Bizarre and all over the world delicious insectivorous culture

By Jill Sanders,2015-07-10 21:12
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Bizarre and all over the world delicious insectivorous culture

    Bizarre and all over the world delicious "insectivorous


    A head of cattle all meat,

    Body weight?

    ......About 40%

    40% is a what concept?That is to say, a cow if weighs 100 kg, it is only 40 kg of meat, can eat.Other parts, such as bone fur, etc., can't eat, they can only be sold or made into other by-products.

    The chicken?......55%

    The pig?......55%

    The bugs?


    Eat beef, we always pay: pork, rice, in areas such as the dragon but eat insects, we don't say: "to 2 jins grasshopper big legs!"Normally, we will reduce the whole all eat bugs.

    As shown in the above, the crickets, chickens, ducks, pigs, poultry and cattle body edible percentage is different.Percentage of edible cattle lowest, highest compared with insects.

    You then want to:

    What need to keep a cow pasture?

    How many years?

    How much pressure will cause to the environment?

    The answer is: a lot of grass!For many years!Stressed out!

    But keep bugs are different.

    Insects as food for breeding, small environmental burden, same time resources can produce more high quality protein.Many scientists predict that in the field of food, environment and nutrition to break through some food policy and public acceptance, bugs, maybe will catch up with meat, milk and eggs, known as one of the main sources of protein for humans.

    Ok, finished his little knowledge.

    Again crazy brush brush bottom line through sun images spell moral integrity look temperament time ever!!!!!!!!!!

    First to impact small:

    "Crickets powder cookies"

    Cricket Flour Cookie

    The Chinese to the worm, the acceptance is high.But americans are not the same, and an American merchants crickets products specially is very smart, they will be the cricket ground to a powder after drying, mixed with flour and made into a "high protein insect powder cake", is selling the crickets powder, also sell some finished product cookies, small cakes to customers.There are several brands are now the United States has began to do.

    Small make up ate crickets yo cake, taste is very good!If the detail for you, or to chew and ordinary flour some differences, some particles.

    The picture above!

    Crickets powder biscuits.And you taste the "fun" a lot of, grow too!High protein. meat meat bug egg tarts

    Mealworm Quiche

    Yellow powder insect is the meat meat worm here.It has a faint taste like nuts, baked crunchy, excellent taste.