Visual Studio Code of ten great features

By Leon Adams,2015-07-09 07:44
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Visual Studio Code of ten great features

    Visual Studio Code of ten great features

    If you focus on recently MicrosoftDeveloper space, you might think "it's a new Microsoft".If you attended recently//BUILDDevelopers conference, this understanding will be more obvious.Change in the corners of the Microsoft developers, and seems to be changing in the good direction.

    Can be determined, do you like VisualStudio as IDE rich function, and use it to manage. Net code is so comfortable.But, in the beginning, you need to download and install VisualStudio several (GB), and set up your environment for developers, to do all this, or even just to write a "HelloWorld" application.By contrast, an experienced college students may be use on the Mac a lightweight text editor began to programming.It is time to reduce the threshold to invite others to enter our. The beauty of the Net in the garden.

    Begin to useVisual Studio Code- one of your favorite VisualStudio free, a lightweight, cross-platform version.After simple installation, you can enjoy on Windows, Mac, or Linux machine most function of Visual Studio.This article highlighted ten VSCode conspicuous features, VSCode's goal is to become your one-stop code editor on any platform.

    1.@Code Handle

    VS Code one cow force of the place is not actually characteristics of the compiler itself.With v Code is at / / BUILD 2015@codeTwitter handle released together - fuck is awesome!So as to Microsoft is how to strengthen the social cow brand, you thought to yourself.

    2. Mass language support

    VS Code is not just a cross-platform, it wants to become a support of more than 30 languages out of the Code editor.Which one do you want to ask?You can edit the C #, VB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Ruby, Objective - C, PHP, JSON, Less and Sass and Markdown, this is just a list of tintin ~ you can get inline syntax highlighting and branch match, of course, without code navigation.VS Code aims to be the Node. Js, ASP.NET preferred IDE, and the development of the TypeScript sword refers to advanced web/cloud applications.

    As aASP.NET 5 development tools, v Code is already a rich editor, its built-in have many daily function.Simple to use and effectiveYeomanTools to create your ASP.NET 5 web application framework, and point to the root directory.You have found a feature-rich IDE (sample project screenshots), itOmnisharp- powered provides code intellisense, errors, command, deployment and integration version control function.All of these can maintain the modern design, lean, cross-platform ASP.NET 5 web development in VS Code required.

    3. Edit side by side

    Vs code support of its most popular demand - side by side to edit the code for developers.Simple command (?)/click on the browser's document control in your project,

    look, multiple files can side by side to open the file, the pre - docked and ready to edit.VS Code can support three synchronous file editor, everyone can launch the command prompt.The following screen shot shows the comes from an open side by side to edit project two files - life is good.

    4. Intelligent induction has been open

    If there is no the VisualStudio intellisense, you don't want to write. NET code, right?VS Code know this and try to satisfying creative intelligent induction.Based on language features to ensure you can get a friendly reminder, at the same time in your own writing code in combination with context intellisense, such as the following description:

5. The control panel

VS code has a powerful and convenient function is the Control panel - with a simple

click on the keyboard Command or Control + Shift + P (? ? P) to use.Considering that it is

your ides PowerShell, a shortcut for common tasks, such as the screenshot below.

Deployment and, if you support a particular command line tools, VS code control panel

are very smart, enough to understand and help.For example, in my ASP.NET web

    applications, the 5 Project. The JSon lists some specific DNX ( command, will give you later.When youstart typing these but other commands, control panel IntelliSense assistance, appear even into executable task provides a command prompt, as follows.

    6. Function parameters

    VS Code has a very beautiful intellisense function, help us in the corresponding input function parameters in the call, so can easily complete the Code.This is related to programming language/system function function, in addition, it intelligently to your custom function provides help in your code.The screenshots below show that provides a function call with input parameters, VS Code anywhere in this project can be seen by define the function.And smoothly.

    7. Information preview

    As a developer, you may want to preview a file, or check the definition of a function.However, the consumption of a complete context switching is very big, because it makes you can't continue to input.In VS Code input preview help, simply right-click, or (?

    F12) - this preview Definition (Peek Definition) will appear, as shown below.Preview the result of the embedded in the editor, after hitting the Escape key exit, in such a context switch can save much time.

8. Markdown preview

Most developers have their favorite Markdown Markdown editor - fast input, and then

preview the HTML.VS Code intends to take over Markdown editor, also have such strength

VS Code.You can get a consistent Markdown editor support, ready, simple trigger ? ? V to

    view the preview, as shown below.There is also a button, used to switch between the edit/preview, likewise, it also preview window will be placed side by side, to see changes.

    9. The debugging

    Developers write code all day in a loop, edit/compile/debugging for modern any IDE if there is no reliable debugging support is an incomplete.VS Code has Node. Js development to provide reliable support and take in the plan for ASP.NET 5 development provide the best debugging experience, in the near future.Want to use VS Code debugging your application, you must first set yourstartup configuration file - thisThe documentTo show you how to configure.

    Configured, you can view bar to switch to the debug mode (as below) and canstart from VS Code your app or attach to a running program.You can set breakpoints, view the call stack or run-time variables, suspend or execute Code step by step, on the whole, the perfect debugging experience lets you use VS Code all day long

    10. Integrated version control

    Pain it is always a developer must be on the outside of the Code editor configuration version control functions can be achieved - in view of this VS Code built into the Git.VS Code can use the Git repository of any kind, either local or remote, and offering solutions to submit Code conflict of visual cues.You can easilystart version control from the view on the left column, open or close your Git repository.VS Code will automatically file change track and to provide stage for Code/unstage/commit three different state of operation, as shown in the figure below, you can make full version control without having to leave VS Code interface.

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