WebOS 3.0 will land on the LG smart TV in New Year 2016

By Leo Watkins,2015-07-11 15:53
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WebOS 3.0 will land on the LG smart TV in New Year 2016

    WebOS 3.0 will land on the LG smart TV in New Year 2016

    Abstract: After the first appeared in the field of smart phones, is used in the LG smart TV webOS, is about to usher in a new version 3.0 in 2016.According to foreign media reports, the company will be in January's consumer electronics show (CES) 2016 to bring us new webOS 3.0 and television on the product line. This update is not focused on the usual visual level, but the function design. Fight in the set-top box market has been to lower prices and the heat of the moment, LG also clearly wants to catch up in terms of soft power.

    The brief introduction of webOS 3.0 new features:

    , allowing the user to split screen to watch two different channels at the same time, or all the way to see the channel, the other all the way to watch blue light sources.

    By LG's music player applications, in the case of television closed using the speaker.

    Through loTV application, intelligent home appliances control LG.

    Through the deeper integration hardware, three wenOS 3.0 also brought the "magic" (magic) function:

    Any part, Magic Zoom: enlarge the screen without distortion.

    , Magic Remote: can be used for on/off the set-top box or DVR.

    Magic, a Mobile Connection: similar to apple AirPlay, smartphones can be content streaming to the TV.

    LG also updated the interactive interface, has brought the new Channel "recommended" (Channel Advisor) and "+" Channel (Channel Plus).Users can be analyzed in the TiVo, to watch the content to predict what you want to see;The latter is a mixture of radio channel, and provides a unified list.

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