Why this teamed up with hidden trouble

By Donald Daniels,2015-07-15 12:03
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Why this teamed up with hidden trouble

    Why this teamed up with hidden trouble?

    Today the size of the stock rise together seems to be a new change, especially the size of the stock as rose is characteristic of a bit recently, yesterday or the market heavyweight performance alone, small-cap today have no continuation of yesterday's decline, on the contrary appeared a rally, high sends turn theme is clueless, the biggest gains, of course, it is associated with this week, the first new shares subscription funds thaw, stationed in the main force of platelet have impulse, mood.according unwilling lonely first pull litre, after opening a small board tomorrow and 2.4 trillion subscriptions to thaw, its appeal is its powerful, so wars fought the case market and compete for funds, the emergence of this phenomenon, in fact, hidden a great deal of hidden trouble, and the end of the tension on the financing side, there are 18 new fast-growing issued two batches, could have market investors mentality in te Te, entanglement, so lost big bang up or down trend for investors to feel confused about, actually on the surface of continuous Yang line seems to want to come to sign again, but as long as the slightest provocation I'm afraid I will fall sparse inside hua, because of the instability in the market at present, under the condition of instability, continue to push up prices need money right now money is difficult to meet the market greatly lift, so don't cry because it is rising in operation

pain is forgotten where gain follows.

    How far can the market go?The current position right?When must check inventory?To happen after the first giant Yin reparative rise, I think that not to expect too much, if again appear huge Yin quotation will be winners in a row, so short as far as possible on operation is given priority to, as for the position, not more than half storehouse as to when a clearance?I think a signal as follows: the first abnormal trading volume amplification, the second is to appear again in huge volumes Yin, the third average system cannot again below 30 - day moving average, once here below shows that the rally ended completely.Under the stock fund game, the heavyweight for sudden spikes in small and medium-sized and hurt.This aspect shows the valuation varieties' money from high to low valuation of stocks, on the other hand means more registration system is coming under, small and medium-sized and subject matter faced the revaluation of major new change.Once launched, it is well known that the registration system means that there will be A large number of IPO, which will change the ecological environment, the a-share market for the recent large gains high growth stocks, there is no doubt that greatly increases the risk.However, although registration system to launch the subject shares with the impact of the revaluation, but state-owned enterprises, state-owned assets securitization is an important task of registration system, it is good chip low valuations.So the market is now

    under the new change, investors can focus on the current layout direction low valuations, not in second-line blue-chip varieties. New shares in the short term this purchase frozen assets scale exceed market expectations, only on Tuesday 9 only then more than 2 trillion new shares to freeze funds, the market short-term financing area is good.But because regulators inhibit leverage, and corporate bonds, bank financial products money to large-scale possibility into the stock market is low, which means that although the new shares to freeze funds frozen, but the big blue-chip rising space is limited;Registration system, on the other hand, launch or exceed market expectations, high growth stocks are also facing the revaluation of stopping.In blue-chip stocks, therefore, subject to financing area, subject to registration under small cap stocks, afternoon seesaw effect or more frequent, weights and subject matter stocks differentiation will also be more extreme.For the boundless, broken bits, technology performance overdraft and institutions warehouse stocks, we should not defend and rebound should meet the warehouse immediately.Capital market is money game, under the incremental capital market slowdown and leverage, inevitably become frequent switching weights and subject matter.Switching, so we can be aimed at this time and style of blue chip and subject matter are appropriate layout, structural wheel up to grasp the market opportunity, the market is just a little after a crash recovery, present the tangle of the

    performance is, in fact, fishing, and recently bad combination grip the market, especially the IPO restart issue has started again, has been all think that the stock market are of the sickle, to a batch of a batch of harvest, the acquisition of most of the people's hard-earned money, weak market expansion for investors to fearsome, psychological pressure is more and more heavy for the market is for sure;At the end of the negative impact of more cases, main gears up to the feast at the end of time to complete quotation is urgently needed.Especially the gem gem before motherboard, adjustment may also want to advance.

    Comprehensive the above analysis, in the short term due to thaw out money raised up kinetic energy, but the size of the stock for money war left behind potential dangers for market, shows the wide divergence of the funds, loose chips is very clear, so the main funds once greatly to flee, the market has not dropped, I'm still remind afternoon to focus on 30 - day moving average gain and loss, it should be said that the self-help and finally a shock wave, continue to trend higher possibility is still there, but I want to remind this is fishing, we strive to not catch.

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