mainly talk about university in the United States.

    The second

    British and American schools

    Does not exist between high examinee phenomenon

    British and American college entrance examination, such as the us undergraduate admissions have SAT tests, the British have A level test.When they are admitted to college students, also value the final years of high school grades.No college or university, however, would make such a provision: test how many points you must admit you, how many points below will be eliminated.Between university does not exist for the phenomenon of high examinee, on the contrary, most of them in advance statement: you better not guarantee admission.This is because the European and American universities have different from our interpretation on test scores.

    British and American educators have a consensus, a student's future success is not only can be determined by test scores, a person's future success depends more on motivation, passion, persistence, imagination and so on a variety of qualities, however the capacity test is unable to pass the exam.So, the American university to make sure that the nationwide examination scores of acceptance range is often very broad, some universities simply do not make any hard and fast rules, not delimit admit fractional line, exam scores only as a reference of the standard items.The examination score is just a reflection of the students' ability, the examinee as long as there is enough evidence to prove that he is good, will have a chance to be admitted.And each university has its own independent admission standards, set by the government has no right to

    interfere.The result is often appear such circumstance: an SAT score 1700 students may be admitted to a school, and got 2300 students might have fallen off.No one can be as a reason to filed a lawsuit against the school injustice.

    Prospectuses at Cambridge university, points out that the society only each course is A misrepresentation, etc. Students will be admitted, but they are no such rules, each class is A result of the student may not be admitted, may also be admitted scores is not very ideal, as long as the applicant can prove that they are excellent in the peer has the chance to get into Cambridge.

    In order to judge the quality of applicants, American universities adopt standard also is varied, in addition to test scores, and middle school teacher's recommendation letter, certificate of social practice, etc.Some well-known international university for each new interview, in order to understand the new comprehensive quality.


    Each candidate must apply to the school

    Write a letter of "love"

    In the United States, no matter what level of university requires applicants must submit a "learning", to explain how the motives and reasons of application and the planning study.The "learning" is the important basis of admission to the university.University to do so is to take an attitude: the first thing you have to understand me, I will choose you.

    American education developed, outstanding performance on personalized education.Each university has its own features, but also have their own strengths.The "learning" is equivalent to an applicant to "love", the university of university administrators to determine applicants on whether they have the sincerity, to know how many, the applicant's expect if they are in conformity with the conditions of the university;Otherwise, no matter good applicants, the university and will not be accepted.This is a responsible attitude, happy marriage must match between men and women, only students' expectation and the conditions of the university, just can have harmonious campus atmosphere and good learning motivation.

    There is currently no candidates were asked to write a Chinese university to apply for this kind of "learning", much of it according to the university's fame to fill volunteer, many of the students is the luck, choose the school has a great deal of blindness.Accepted by the

    university that one party is only look at scores, as long as the score reached the designated standards, piranhas are admitted, other what also no matter.So, between universities and students "feelings" nature is diaphragm, do not understand each other, most of the time is to pull lang.Many freshmen enrolled after regret, regret disappointment for the selected universities.If later in the college admissions applicants are required to write a "learning", this will reduce a lot of regret or disappointment.

    Three, "you are my one and only", the famous American university competition outstanding student strategy

    European and American university admission system, unlike in China, many universities, students can also apply for a can also get more university admission notice.Therefore, often happen, an outstanding applicants tend to be at the same time received the acceptance notification from many famous universities and generous scholarship.In this case, the outstanding students to American universities competition, try every means to let applicants know: "you are very good, I very care about you."

    Take myself as an example, for instance.In 1995, I in the university of California, Santa Barbara, attend a national science foundation research project, at the same time to apply for university, Dr.First received the

    letter of admission at Stanford university, and to give a full scholarship for four years.After a few days, the dean himself again to a letter and said very hope I can to accept their admission, because they think I'm good.Shortly thereafter, secretary of the department and to send a lot of data, illustrate how comfortable climate conditions of San Francisco, where the community how to welcome foreign students, and

    accompanied by live there all kinds of information.It makes me touched and warm also was flattered.Arguably, there is no lack of famous universities like Stanford have good applicants, easier to play, but they are more sincere.

    Apply to Stanford this year, I also got two other university admission notice, a is the university of California, Santa Barbara, another is the university of southern California, because their conditions obvious gap, so I chose the Stanford without hesitation.Into Stamford, however, other students at the same time to get the famous universities such as Harvard University admission is not a few, they finally decided to Stanford has perhaps with school's sincerity and enthusiasm.

    Is particularly worth China university managers pay attention to, then strive for excellent students in the United States, not to say how he cow, what a glorious achievements, two not to belittle other colleges and

    universities.Don't put family tree, not undermine each other, this is probably a kind of competition "gentleman's contract spirit".

    Four, when Stanford ranking fell, the President of the university of how to react

    Now China's university ranking approach is to imitate Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States has turned up in the rankings.Britain and the United States these rankings are official news media or education research institutions, take belong to commercial.

    In the 80 s, Stanford university reputation, three times was "American news magazine named the American university, there are also two years also won two Nobel prizes.Into the 90 s, the Stanford league has been wandering among the top five.I to Stanford university in 1996, Ph.D., Stanford's falling out of the top five league for two years.Some people began to talk, students in school and family members also write letters to the school, ask whether the management out of the question.Then the principal professor caspar specially made a speech, suggests that Stanford's attitude.

    Caspar President thinks, the annual university rankings in essence is a kind of digital game, a university is a long-term and stable quality, how can like the stock up and down like that?And many aspects of the

    university is unable to use Numbers to reflect.So the value of these rankings is neither believe nor, on the various ranking agencies of society adopted a policy of "cooperation", not appoint special personnel to collect data for use by the ranking agencies.He stressed that Stanford's first task is to cultivate students and scientific research achievements, all the management of schools around the mission remains the same.

    Had not been for the society as a result, the Stanford rankings, no fighting behind, compete with other university from then till today, 20 years later, however, Stanford and the same at Stanford.In just the past three years, teachers of Stanford added five Nobel Prize and a prize.The outstanding achievement, don't say no comparable at a college around the world can't in any other country except the United States.

    In general, mediocre even worse university's most keen to these rankings, especially those who care more about the headmaster rush university.Reason is very simple, to get the Nobel Prize these achievements difficulty is too high, and the improvement of university ranking can be in data fluctuation kongfu.McGill university in Canada, for example, there are a few years the world university rankings are very proud of, in the QS world university rankings, 21, 2013 for 8 years to enter the world top 25.But is it really so bad?According to resign from McGill university to a colleague of my university to work, the reality is

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