Beginners reviews

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Beginners reviews

    Beginners reviews

    The protagonist in "1984" (what did he call......)Said, the best books are told we already know the truth.I think it depends on how you deal with the outside world of information.As if I was watching the film, used to plot and feelings onto my own life, if you can produce some resonance, that did not live up to the two hours of viewing time.Call this resonance, call this physics chemical similar miscibility, creates heart to call this literature.

    Then the following, is stories with

    strong personal feeling and privacy.

    The first is the parent-child

    relationship.There's a phrase "a day of

    rebirth" this book I always remember, say

    "children as pure and transparent glass,

    parents will always intentionally or

    unintentionally damaged glasses of pure,

    some leave fingerprints, some cracks, have

    broken the glass".The influence of parents

    on children is not just a precept that simple,

    interaction between my parents as a

    partner, can greatly influence a child to the opposite sex, even attitude towards interpersonal communication.Film Olivier parents interaction should be good enough, my mother said she was so that people, and his father have no feelings at all.But in fact not, old father so bright and clear, so appealing, and the affection between Andy so let a person.They just don't fit, or starting from sometime, my mother no longer try to fix it, father no longer try to try everything.Hence it.I think Olivier heart once is have hate for

    his father, maybe he think parents relationship doesn't agree, is the father of the "strange" sexual orientation.

    I don't like to do most, is pushing blame responsibility.If it is my problem, after looking for all possible external cause, or back to reflect on yourself.Like MIKA sing "Blame it on the girls who know what to do, Blame it on the boys who keep hitting on you, Blame it on your mother for the things she said, Blame it on your father but you know he 's dead".I may ever blame the parents, blame them inadvertently caused my fear of intimacy and uncomfortable.But now only helpless and sorry.Mom dad doesn't like a man, father mother doesn't like a woman, the former influenced me in the future the other half of screening, which affect the direction of the shaped my self.Lim said that all can work it out.I hope so, too.My problem, at the end of the day have to depend on oneself to solve.I can only hope that this unpleasant experience for me, can be like sand in an oyster, by time wrapped as pearl, let parents when I was doing, can't make similar mistakes.

    The second is love.I wanted to write "relationship", but there are gay uh......Actually I think everyone has a lovely, funny, crazy, romantic gene, just meet the talent can release is the most beautiful luster.So love is called chemistry.Anna is probably a feeling bad parents, so she wants to be free, want enough space to feel safe.Of course she is a very lovable girl, so she probably reaction activation energy is lower (is easier to reaction)...They together so harmonious, can directly see through each other's sad and lonely, eager to exchange each other's story, to do crazy things together, hang out with laughter.Hal and Andy too.Two complete each other's feeling, just so so.But that requires high on love, some people maybe a lifetime also can not find complementary that together.About this time will be like dad said, not a lion, will ever find a giraffe.That if you really think so, you need two people each other seriously.This go back to the orbit of marriage again.

    Olivier said a words, when a loud roar is in my heart: Thank you!That 's so true!He said: Maybe I was so afraid that things he not work out in the end, so I made them not

    work out. It's a bit of human psychology, but not a few people may have.Have time don't work hard, then when lose sadness, self-pity and probably can get a little pleasure.This time I think of the lim, I miss him very much.

    The last is about the title.Beginner's biggest advantage is that have MaoJin, don't give up, with hope, even if all mishaps, still believe that connecting at the front corner.There is a saying, today is the youngest day you're alive.Alive alive sometimes think live for a long time, has experienced a lot, really hard ah.Sometimes don't feel hard or easy to be touched at the beginning, people call it "lost" beginner's mind.Again, sometimes think that one thing in a relationship to the corner, hard also did not improve, it would be better even more badly.All the time to remember, as long as alive, let us pretend there is the youngest in the rest life, like a beginner, efforts to change it.Like the 78 - year - old Hal, personal AD in the newspaper, put the photos is not hot, he didn 't fference up. di

    = = = = = here is about the film's twitter = = = = =

    1. Melanie is beautiful, but now have a little fatigue.And highlight what is the meaning of her French background in the film?Nothing critical two French are helpful to the plot?# # p# page title e#

    2. Ewan old ah, slice the house that how to find a not handsome actors, check the cast list just know, somebody else is "moulin rouge" big handsome boy?Is deliberately to cooperate or plot had caved in the years to kill pig knife...

    3. Like in the movie like slides with pictures, and the narrator says, this is in 2003 the sun, scenery, and the President, this is 1955 etc. Etc.

    4. Olivier Sad paintings.Recently felt more and more and the sadness of life is inevitable, but actually sometimes sadness is a kind of pleasure.

    5. The old man had a very good example, how to live.When can't compromise, when could brave do yourself, to love, to be honest, to laugh, to do anything that make life seems to be a good thing.

    6. Later also want to and children play the game of shooting dead!

    7. Leit = elliot.Standard frowsty coquettish man...

    8. Plush rabbit asked: "what is real?"Then the rabbit asked: "will it hurt?"

    The horse answered: "sometimes pain."

    "Pain is a moment?"

    "Hurts for a long time. In a word, when you are real, your hair will be torn, you will lose the eye, become incomplete. But no matter, because you become true, those who do not understand people think you're ugly."

    9. Olivier come with the dog to introduce room and Anna is introduced the contrast of the room.The former can't talk show MOE will only look at you.The latter will be for your show MOE sloped smile, and then come to kiss you.This is the difference!

    On 10. Olivier's large oil painting is polish, siedem razy kobieta, it turned out to be a movie poster...11. Like Olivier is not good at expressing personal feelings of the people, how to do?

    12. People live in the building, there are no endings in half of the feelings, the other half of the people are willing to believe in miracles.I am still optimistic.

    13. If you don't feel myself is a strange girl, probably won't understand Anna the existence of such a strange girl.Are you willing to accept such a strange girl?

    14. After seeing the want to see the "milk".

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