Comprehensive analytical MaiShuai class event

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Comprehensive analytical MaiShuai class event

    Comprehensive analytical MaiShuai class


    Houston fired coach Kevin McHale, we will try to read after no McHale J.B. bick Steve rockets into the job of 5 big problem.1. Is the player causes MaiShuai fired?

    This season, McHale said his team often don't work hard, or the lack of a sense of urgency.Against the celtics on Monday, the third quarter, the rockets just scored 13 points, McHale said the team played in a mess.Players in McHale have this speech, especially on the defensive end.In the past five games, the rockets lose points as high as 107.8 PPG.Obviously, perimeter defense lack of foundation, point guard ty

    Lawson said the team need to return to the ultimate.Because in the poor performance of the paint area, James harden many times help perimeter teammates open when it was too late.

    On the offensive end, when the game is not their own pace, the rockets players all depressed, which leads to the transfer of the ball decreases, competing for offensive rebounds to reduce.Harden's performance in early season struggles, but the rockets no one else can stand on the offensive end.

    "We believe in this team," general manager daryl morey said."We are vulnerable. We lost double-digit disadvantage to team, if you want to the playoffs, the team should have overcome. The team did not respond to Kevin McHale's instructions, we have to make difficult decisions. In the fierce competition in the west, have no time to wait, we have to make a decision now. We will choose we think the best way to make things change, in the west have no spare time, we have to make the tough decisions right now."

    2. Who is J.B. bick Steve?

    John - Blair - bick Steve will become interim head coach for the rest of the season.Before the change, he is the rockets' defensive ta.After leaving the timberwolves, this is a bick Steve in the fifth year of rocket.His father Bernie - bick Steve has coached 4 NBA teams and overall record of 419-518.The charlotte hornets in father, John Blair was the team assistant.

    2004-05 season, the 25-year-old J.B. bick Steve was the league's youngest assistant coach.J.B. bick Steve without the experience of the NBA, but he was in the university basketball league in the large and the university of Minnesota in Oregon.Players and he has a close relationship.

    3. The young players will have more time?

    Bick Steve's office may be able to bring some new faces in the rocket.From the development league team back to K.J. mike daniels, increased depth with formula one team.But wasn't with rookie Kevin McHale, except that left a deep impression on him, Clint - card peralta is example of last season (from development league into the team's main rotation).

    Rocket second round picks monterrey - harrell once at the end of the season to start the identity of the appearance, he used in place of the injured forward terence - Jones and center Dwight Howard.Mike daniels,

    athletic ability is regarded as a great small forward, he can give offense.If we can get more playing time on the bench, mike daniels to replace trevor ariza is part of the role (ariza recently struggled in terms of shooting, shooting only 33.3%).Harrell still learning defensive skills, he may get more performance opportunities, because he always tried to play and occasionally showed his explosive physical quality.

    The rockets will miss their first round rookie Sam decker.Because this week has carried on the back surgery, decker will miss at least three months.

    4. Murray in the offseason work qualified?

    In the offseason, rockets general manager daryl morey had two major operations: trade him to ty Lawson and let josh Smith.McHale said

    miss Smith was present his ability - he was a big man can shoot three points, at the same time, strengthen the attack on the defensive end also can defend each other forward.Smith turned to the clippers get more playing time, after the rockets lost a veteran insider, because they think the frontcourt with donoghue, - motel yunus and terence - Jones is enough.

    Motel yunus is still in the recovery from a back operation process, and Jones because of injury in 11 games this season only played six games.Rockets with four substitute from the nuggets for Lawson, and he also adapt to the ball.In addition, Lawson also need to harden and rocket's leading scorer improve chemical reaction.Could the rockets should leave Smith, does not need to deal to Lawson?

    "I would say Lawson can help us," morey told ESPN."He is part of our dilemma. Lose 10 to 20 points at home, it's definitely not a person's fault. You can't blame someone. Lawson is not good, but the whole team is also."

    Part 5. Harden should bear the responsibility?

    Not just harden, although he showed poor start to the season.In five games before the start, he was only 29.4% of their shots.And now, in the last six games, his field goal percentage is 43.8%, but his slow, leading to the rocket opening three-game skid.Haddon also performed struggle in the defensive end, as you can imagine this exactly what kind of impact on the other players.In addition, ariza is averaging only 11.4 points, three points and shot only 31.5%.

    "... this is the best decision, although it is not all about coach. Now, everyone have to allow yourself to get better. I think the players (meeting) yesterday was done in this respect, this is a positive."

    Lawson can get 9.6 assists last season, and now only 5.6 times, and only 33.3% of his shots.Team's sixth man Corey brewer in McHale playing time of ups and downs, in the last five games, his three points only 1 of 11 shots.Loss to Minnesota on Monday, brewer, poor state, and only four of 14 for 11 points.

    On Tuesday morning, the rockets held a meeting to change the status quo.Morey said he was not worried about running, the team is built around harden and Howard.

    "We are trying to win in the NBA, you have to win," morey said."But we need everyone to have a response, not just starters. No response before team, everyone knows that they need to look in the mirror, I also need to look in the mirror. I need to make the team better, each player will also need to do that, every coach also need to do that. We need to start getting better, just like everyone can understand the sports, I think this is the best decision, but it is not all about coach. Now, everyone have to allow yourself to get better. I think the players (meeting) yesterday was done in this respect, this is a positive."

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