block chain business caused by Wall Street

By Margaret Stevens,2015-07-10 14:02
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block chain business caused by Wall Street

    The queen of Wall Street's new adventure: block chain

    business caused by Wall Street

    Referred to as "the queen of Wall Street" former jpmorgan chase's global head of commodities Blythe Masters are block chain for its startup (Digital Asset HoldinGS) financing, and some of her old friends Wall Street is lined up to "check" for her.Blythe Masters was Wall Street's most powerful women. DAH financing admired

    According to the New York post, DAH is round, Blythe Masters and investors high-stakes negotiations, financing DAH. 35 millionThe dollar, hope the end of this round of financing before Christmas.The company valuation will be up to $100 million.

    It is understood that a letter of mail from Blythe Masters say, Wall Street is of great interest to Masters of new investment projects, the round oversubscribed, even some investors to DAH slow progress appears increasingly impatient.

    , according to people familiar with the situation about the composition of the board of directors, shareholders the right to vote, and shareholders how to sellstockSometimes difficult negotiations.Negotiations are still going on, is also likely to fail.Jpmorgan chase is expected to dominate the investment

financing for $7.5 million.Spain's santanderbank;SpanishBANk

    Santander) will invest $3 million to Blythe Masters as a non-executive director at the bank.Other potential investors including Markit, bank of America, Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley,citiAnd the nasdaq.

    There are, of course, not all investors are so bullish about Blythe Masters of the new project.Former us Treasury secretary, Timothy, chairman of Warburg PincusGEIthner just refused to join DAH the invitation of the board of directors. "The queen of Wall Street" to block chain start-ups Blythe Masters in jpmorgan chase for 27 years, a former jpmorgan chase's global head of commodities, due to the design of credit default swaps (CDS, credit default swap) and acclaimed.She has become a managing director at the age of 28, a j.p. Morgan's youngest female executives record history. As a "CDS" designer, she conception of financial derivatives market scale was once as much as $58 trillion, is believed to boost the 2008 financial crisis.

    In 2014, jpmorgan chase's commodities business beyond all competitors, as Wall Street.But in that year, jpmorgan chase for regulatory pressure to sell the unit for $3.5 billion.Masters in the same year later may also announced his resignation.Ten

    months later, she sounds, Digital encryption currency (Cryptocurrency) companies Asset Holdings of the CEO. Disruptive technology in the field of financial - block chain Because of the value chain blocks "subversive" technology development prospects in the field of finance, Wall Street layout in succession the technology.Nasdaq that block chain technology for management of traditional securities will be a digital revolution, block chain hope is that it can be applied to the stock market.Goldman sachs said, block chain technology can completely change the traditional pay system, can be used to include securities, intelligence, in the contract a lot of things, such as more rapid than traditional trading system, costs are lower.Also, the Digital Asset Holdings company is also developing a system based on block chain of securities and funds transfer system.

    Block chain technology originated in the currency, the currency is a total network participants collective maintenance books.Each block network of participants is a node (the node), all nodes are a set of intact books (gotten), recorded the history of all the account information in the books, any one node needs to initiate a transaction behavior needs to trading behavior information is passed to the block in the network, each node,

    ensure save all nodes in the books can be accurately update and validate the transaction behavior.

    Block chain through decentralization can realize the function since the proof of the whole network, rather than the conventional form by centralized third parties undertake unity books update and validated.Therefore, block chain technology is the way to trust through decentralization and the collective to maintain a reliabledataLibrary technology, the currency is only the first application of block chain technology. Goldman sachs analyst Robert d. Boroujerdi thinks, this kind of decentralized solutions based on cryptography to in addition to the middlemen, and redefine trading a potential industry logistics office.

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