You can make it across!You are smart woman!

By Don Duncan,2015-07-11 08:02
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You can make it across!You are smart woman!

    You can make it across!You are smart woman!

    one: no matter where the man goes: a man has his own career, have work dinner party, there are communication between friends, plus his be fond of, want your own space, should let him free.

    But also should remind him every night at a peace back to home, lest their blind fear and suspicion.

    two: whatever a man's wallet: men have their own ability to make money, will have their spending power, man purse had enough money, just have dignity, to give man save some face.

    As long as he can give you enough to spend money, don't have too much

    opinion.Finance minister, he would be willing to let you do, of course, you should know how to keep house, and manage all the financial risk in the home, don't wait to be urgent to spend money, only to find that cash-strapped.

    Three: regardless of the men information: mobile phone and QQ is the main culprit of marital conflict, everyone has their own privacy, he doesn't want to tell you the so-called secret, just don't want disorderly want to, you misunderstand and unhappy, is a white lie

    It is because a lot of women too sensitive, was normal, but are you close view, his heart will feel very uncomfortable.

    A responsible man should trust him, and all women are family oriented.Occasionally thought of cheating behavior is normal man, even a confidante, also don't toy too.That can prove that he is more good attractive, when there is nothing wrong with your eyes.

    Women heart to sunlight point, confident, be happy...Can be more attractive to attract a man's heart.Without a man like tired a day back home to see a woman's face.

    The woman should do:

    1, the refrain that cherry mouth: don't says his family is not in front of men, every man to his family it is heavier than the wife, the wife can choose, parents have no choice.

    This is the truth!The old man to obey, even wrong, need to be able to do love me, love my dog, treat her in-laws like they treat their parents.

    2, to understand lake coating: careless women happiness, a woman not too strong, save some face for men.Learn to turn a blind eye, there is something that makes men go to it!Especially his own home.

    Happiness in our own hands, don't expect others to charity.Don't use money to measure happiness, the rich are not necessarily happy.A disadvantage is a blessing to know, don't want to get the upper hand of everything.Have time to learn make-up, skin care study, use natural skin care products, such as France PG frost, Egypt than soap, to dress up beautiful delicate.

    3, want to have a sense of crisis: don't old man look, see he is not willing to go home and watch.Home is a warm harbor, dock to let a man like.

    Appropriately modify yourself, don't be a yellow face shiva take not to go out.Don't play games, playing mahjong, roaming a bunch of friends.Discipline their children, don't even tutoring elementary school children.To be a wife and mother men not easily replace you.

    4, to know to cherish the youth: a woman can have how many years of youth, don't away easily.If you don't progress, learning, work, and improve the inner cultivation, talented woman beauty around him will be your threat.

    Don't stay on the status quo, content to be raised.Constantly learning to enrich himself, inner beauty is the real beauty.

    5, have their own career: how much money is not important, the important thing is don't have to face every day 4 walls wall, with the society, have worry no place to talk, will only see who all don't pleasing to the eye at home.

    Body slowly obesity, physical decline gradually.Because at home to talk less and less communication, less brain...Memory is more and more worse.

    6, to learn to do home cooking, don't expect to learn chefs, at least to the family's liking!

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