The LINE will build team to expand the market in mainland China

By Jerome Kennedy,2015-07-10 08:24
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The LINE will build team to expand the market in mainland China

    The LINE will build team to expand the

    market in mainland China

    After two years of market research and layout, mobile intelligent platform LINE plan in the second half of this year in mainland China to establish the local team, development features and content, to further explore the Chinese mainland, the world's biggest mobile market.

    In this year's Asia exposition for Mobile communications (Mobile Asia Expo, MAE, 2014), meanwhile, the LINE global division general manager Jiang Xuan Pin (Kang HyunBin) accepted the interview of the Wall Street journal, he said China is a very strategic significance, also is the target market, because the next two years will continue to generate

    hundreds of millions of new users of smartphone.Determine will set up a set of team in local LINE, focusing on the development of

    communication users and the ground service, but Jiang Xuan Pin not disclosed plans to hire the number of Chinese employees.

    Entering the China market is not easy, at present the biggest competitors WeChat (WeChat) month more than 300 million active users, occupy the leading position.International data information (IDC), an analyst at Shiv Putcha said that WeChat has reached a considerable scale.When users know everyone in the use of "WeChat", why want to switch to another App?

    LINE to the South Korea network company Naver Corp., a subsidiary LINE in Japan Corp., the diversity of its business, such as through digital products such as mobile phone games and fun map to obtain

    revenue;2013 total revenue of 51.8 billion yen (about nt $15.5 billion), compared to rivals WhatsApp revenue is estimated to be $20 million (approximately nt $590 million).People familiar with the matter said the LINE considered as early as next autumn listed in Tokyo, to raise funds, expand overseas business goals, but Jiang Xuan Pin still did not comment on rumours listed.

    Jiang Xuan Pin said LINE interested in China market, can be traced back to the end of 2012, then began to study Chinese consumers'

    preference and related industries.LINE plan by launching a large-scale promotional activities, and for users in localized services, to expand business in China, he thinks that the user's interaction with China will be the key to breakthrough.

    In order to attract users in China, the LINE with the aid of the local popularity of south Korean television dramas, with the Korean lee min-ho micro movie starring "a LINE like," the men and women protagonist through the "I" App (" LINE "in the mainland of China by the App name) as the tool of long distance about love, to promote the LINE service.Jiang Xuan Pin said the micro film after the broadcast, "I" in the downloads a surge in mainland China, the LINE is made for the micro movie map to attract users.

    LINE marketing tactics in China, he says, is different from Mexico and Taiwan market, in these countries LINE is used in geochemical television advertising to promote your brand.But in China, TV advertising propaganda effect is unlikely, because consumers prefer to watch movies on the Internet, so the LINE is going to put sponsored by micro movie, advertising in the popular video website in China.

    In addition to the local Japanese, in the second half of the LINE will launch mobile shopping in other Asian countries.In order to improve the

    revenue from mobile e-commerce, also plans to strengthen the payment services, in order to ensure better shopping experience.

    Jiang Xuan Pin also mentioned that "I" according to the local environment is optimized, the official standard, but it won't affect the global LINE service, and continue to provide stable and safe mobile platforms.He said that the Chinese market is the growth potential, but the LINE must be looking for a partner to spread content, create channels, to strengthen its own service, and cultivate customer loyalty, it is a challenge for the LINE.

    Source:Messaging-App Maker Line Plans China Expansion

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