Recommended battery available all day in the two thin and light notebook

By Mike Hernandez,2015-07-16 01:29
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Recommended battery available all day in the two thin and light notebook

    Recommended battery available all day in the two thin and light notebook

    The majority of users with little or no care about their computer processor and other chip.This is understandable.In recent years, the design of these chips change did not bring daily computer multitasking obvious significant difference.

    But this month, chip giant Intel (Intel) released a new generation of processors and chips, can significantly improve according to its almost all thin and light notebook users is an important indicator of ? ?

    battery life.In fact, according to Intel, these are known as the fourth generation of dual-core processor chip can extend battery life by 50%, at the same time can actually improve the graphics processing power.Intel said the new chip is their first designed for thin and light notebook

    design.Such thin and light notebook, Windows PC version called super this, apple version is named for the Macbook Air series.

    Prior to the release of the new processor of the code is "Haswell," the notebook industry have been eagerly waiting for it for months.Sales of the industry is suffering the impact of the tablet, partly because tablets tend to have longer battery life.The new processors have began to appear on the part of the computer;This week, I tested two new laptop equipped with new chips, specifically to measure battery life.I was focusing on the battery performance, because many users are very concerned about the performance;And by far the most obvious on Intel said the new chip can bring battery performance improvement.

    In my tests, I chose the apple recently released the latest version of the Macbook Air.This is currently the most frivolous notebook.According to research firm NPD data, in the first four months of this year the Macbook Air retail sales in the United States more than the sum of all Windows super sales.In addition, I also chose a new Windows super this ? ? Sony (Sony) Vaio Pro 13, this is a nice notebook, weighs less than a Macbook Air, also equipped with a touch screen, to match the touch as the core of Microsoft Windows 8.

    Basic confirmed through the test, I said Intel battery life.On the evaluation of 13 inch Macbook Air, this is especially true.Though Air is not obvious to design, is equipped with Intel's new chips, to speed up

    the wi-fi, using the solid-state drives, battery capacity only slightly increased, but in my latest test, the new Air to test battery life than before on the extended generation by 65%.When used for common tasks, the laptop is ready to use all day, despite its size and weight (about three pounds, about 1.36 kg) have no change.

    Because of the 13 inch SONY laptop is new product, so I cannot be compared with the previous generation products, but the test result is basically consistent with SONY's propaganda.The product net weight 2.34 pounds (1.06 kg), although the battery life is much less than Air, but in the bottom of the machine can be equipped with a second piece of battery, the battery life has doubled or so, and this machine weight and Air.

    In addition to the impressive battery life, two computers are equipped with the Intel series i5 chip in the end, with the performance of high-speed Intel claims can from hibernation start almost immediately.

    The two main board is the price.Though apple has the latest 13-inch Air

    down with the price of $100, but the 4 gb of memory, 128 gb solid state drives with minimum is still $1099.And 13 inch SONY laptop the same configuration of model to $1250, matching the second battery, the overall price is $1400.

    And usually a configuration good laptop price from $600 to $800, compared with the two laptop price much higher.However, with the growing popularity of the new Intel processors, there may be some of the less expensive models.

    Intel is not much talked about the technical details of chip design, but explained that they are through countless adjustment, reduce the chip in the "active" and common "idle" down the energy consumption, thus realized the battery life of ascension.Active state is users run the task of the state, and the computer in the free state, the chip power consumption will have fallen sharply, but it is very short.Moreover, Intel has put all the parts are compressed into a piece of silicon, reduce the energy consumption of their interaction required.

    Different from SONY, apple controls its own operating system.Apple said, they also through some subtle software improvement, without sacrificing performance under the condition of reducing the energy consumption.For example, the new software can lower the energy consumption needed to play the video in iTunes, but I didn't see the old

    and new models in the same section of the video image quality or replay what fluency.

    For these tests, I continue to use the laptop battery strict test standard for many years.Cancel the province electricity function, the screen brightness is high to 100%, keep the wi-fi connection to receive mail, circulation broadcast music, until the computer automatically shut down its battery runs out.

    Apple claims the new 13-inch Macbook Air battery life can reach up to 12 hours.In my tests, this kind of Air to the astonishing 10 hours 14 minutes, this is what I have tested the longest of single cell laptop battery life, and it almost equal.In more conventional use, open the power saving mode, the screen brightness to 75%, I think the battery using time can easily more than 11 hours, 12 hours of close to apple's propaganda.And on my test generation Macbook Air, only lasted six hours, 13 minutes, I expect the routine can be achieved when using apple said seven hours of battery life.

    SONY says 13 inch Vaio Pro can adhere to six and a half hours, and in my tests battery performance is 5 hours 56 minutes.I expect in routine use, its battery life can be even more than SONY said.

    Combined with the $150 the second battery test again, SONY this laptop, a total of 52 minutes 11 hours, while SONY propaganda is up to 13

    hours.I estimate in routine use, the battery life can be close to the level of 13 hours.

    Conclusion: Intel's latest fourth-generation processor battery life significantly increased.If you are in the light of choose and buy a portable laptop, I suggest you buy a machine equipped with the latest Intel chips.

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