61 medoc level of employees have a Deputy brand wine

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61 medoc level of employees have a Deputy brand wine

    61 medoc level of employees have a Deputy brand wine?

    Said to level 61 medoc column, zhuang booze will covet, but the price is often turned off it, how can the flower small price to enjoy fine charm?Of course is to choose the name of the second wine.Where is the difference between a second wine and real wine?Vice is what?Many senior drinkers may know, but you know how many 61 fine not to produce second wine?Then find out.

    1, what is the second wine?

    Second wine is relative to the real wine.The best and the most famous wine brewing wine is often referred to as "real" wine, also known as the "number one" wine.Quality slightly time is vice wine, also known as the second wine, etc.

    Real wine is the representative of the wine quality, so wine brewed to its control is very strict.Follow the "Less is More" Less is More winemaking philosophy, grape maturity is bad, wine will turn slightly Less wine quality standard as wine, so without lowering the standard of original wine at the same time, also can increase yield.Usually the following case, wine brewed wine will pack:

    (1) age is too young, young vines produce grapes out of the wine is lighter is not complicated.

    (2) years of poor: meet a bad year, such as poor weather conditions lead to the grape quality is generally not high.

    (3) bad garden: a wine with different vineyards, have different quality, different the grapes of thy vineyard from people and slightly less is usually used to make CARDS of the grapes of thy vineyard wine.

    (4) the quality is not good: fermentation is completed, winemakers tasting think quality is not good, will also sell second wine label.

    2, the first bottle of second wine

    The first bottle pack wine was born in 1901.This vintage bordeaux's climate is not very desirable, grape growing and quality is not satisfactory.Therefore, each big wine boss also seemed out of spirits, but in the holy saint-julien (st. Julien) village lions castle Chateau (Chateau Leoville Las - Cases) owner is not willing to, want to be able to think of some way to fix it.Lion castle also recognize that the grape quality is worrying, so aussino wine decided to sacrifice profits, carefully selected grapes, only choose one of the best quality in the mature vines grapes for wine.

    This created a problem, and the rest to the grapes?By convention, these wine merchants will be sold to the region, made of cheap wine.Do lions the landlord of the castle, however, think that it's too bad, in his view, these grapes are still bordeaux noble than most.In the end, he used these wine brewing a batch of wine alone, in the wine cellar.The future how to deal with the wine, after the first wine to mature.

    Three years later, this batch of wine was eliminated down finally.As previously expected, these wine touch the standard set by the lion castle, but wine is more delicate than civilians.Lion castle decided to a new label it Clos du Marquis.This is the first ever second wine.

    3, the value of a second wine

    Second wine, though a bit unlucky beiju), but it also makes sense.From the perspective of producers, will always encounter a bad year or grape quality is poorer, this part quality wines made from it is not real good, but quality is not poor, so with the second sale, which

    can bring economic effect.At the same time, the second wine maintaining the chateau real wine's reputation, quality is bad when they made CARDS, will not affect the gold-lettered signboard of real.Some name CARDS zhuang wine quality will not disappoint, such as latour margaux and deck of CARDS, thereby more shows exquisite wine brewing process, such making that wine is more famous.

    From the point of view of consumers, make second wine grapes and real from the same vineyard, the same winemakers allocate, and there are something real.But the price of the second wine only the real name of a third of the price, some of zhuang's board price is only 1/10 of the original, so spend less money, can enjoy the charm of fine, at the same time enjoy the brand value.

    4, why is generally not standard deck of CARDS "Chateau" gold-lettered signboard

    Since 1855 bordeaux classification, bordeaux wine began to popular in the world, a lot of wine all started to build their own wine, at the same time within the estate bottled wines made himself, all marked "Chateau", a way is the guarantee of high quality wine, bearing the words "Chateau wine full of charm, a lot of consumer have a special liking to this.Although now labeled "Chateau" does not necessarily represent high quality wines, but at the time mentioned "Chateau" think: grand castle, classic wine cellar, long history and a high quality wine.

    The big-name Chateau in bordeaux is resting his "Chateau" real wine as a

    bolden-lettered signboard, lest lost majesty, so make real wine must deferential, will be a little

    sloppy.From grape planting to harvesting, sorting to fermentation cengcengbaguan, it would not have been printed with "Chateau" real wine in one hundred as a superior quality.

    Real wine is a symbol of high quality, reputation and price, and the second wine can be commercial product of bordeaux wines, the second wine brewing to reduce the cost and increase the chateau wine.Three points as the saying goes: wine by craft, seven points grapes, deck because grape wine quality is general, so just pack wines, nature also can not get real wine that "treatment", is not all for the new oak barrels, aged in barrels of time is not long enough, so the second wine wine level and complexity than real wine.

    In one hundred set up the reputation of the real wine, how could so easily be trampled, second wine in order to distinguish, a lot of wine after weighing, using the second label, no "Chateau", thus formed the unique second wine.

    5 and wayward to pack the medoc wine level column name

    Although the second wine can give winery earned, bring consumers more brand experience, but some is "capricious", resolute don't brewing wine, only make fine real wine.

    (1) the asc wine

    Asc wines (Chateau Saint - Pierre) SAN Julian region, 1855 fourth grade

    classification.Many consumers doubt: why all the other big-name brewing wine, and as a level 4 zhuang asc brewed wine not second wine?Current Louis zhuang (jean-louis Triaud) said: "as a result of our vineyard area is small, with the development of the asc chateau is a long-lasting project, so we don't make second wine, but will all energy is used to create the brand, inferior berry directly to base liquor sold after the harvest, so as to ensure the reputation of asc wines."

    (2) carat jadon winery

    Carat jadon Chateau, Chateau Clerc Milon) is located in the wave of Jacques (Pauillac) village, adjacent to the Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Mouton Rothschild), Lafite castle (Chateau Lafite Rothschild) and doha millon castle (Chateau Duhart Milon - Rothschild).Chateau name "mirren" from the chateau is located in the village, 1855 medoc column level classification for five zhuang winery.

    (3) of the Maya, chateau

    Maya, Chateau (Chateau d 'Armailhac) is located in ZhuangMuTong next to wine and Chateau lafite rothschild, its quite a special geographic location gives its historical origin is not simple, 1855 medoc column level classification for five zhuang winery.

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