The rise of wisdom city lead to the development of smart home

By Anita Robinson,2015-07-16 14:01
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The rise of wisdom city lead to the development of smart home

The rise of wisdom city lead to the

    development of smart home

    Smart home is a house as a platform, the use of integrated wiring, network communications, security, automatic control, such as audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to the household life and schedule to build efficient residential facilities and family affairs management system, improve home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize environmental protection and energy saving living environment, can meet the people's life in the pursuit of energy saving, intelligent and humanization.With the rise of the wisdom urban construction, wireless sensing technology break through the bottleneck, intelligent household industry usher in good time.

    In recent years, the end products market demand release and market applications continue to expand unceasingly, to promote the intelligent control in household appliances, digital, power, Internet of things in the areas of rapid promotion.Electrical appliances product updating and upgrading of electrical appliances intelligent controller with continuous growth space for the future.2012 is affected by the global economic situation unclear, intelligent control product development under the influence of a certain scale, but throughout the domestic and foreign markets, the trend of the intelligent will not be reversed.In today's economic structure transformation and upgrade, under the theme of China's intelligent control industry benefits end market demand, industry space is huge.

    Wisdom is the key of the current national urban construction, urban construction in our country in wisdom city construction of numerous scientific research and product intelligence industry has led the world.Alarm and linkage of video, intelligent video analysis, data mining, intelligent retrieval, visualization based on the technology of spatial visualization command, scheduling and management of the massive video data, cloud computing, big data management and so on

    intelligent technology in the field of security video monitor are getting more and more applications.

    Thanks to the wisdom of the city, development of smart home is also busy, as the rise of the concept of Internet of things, all cities are racing to build wisdom, safe city.With the help of the Internet of things, such as sensor network to improve the management level of the urbanization and attain accurate serving the people, benefit the people is the highest pursuit of governments at all levels.These areas involves the urban intelligent home, intelligent transportation, intelligent building, intelligent medical, food and drug administration, ticket management, home care, old people health and digital life, and many other fields.The government in the field of constructing public service framework on the basis of the family the best path into people is through the intelligence community, and the construction of smart home, improve people's living environment and quality.

    Wireless sensing technology break through the bottleneck

    In the end, intelligent household is not the main reason for the popularity or technology bottleneck restricting the product promotion.The situation until wireless intelligent household the mainstream market reversed.Integrated wiring faults have an unobstructed view, many manufacturers are seeking breakthroughs, will focus on wireless sensor technology.Wireless smart home with no wiring, mobility and the characteristics of strong expansionary, win the favor of the market quickly.

    , for example, the leading enterprise union sensing launched ZigBee smart home wireless intelligent household, no longer need professional on-site installation, not to mention the chiseling wall wiring, users at home against the specification can according to be fond of installed on its own.When installation, as long as intelligent switch and socket with ZigBee single fire to replace the traditional 86 switch and socket, and then in the proper place to add color TV, refrigerator, electric light, curtain and all kinds of sensors, can achieve a switch control intelligent operation of all equipment, to replace the traditional kind one switch can control the light control mode.

    On the market at present there are several kinds of bluetooth, WIFI, and ZigBee wireless communication technology has quite influence.The first two networking ability is weak, a network side corresponding to the up to 10 ports, obviously can't meet the family to use.Whereas the ZigBee could mass unlimited link ports, can add up to more than 65000 ports.ZigBee is a new kind of Internet technology, has low complexity and low power consumption, low data rate, strong expansibility of two-way communication technology, widely used in the international, international ZigBee alliance in the world have more than 400 members, union sensing is the alliance greater China, senior members.

    The market will meet three year period of gold

    Internet experts of Chinese academy of engineering WuHeQuan said that by using wireless sensor technology, greatly improving the use of smart home, can carry out automatic control and remote control, and due to the technology break through the bottleneck to overcome the production costs, also help ease the product price, thus laid a solid foundation for the promotion and popularization of smart home.

    Many smart home market brand, the product is various,

    segmentation, in the high-end price mainly for foreign brands, such as [and honeywell, its main market for villas, luxury and other high-end markets.And headed by united sensing domestic brand will focus on the low-end market, especially aiming at apartment.However, due to fierce competition, the main foreign brands of high-end market also gradually into the mid-market, and domestic brands also don't pass the high-end residential, jagged competition in all parties, all in the grab market, in order to obtain the initiative.

    The price is the main reference standards of consumer shopping.The current wireless technology upgrade improved the degree of intelligent, also further down the product price.Al sensing is pushing skynet plan further intelligence lives in the high-tech product promotion to the family, as long as 5688 yuan for each product, you can enjoy the electric appliances, lighting, curtains, security of intelligent control, so little money let life intelligence is unexpected.

    Analysts believe that the current smart home has solved the technical bottleneck, wireless intelligent household, consumer buying enthusiasm has been quietly lit, as the optical fiber as policy implementation, three nets fusion trend speeds up, and the faster pace of urbanization, family equipped with smart home basic have positive factors, the promotion and popularization of smart home is expected the next three years will be into the fast lanes, emerging market gold boom.

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