Look forward to working with Mr. Schmidt's farewell after two years, all of them are in change

By Gary Torres,2015-07-16 18:40
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Look forward to working with Mr. Schmidt's farewell after two years, all of them are in change

Look forward to working with Mr. Schmidt's

farewell after two years, all of them are in


In January 2013, the one with the Beijing now almost the same as the

cold season, when Google chairman Eric schmidt came to China,

appeared on the stage of a large-scale science and technology

    activities.This was the remains enigmatic schmidt's last visit to China issued a public speech, two years ago.Before this, schmidt once visited China in 2008 and 2008, had attended the Google "Google" Chinese name of the ceremony.

    I still remember the schmidt appearance in 2013, when the people ask the question to him are very basic, very simple, also dare not to touch the special place.And asked about all the issues related to China, given schmidt also basically is the official standard answer.

    After two years, schmidt will in a few days laterThe TechCrunch Beijing's conferenceOnce again came to China on the stage.Between the two years, Google has changed a lot, from a comprehensive big MAC was split into specialized company is given priority to with search engines.Schmidt also has changed a lot, his title has been changed to "Alphabet" (Alphabet) the head of the company.This time, he may bring to us, and everyone is looking forward to some new things.

    In 2013, schmidt when asked about China regulatory issues, he said, every country has its own corresponding regulatory policy, even if some countries policy, unlike other countries, in the future also will slowly adjust to.This sentence is in Google's relationship with China on efficacy.

    At this moment, it is permeated with guess to Google into China again: Google maps, Google translation, and so on to Google. Cn as domain name service, was found in hindsight, observer was not actually a blockade in China, just because everyone legends were blocked, so there has been no use.At the same time, the original application in apple App Store out of sight, such as Gmail also on the plane, although cannot be used.Even, if someone direct input in the browser Google. Cn address, there will be a jump page.This page will give you a false surprise -- will be redirected to, which still need over the wall to access a page.

    When you talk of Google or Alphabet, its comprehensive services are not within the people's consideration.Essence of things is very limited, generally including search and YouTube video hosting service, as well as Gmail email service, plus Blogger blog service at best - few people use the blog service in China.And these services, was the main reason for the visit by obstacles in China, due to conform to and do not conform to the regulations of the mix, and difficult to discern and selection.If formulated a Chinese version, and don't agree with Google's own management.

    In 2008, Google announced all out of China, since many times by the Chinese government and official media to play as a target.By last year, "a prism door" incident.With the western big IT companies such as Google

    and apple, Facebook, is considered to help the national security agency to monitor the United States and around the world, even their Allies of citizens network information exchange as an accomplice.This may make it in 08 out of China that best decission statement looks ridiculous.

    However, every experience that time and now knows that, in those days, no one will think Google manifesto is ridiculous, no one day, however, ran to clap for launch of Google.Now, when people recall the words, Google can only feel when they and we are justified, also with the look of sympathy and understanding, to re-examine the Chinese government to Internet service for foreign policy.

    Compared with the time, Google, the Chinese government and ourselves, all the three of us come up.After the growth, seems to return also becomes less exciting.As Andy warhol said, "once you don't want something. You will get it."Only if you take a calm state of mind to sit tight, originally for what will it stands to reason.

    The inside of the Google Play application and game part, will be most likely to enter the Chinese priority.In the future, Play app store of books, music and film parts can also be set up distribution market in mainland China.ITunes several days ago, by contrast, books, music and movies to do business in China, become a landmark event.For China's further opening up the overseas access Internet content to create a template.

    Previously only expect Android to domestic can normal use, don't become "Android mobile phone, the book can slowly open the video, of course is a pleasant surprise.Because of delayed so long, however, the so-called surprise element already vanished, everyone know how to use the common heart treat.

    Now if someone said Google values is "don't be evil", may be laughed at by the side people.But Google might still not quickly agreed to search, YouTube and Gmail to establish the Chinese version and the Chinese server way into China.Main reason is of course not ideology, but more is for input and output out of proportion.

    Google Play into China's profit factors, development target and profit model are fixed.But search, email and video, the three services, the cost of operating in China will be very high, and the specific earnings outlook is uncertain.YouTube, for example, offer charging mode to support its free content., however, the domestic video advertising time generally exceeds bid, the contents of 5 minutes there will be a minutes of ads, and domestic manufacturers from sources as easing the bit in foreign manufacturers, is a former charge with free rolling, is now only need a small sum of money to do VIP member, domestic service can provide value-added attributes, far more than foreign service standard.

    As for email and search is more of a pure money business.Google in China, spending a great deal of effort, specifically for the Chinese study, a set of key system for the regulation of China is not so obvious, the impact on the foreigners like to learn Chinese.And, more importantly, search and email (also represented including Facebook social networking) not impression notes, a tech-oriented cannot exchange products, in China is equivalent to a cut in the new product, can't reach the purpose of into China expected to connectivity.Chinese version of LinkedIn, and foreign version now basic don't have much relationship.

    Speaking in schmidt last time in China and this time what happened between the two years, maybe it is difficult to count with a few fingers.But I think one of the biggest changes, that is, every one of us has learned to use practical benefits, not only ideology to ponder over a problem.Advocate freedom, do not like it used to be a piece of iron plate, also know the flexibility.Regulation, also began to allow some fresh active, insignificant things in.At this time, we revisit schmidt two years ago, seem to have a deeper meaning,

    Consistent with the rules will indeed become global, but it's not just because of foreign rule will affect the choice of the Chinese people and at the same time, China is also with his own powerful strength, changing the rules of the game of the world.After the mixture and assimilation of

    the new normal, just days after schmidt, have more reasons to once again stood on the stage in China.

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