Visual Studio Code of ten great features

By Leon Adams,2015-07-09 07:44
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Visual Studio Code of ten great features

    Visual Studio Code of ten great features

    If you focus on recently MicrosoftDeveloper space, you might think "it's a new Microsoft".If you attended recently//BUILDDevelopers conference, this understanding will be more obvious.Change in the corners of the Microsoft developers, and seems to be changing in the good direction.

    Can be determined, do you like VisualStudio as IDE rich function, and use it to manage. Net code is so comfortable.But, in the beginning, you need to download and install VisualStudio several (GB), and set up your environment for developers, to do all this, or even just to write a "HelloWorld" application.By contrast, an experienced college students may be use on the Mac a lightweight text editor began to programming.It is time to reduce the threshold to invite others to enter our. The beauty of the Net in the garden.

    Begin to useVisual Studio Code- one of your favorite VisualStudio free, a lightweight, cross-platform version.After simple installation, you can enjoy on Windows, Mac, or Linux machine most function of Visual Studio.This article highlighted ten VSCode conspicuous features, VSCode's goal is to become your one-stop code editor on any platform.

    1.@Code Handle

    VS Code one cow force of the place is not actually characteristics of the compiler itself.With v Code is at / / BUILD 2015@codeTwitter handle released together - fuck is awesome!So as to Microsoft is how to strengthen the social cow brand, you thought to yourself.

    2. Mass language support

    VS Code is not just a cross-platform, it wants to become a support of more than 30 languages out of the Code editor.Which one do you want to ask?You can edit the C #, VB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Ruby, Objective - C, PHP, JSON, Less and Sass and Markdown, this is just a list of tintin ~ you can get inline syntax highlighting and branch match, of course, without code navigation.VS Code aims to be the Node. Js, ASP.NET preferred IDE, and the development of the TypeScript sword refers to advanced web/cloud applications.

    As aASP.NET 5 development tools, v Code is already a rich editor, its built-in have many daily function.Simple to use and effectiveYeomanTools to create your ASP.NET 5 web application framework, and point to the root directory.You have found a feature-rich IDE (sample project screenshots), itOmnisharp- powered provides code intellisense, errors, command, deployment and integration version control function.All of these can maintain the modern design, lean, cross-platform ASP.NET 5 web development in VS Code required.

    3. Edit side by side

    Vs code support of its most popular demand - side by side to edit the code for developers.Simple command (?)/click on the browser's document control in your project,

    look, multiple files can side by side to open the file, the pre - docked and ready to edit.VS Code can support three synchronous file editor, everyone can launch the command prompt.The following screen shot shows the comes from an open side by side to edit project two files - life is good.

    4. Intelligent induction has been open

    If there is no the VisualStudio intellisense, you don't want to write. NET code, right?VS Code know this and try to satisfying creative intelligent induction.Based on language features to ensure you can get a friendly reminder, at the same time in your own writing code in combination with context intellisense, such as the following description: