Microsoft confirmed Win10 mobile version - - - is a few months - early next year

By Francis Simpson,2015-07-13 17:08
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Microsoft confirmed Win10 mobile version - - - is a few months - early next year

    Microsoft confirmed Win10 mobile version - - - is a

    few months - early next year

    Don't wait, this is true.

    On December 21, a Microsoft spokesman confirmed that the legend to traffic "platform" Win10 Mobile really want to wait for 2016 years.

    Have learned, in October this year, Microsoft has vowed that all WP fans can have a major push in December, in view of the PC version Win 10 early in July, which has been rolled out, so most people have speculated that Win10 Mobile should be "no surprise" officially released in December.However, as part of the media speculation, Microsoft really jump ticket.

    , Microsoft says: "Microsoft plans from the start of next year for existing Windows 8 and 8.1 select users Win10 Mobile upgrade".At the same time, although it is unclear whether Win 10 Mobile delay reason, but made clear that unless users attended the 950 Microsoft Insider plan or purchased the company/the company any of the 950 XL/the company 950, otherwise will be out with them.And Win 10 Mobile after officially launched, WP 8.1 Mobile phone users will get the priority to push, which includes the company 930, the company 830, the company 735, the company 640 XL, the company 640, the company 540, the company 535, the company 532, the company in 435 and the company in 430.

    In fact, to WP fans feel dejected, Microsoft released to Win 10 Mobile has already started using the fuzzy concept of time - "early next year" is refers to the 1 month in February or march?From PC to mobile, a few of the past will wait for a BUG of semi-finished products still?......Still hopeful of this is the truth of WP loyal fans!

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